Alice in Genshin Impact Explained


Alice can be considered a bit of a mystery. One of the oldest adventurers in the world, she has only appeared once, shoving Klee into the role of Traveler, and has been mentioned as accomplishing numerous feats. 

She is known sometimes as the Alchemist or as a member of the Hexenzirkel. Many rumors abound about Alice's age, history, and appearance.

Alice is a character who has not yet appeared in the story but has been mentioned many times. She is the mother of Klee who is also an adventurer, and the author of the Teyvat Travel Guide. 

Although she has never made an official appearance in any of the books, she is one of my favorite characters and a very important person throughout the series. 

I thought it would be a good idea to give people more information about Alice, since there is so little out there about her and she has quite an interesting history that goes way beyond what I have written in my books.

She is also an adventurer, inventor, and explorer. We don't know a lot about her because she hasn't made an appearance in Reheart, but according to Klee's interactions with Chip then she was probably quite awesome since her influence reached just about everything that we have seen in the game so far.

She designed Rime, wrote the Teyvat Travel Guide, and alchemized the ring in the very center of Reheart. That alone says a lot about her skills, power, and courage. 

Throughout her adventures she makes many inventions that are still used today, including the prototype of what would later become Riven.

While her age and exact birthdate are unknown and somewhat of an enigma, she has appeared in the official art for Alice in Teyvat with a dreary atmosphere. Alice is known as an alchemist, being a member of the Hexenzirkel (Illuminati) where she was influential to the conception and formation of what became Greyfall.

The outlander's clothing she wears are typical of those seen in ancient illustrations. A traveler herself, Alice has traveled to many different countries, even undertaking the same journey that Klee and his group made from Millet to Leazas Kingdom.

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Alice is the main protagonist of the Genshin Impact trilogy, a series of episodic Visual Novels developed by Yan-soft. 

She is a "Drifter," a person from another dimension who has come to Earth due to prolonged exposure to the interdimensional Genshin device. Alice is also extremely powerful and knowledgeable, occasionally utilizing her abilities in unorthodox ways. 

Her quirkiness lies in how she'll sometimes stop to think about what she's doing when she's about to do it or make a prank out of it.

She provides detailed information on various locations she's visited, and her descriptions are very exciting and optimistic. 

Alice often uses capital letters to emphasize important points, sometimes seems uncomfortable to use rhymes and puns when writing for Kuku (who is a child), and has a strong dislike of raw cucumbers.

She lives in a forest on the outskirts of town with her family, Kasha. Her appearance is that of a young girl with purple eyes and long purple hair she ties into a ponytail. 

She wears a white dress with a collar and matching cuffs along with black socks and shoes. She also wears a headband adorned with three rabbit ornaments and carries around an orange book entitled Mastering Magic Formulas Handbook.

She is the mastermind behind Alice's Memoirs, and she has been searching for new adventures to write about ever since quitting magic. When she met Komachi in Taiseiden, she was inspired to start writing again.

She likes to try new things, such as when she tried out the cat suits on board the Talloran Space Station and later wore a maid outfit while cleaning her apartment. 

She gets bored easily with anything she considers mundane or repetitive, since she tries to inject excitement in any situation she is in, even if it involves breaking the law as seen when she raided Woglinde and Einsbern's forbidden archives at Mafdet; this trail of destruction was later imitated by her daughter Kleejen. 

Alice has a habit of making witty comments whenever she meets an acquaintance or gains new information about something; this habit of hers was what made Albedo comment that Klee takes after her in mannerisms.


Alice is a genius alchemist. She is well-versed in many fields, such as medicine and engineering. Alice's vast knowledge allows her to prepare and create things out of practically any material, whether they be combat items or traps to protect herself or others. 

Her abilities oftentimes leave even Klee shocked and impressed, despite his own genius and high rank in the Guard Corps.

Her skills and knowledge of alchemy and explosives, in particular, make her a highly-feared individual. Agents of the Academy are known to be capable with alchemical weapons, such as flash bombs and gun powder. Between herself and Klee, their engineering and knowledge of rockets could make them excellent sources for black market rocket technology.

Some of these include exceptional strength, speed, and agility, along with a strong and somewhat unpredictable magical aura. 

She is also an extremely versatile combatant, being versed in multiple forms of weaponry from simple close-combat weapons to firearms and explosives. These skills are later passed onto her two students and nephews Klee and Luka Prontera.

She has been largely self-taught, and uses her skills to track down and destroy demons who have escaped from Hell into the human world. 

When she meets Klee in an alley, he has been cast out of his tribe for possessing mysterious powers. Curious about his origins, Alice takes him under her wing. On their journey to God's domain, they meet others who all have complicated pasts.


Alice is a powerful Vision and alchemist who, while relatively young, possesses a great amount of magical ability. 

Albedo's description of her as "almost omnipotent," combined with her masterful usage of the powers granted to her by the White Rabbit's Contract even prior to contracting Venti, implies that she was already powerful by the time she was kidnapped two years prior to the events of Genshiken Nidaime. 

She is also able to use Reality Marbles, as is implied from a vague statement on her part in chapter 119. Additionally, she can invoke Delusion by summoning Great Demon Garuwashi into himself, a feat previously only achieved by members of the Student Council.

Facts About Alice

  • When Alice found out that she was pregnant with Klee after her rescue at Karanoi, they knew they had to leave, because if Haran ever found out about their child or the fact that Alice was not a human, he would have killed them both.
  • Although many are unfamiliar with her origins and the details of her early history, Alice's exploits are legendary in the world of Genshin Impact. Answering a mysterious woman's request, she retrieved an article from the otherworldly Idol Magazine allegedly capable of bestowing great fortune upon those capable of deciphering its secrets. Some have hypothesized that she was somehow involved in the incident in Japan where a family divining American football had their wish granted in a similar fashion, but very little is known about such theories.