8 Kaeya Talent Materials in Genshin Impact

Kaeya's talent materials are 4 Ballads and 4 Northern Ballads. They can be obtained by clearing the Forsaken Rift domain in Mondstadt. 

The Ballad rewards are on a 3 day cycle, so you get 1 book of each type every day and on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday you can get all four.

The table also includes the total number of talent level up materials needed to raise him to talent rank 10.

Acquiring talent books can be confusing, count yourself lucky that you are going through this list! This is a master list of all the talent materials we currently have available.

Due to the high drop rate, it is recommended that players focus on this and Diluc books as these are top priority in ascending Kaeya.

Freeze your enemies with Kaeya's ultimate ability and summon Ice Spears to attack your enemies with you in Genshin Impact! Learn about Kaeya's stats, strengths, weaknesses, and how to get Kaeya.

Teachings of Ballad

Teachings of Ballad info card

Ballad's first book, Teachings of Ballad, was published after his death. 

The contents of the book mainly come from Ballad's speeches in various temples. 

It is also the record of "Death and Rebirth" that Millelith spreads to humans.

Wishes for peace and solace, prayers for all living things. I'd often hear these mumbled by the voice of a young man offering incense, but from where I could not tell.

A book that narrates the tragic tale of a certain individual's life. Its contents are no doubt deeply moving, but it's rather long and doesn't seem to be very popular among its target audience.

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Guide to Ballad

Guide to Ballad info card

Forsaken Rift is a portal where you can get some of the most powerful materials for Talent Level Up! It opens for only three days a week and drops lots of useful items such as Magic Stones, Advanced Magic Stones, Heavenly Crystals, Forgotten Relics, and much more.

A mysterious guidebook infused with the power of a Ballad Fragment. Use this to level up any Talent to level 5 for the Hyper Rare or Legendary character of your choice.

Philosophies of Ballad

Philosophies of Ballad info card

A rare and valuable book that contains the condensed spirit of ancient teachings. It is said that it will expand one's mind to a new realm once the knowledge is absorbed.

A heartwarming collection of love songs. The lyrics are very complex, and it is usually sung by a famous opera singer or a popular idol.

A collection of annotated essays on the nature of what is beautiful, what it means to be happy, and how one should live their life.

Treasure Hoarder Insignia

Treasure Hoarder Insignia info card

In the Treacherous Waters, the treasure Hoarders may be enemies to the outlaws of Liyue. But in Liyue Harbor, their markings can be found on all manner of trinkets and knick knacks. It seems they've made their way into the hands of merchants throughout Liyue.

This ancient badge represents a clan of Treasure Hoarders who grew wealthy by hiding their treasures in the Outlands. They have since been killed off by rival clans, but their treasures remain hidden deep in the Outlands.

Silver Raven Insignia

Silver Raven Insignia info card

The Silver Raven Insignia is a common and primary type of currency used in Genshin Impact. It can be found in the world and on defeated enemies. 

The Silver Raven Insignia is used mainly to raise the Adventurer Rank of the player. The extent to which it levels up an adventurer varies based on the level of the adventurer. 

Players can also exchange 150 Silver Raven Insignia for one Hero's Wit at The Knights of Favonius Exchange.

A common treasure dropped by the infamous Treasure Hoarders, which you will come across in chapters 4 and higher. This can be exchanged at Paimon's Shop to purchase useful stuff.

Golden Raven Insignia

Golden Raven Insignia info card

An insignia created with raven feathers. In the days of old, a golden raven always heralded good news to its master. 

Nowadays, however, the birds have become more common and have grown to be a sign of portentous events on the horizon rather than good fortune. They usually carry their gold in their hands, and upon death, this gold has a chance of being dropped by them.

This material can be used to ascend 4-star adventurers, and to level up more advanced adventurers and dragons.

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Spirit Locket of Boreas

Spirit Locket of Boreas info card

Spirit Locket of Boreas is a special item that allows you to level up your spirits. This can be done from the Level Up tab on a spirit's profile screen, which will allow it to gain access to new abilities and become stronger!

Upgradable Talent Materials contain Level 100 talents just waiting to be discovered. 

If you have what it takes, you can awaken this talent and boost your character’s stats! Level up your characters using the Talent Upgrade material that matches their rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

From Wolf of the North Challenge (Daily). The Wolf of the North Challenge uses a completely different scale of mechanics and set-up, featuring many higher-level Adventurers and Dragons.

Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight info card