Albedo in Genshin Impact Explained

Albedo Info

He was created based on a young human male with blond hair, who became a living weapon for the war between Teyvat and Incoul. Whoever that was, Albedo does not know.

Born in this world of Teyvat, I investigate various phenomena while studying various objects, which includes you. What life will await me here? Let's start right away.

He manipulates his mobile weapons of mass destruction, the Mechanical Armor S and Speranz, allowing him to survey the territory of Teyvat while subjugating the unbelievers.

With a face of a young man, an odd atmosphere and an intricate personality, he is an excellent supporting cast of the story.

The shape of Albedo's uniform has been faithfully recreated down to the creases, and his soft-looking hair has also been sculpted carefully to make for an overall detailed appearance for both figures.

He is often found with a serious expression on his face, studying the object of his interest. He finds new information about daily life in Teyvat through meticulous observations.


Albedo has a very rational mind which leads him to his interest in alchemy. Unlike his older colleagues, Albedo is much more easy going and enjoys spending time with children. 

He has an immunity to dragon's breath attacks and high cold tolerance, due to his rebellious creation as an experimental product of the dragonspirit ritual.

He has been seen experimenting with them on occasion during his spare time. 

Klee seems to be his only friend other than Arystar and Kyrie. Albedo has a cold tolerance higher than most dragons and humans, meaning he can withstand extremely cold temperatures without much effort.

Unlike most alchemists, he used his own knowledge to find new ways of making potions instead of just copying them. He discovered several ways to make medicine that increased life expectancy for many with chronic diseases. 

After gaining fame for these discoveries, he retreated from society and married his childhood friend Lisanna, who comforted him whenever he became stressed from being on the public stage.

He holds a special place in his heart for children, loving his two adopted children and being very close with Klee. 

His current whereabouts are unknown but he is expected to be in Dragonspine, the town he founded many years ago.

He may not be talkative, but he is open and personally values the company of others. Despite this, there are those who consider him cold and insensitive. 

He often interacts with kids because they don't see him as a threat. In his younger days, he was widely admired for his incredible alchemical talents. 


He is normally seen dressed in a blue kimono styled jacket with gold lining and metal plating on the collar and sleeves, along with gold lining on the edges of the elbow pads that are part of his arms guards. His pants are a reddish brown, held up by suspenders on each side, each tucked into boots with metal plating.

Albedo is an alchemist that claims to be working towards the common good of society. In reality, he only cares about his own wishes and opinions, but has a harder time showing it due to his naive personality.

His lower body is covered by a red cloth tied like a sash around his waist and reaching down to his knees. 

The rest of the cloth falls loosely in vertical strips, reminiscent of an apron. Albedo also wears brown shorts tied around his right thigh with two strings that were originally part of his golden wing-like ornaments.

He possesses a caring attitude, and often chastises his younger brother Rubedo for his behavior and immaturity. While he can be considered gentle, he does not tolerate bullying or disrespect from others.

Meaning of his name

I discovered the word Albedo comes from the Latin word albus, meaning "white," and from the Arabic word albōd, meaning "whiteness." 

The term has also been adopted into English, where it is used to refer to the second phase in the creation of a philosopher's stone. 

Genshin Impact is a modern tale of hidden identities and the opposing meanings of the words Albedo and Impact.

The Arabic word has ties to this because it also means "something white," which could tie into Hajime Isayama's inspiration for the plot,  or be a coincidence or even reference.

Some Facts

  • He was brought to Theus by a mysterious magical being called the Silver Painter, seeking someone to create an amazing instrument that would bring a new world order.
  • Albedo was born on Enoshima Island and was named after the alchemical term for the reflective surface of a material. Although he looks like an ordinary person, his knowledge and reflexes are not of this world. He is aware of his origins and sees Gold as his mother.
  • He is the one who developed the use of Limiter suits to restrict Traveler's power. He seems to hold high regard for humanity, and unlike many of his fellow Knights, he seems willing to look beyond the morals of killing humans and destroying Earth just to protect The Scions.

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