Aether in Genshin Impact Explained

They are accompanied by a travel companion named Paimon throughout their journey. In the game, the traveler is a human from another world. 

Traveling throughout the universe with their twin brother/sister on a spaceship, the two are separated when an unknown god seals the travel power of one of them, effectively leaving them stranded on Teyvat.

As a result of the effects of the World Reset ability, the twins' power was returned to them once more. It is also revealed that one of them became a traveler just like Paimon, as shown in their new design. Although they do not know why they cannot travel, they continue to explore because they are now able to do so.

They are a bit prideful; lost temple treasure and beautiful women always seem to attract their attention first. 

Through their journey, they try to obtain clues about the power of teleportation and how to return home, while keeping an eye out for lost temples along the way.

Every time they gain experience it grows stronger with age.   

It is an enchanting force, captivating its victims and weaving them into dreamscapes, capable of seducing almost any being.   

This child of sorcery is able to teleport itself through the great vacuum in between worlds, gaining strength as it travels across the universe.


They are kind and respectful, but not overly so. They have good reasons for their actions and intentions, some of which might be overlooked from a simple glance at the surface of events.

He is seen to take little interest in fulfilling the expectations of his role and job, preferring instead to sit back and not involve himself with affairs outside of those that directly influence him. 

This even extends to matters such as the God Wars in which he had participated. 

His reasons for these behaviors remain unexplained, although seem tied to some unspoken promise he made thousands of years ago.

It takes inspiration from the two-handed swords used in ancient Japan. The developers coined the term "yari-swords" for this type of weapon. 

This weapon has been described as "a complex blade that seems to be a part of the user" and sometimes makes blows that are seemingly impossible for a human body. 

This sword is large enough to block most weapons, and it comes with a small side dagger for close quarter combat and spinning slashes.

They don't care about anybody but themselves. Despite this, they are outwardly pleasant and are very easy to get along with if you aren't a fan of your life. Aether currently lives on the continent of Teyvat, which belongs for now to the Kingdom of Hysperia.


While both are beautiful, Aether takes after her mother with silver hair, tanned skin and golden eyes. She wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses to cover her heterochromia. 

Lumine has shorter hair, much like a boy's hairstyle and blue eyes. His skin tone is a lot lighter than his sister's and he wears a sleeveless shirt instead of the gray vest.

They can be found in the forests, meadows, plains, and even mountainous regions of the game world. Compare their images to those of other characters to learn about their differences.

He does not trust the goddess and wishes to see her fall into obscurity for the chaos she has caused. He is an excellent swordsman, to the point where he could contend against a rare Sky Knight.

They have pixie cut golden blond hair, fair skin and golden eyes. They are not entirely similar to their fellow villagers or to the NPCs of Mondstadt; Aether's skin is paler than those of the villagers, and the siblings share a lighter shade of hair than the other inhabitants.

Her armor outfit is made from lightweight metal, allowing her to move freely even in combat. Lumine, on the other hand, enjoys playing pranks on people such as school teacher Black-Star. 

She relies on special weapons called Charm Rods to attack--possessing more than 200 rods of various forms, each with its own special ability. Users are able to combine some of the rods' abilities together.

Meaning of Name

The Aether Pro is the first disc golf putter to utilize a retooled Genshin Impact P.A.R. putting rim. The resulting rim design creates a smooth, crisp and consistent flight path, allowing the Aether Pro to be used as an all-condition utility disc with dependable accuracy and control, and will surely become a staple in all players' bags.

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Things You Should Know About Aether

  • Born out of the chaos of creation, Aether and Lumine have spent their existence together. Their shared souls offer each human world the potential to grow and expel its darkness. Whether it be through an uplifting story, or a majestic artistic vision, feel the power of these two as they challenge darkness
  • From Bandai Namco Entertainment and game developer tri-Ace comes the first true fantasy adventure on PlayStation Vita, where fantasy meets reality and the hero's fate is in your hands. The star-crossed lovers Lumine and Aether are destined to battle the dark forces that threaten their homeland, but only you can determine their destiny.
  •  An ancient world, a relic from a departed race, a Traveler looking for answers- there are many links between the worlds of Teyvat and Genshin Impact, but it is up to you to discover them. If it seems daunting, fear not: The story of each world has its own internal logic, and your actions will not simply be erased by traveling between them- as long as you make an effort to reconcile events.