A Surprise Gift Daily Commissions In Genshin Impact Explained

The A Surprise Gift daily commision in Mondstadt involves speaking to a character who needs help gathering supplies. Upon accepting, you'll need to find the items he's looking for and bring them back. You can earn 20 mora for completing the commission successfully and some exp for every member of your party.

It is only available after the Archon Quest The Outlander Who Caught the Wind. The Player may receive a random amount of Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Friend XP or Mora upon completion of the Commission."

Interact with him to receive a free gift the first time, and then spend 10 Original Resin to receive a free gift after that. He is found in the area shown on the map, to the right of the Adventurer's Guild. You will also see an Alchemy table nearby.

Step By Step Guide

  1. Speak with Rudolf
  1. Speak with Marjorie too!
  1. Deliver the Windwheel Aster to Marjorie (At least 3 Windwheel Asters would be fine.)
  2. Get your reward
  1.  Speak with Quinn
  1. Find and protect the rickshaw
  2. Get your reward
  1.  Speak with Norma
  1. Speak with Norma & Complete her order within 50 seconds.
  1.  Speak with Sara and get your reward
  2.  Speak with Vile and get your reward. 
  1. Speak with Rudolf
  2. Check out Jilliana's Mod
  3. Speak with Vile and search for Jilliana. 
  4. Fight and defeat Treasure Hoarders.
  1. Pace 1
  1. T-Hoarders - Scout ×2
  2. T-Hoarders - Marksman ×1
  3. T-Hoarders: Pyro Potioneer ×1
  1. Pace 2
  1. T-Hoarders: Hydro Potioneer ×1
  2. T-Hoarders: Cryo Potioneer ×1
  3. T-Hoarders: Gravedigger ×1
  1.  Speak with Jilliana
  1.  And again Speak with Rudolf


  • Complete a daily commission for Master Zhang and get various rewards, including an Acquaint Fate. The first time you get this commission, you are locked into Marjorie's version. The third time, Sara's version is unlocked, and Vile's is unlocked last.
  • This commission is offered by Marjorie, Quinn, Sara and Vile. After you receive it from one of them, they will open the path to the others. A surprise gift awaits you at Liyue Harbor!
  • Receive a surprise gift every day! Play three times each day to obtain a mysterious prize, which will be deposited directly into your mailbox. Players may refresh their options once every thirty minutes.
  • This is a surprising gift. You can receive one gift from an officer who appears in the designated area every day, and you can get all of them if you are lucky.

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