Aloy in Genshin Impact Explained

Aloy Info Card

Aloy is a playable character in miHoYo's mobile RPG game for Android and iOS - Genshin Impact. She is one of the game's many crossover characters and is the third one to come from a console game. 

The other two being Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden. 

It is inhabited by a race of mechanical machines that hunt the remaining humans. I am one of the few humans who managed to survive this apocalypse and met an ancient being: the goddess GAIA. 

MiHoYo has allowed me to travel to the world of Genshin Impact in order to learn new martial arts from the various fighters there. I may become a better fighter, but above all... I want to find my place beside you, who fight for good…

She is described as cunning and courageous and also happens to be a skilled marksman. Her signature bow has been converted into an Assault Rifle which is able to shoot through multiple enemies at once.

Her abilities and skills from the original game are built into the game, as well as weapons, giving her incredible strength and power. Her gameplay is useful in raiding or battling high-end content.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an up-and-coming star, you can’t help but stare when you see what she can do on the battlefield. Her skill in battle is as much a marvel as her ability to strike fear into the most courageous of minds.

Aloy set off on her own, into the far reaches of the desert. 

There she encountered an outcast of the Nora tribe who revealed to her the circumstances of her birth: she was a foundling, discovered outside the gates of their sacred mountain, due to the meddling of a malicious entity. 

The baby was taken in and raised by a woman named Rost. Now fully grown and armed with this knowledge, Aloy set off for a nearby mountain – determined to uncover the secrets of her birth – and find out what really happened so long ago.

People talk a lot about the past, but the real truth is that nobody knows anything, nobody understands it and nobody knows how to talk about it. I think, personally, that's the most important part of any story--the unexplainable stuff. 

And sometimes if you have a really great secret, like our creators back in the day did when they built Aloy, then all you need is someone like me to come along and discover what's been hidden for all this time.

Aloy remembers the first time she saw a mountain. She was barely old enough to walk, with reddish blond hair that stuck out like the needles of an evergreen. 

That was when Rost first picked her up and placed her on his shoulders. The feeling of being suspended in the air amidst huge brown cliffs and blue skies, filled with massive red clouds made Aloy giggle.


Aloy is a young outcast from the Nora tribe. As a child she was taken in by Rost, a Brave and member of the Hunters, who raised her as his daughter. 

A skilled hunter and swordfighter, Aloy has been entrusted with the sacred task of hunting down and eliminating the corrupted machines that have ravaged the earth. 

Her skills, determination and knowledge of her world allow her to overcome any obstacle and reach any target.

Aloy is a skilled hunter who lives in the outskirts of the Nora Sacred Land. Having been an outcast from the tribe since birth, she was raised by Rost, a Brave, who taught her how to hunt. As a teenager, Aloy discovered the remains of her mother and through a Focus, learned that she had been exiled as a traitor to the tribe. 

Using clues revealing her true identity as an Oseram, Aloy infiltrated Nora's Sacred Land, where she met its matriarch Teersa. 

She discovered that her mother had sacrificed herself to prevent a catastrophe and that the tribe's Council of Matriarchs had concealed this from Aloy to protect her.

While still a child, she was visibly an outcast due to her status as an Ultra and became best friends with its only other member, Olin. 

After Olin revealed his knowledge of their origins and his intention to find the reason for their existence, Aloy decided to pursue him but was stopped by her mother, chief Teersa.

She was trained by Rost to become a skilled hunter and battle machine hunter-killer. Eventually leaving her birthplace in order to stop HADES, she gained recognition among other tribes as a skilled warrior.

She cared deeply for her friends and family while also being determined in her mission to take on corruption. 

Even as the story progressed, she never lost her dry sense of humor or desire to help others.


She shows ingenuity in overcoming obstacles and a resourcefulness in surviving the harsh landscape. As she grew up in her tribe, she often missed out on the dances and singing of the other children and was sometimes left alone.

Her curiosity about the Old Ones and their old technology prompted her to ask questions that her tribe-people could not answer, eventually leading her to Rost.

Aloy, a determined and stubborn heroine who comes from a tribe called Nora is into mysteries as seen in the video game trailers and clips. She is described as curious, determined and intent on uncovering the mysteries of her world.

She had always wanted to know more about the world, hence why she was always pestering Rost to tell her more of his stories while they were out hunting. 

At one point, Aloy asked if Rost would die when the last breath leaves his body as she felt that he was nearing it at the time.

She was taught to fend for herself in hostile environments and survive in the wilderness, as she was brought up among her tribe in isolation from Stadia and the rest of the world. Due to being raised by her father and Rost, she possesses great knowledge of how machines like Focus and Watchers function. 

Her curiosity and need to question things that don't make sense have led her to explore the outside world with her own eyes, rather than relying on people's assumptions or what she's told.

Impressed by her skill in battle and commending her on finding "the Spark", he requests a meeting with Aloy after she completes some trials. However, when she returns to the camp, she finds it abandoned and that the Eclipse has moved further east.


  • As a hunter-gatherer, Aloy requires above average levels of strength and endurance. Her father Rost told her that her job hunting machines will indeed require both, insisting that she must be able to detect a machine's strong points and vulnerabilities. In spite of the importance of this advice, Aloy initially disregarded it, being more focused on impressing others in paladin school rather than perfecting her technique. She was often mocked by other members of the daubing, particularly the Keeper and some prentices for not being able to best them in trials of physical prowess.
  • What's also impressive about Aloy as it isn't just physical skill but mental prowess. She is unflappable and rarely loses concentration, no matter the situation that she gets into. This helps her when fighting high ranking creatures or humans, who are much stronger than her.
  • Beyond the weapon that grants her the title of "Brave", Aloy is capable in combat. From the start we see her training with a spear under Rost, one of the best warriors in Nora history. She later practices with an ax and bow separately and learns to fight with both, favoring the spear as it allows more precision.
  • Aloy has the ability to craft ammunition, traps and tools out of materials that she finds or salvages from the machines around her environment. These include tracking devices, spike grenades, flaming arrows and even special upgrades for her spear. She can combine natural materials like bone and fiber with more advanced resources such as metal shards and machine components to accomplish this feat.

Things You Should Know About Aloy

  • The Traveler, offered as part of a special collaboration between Capcom and Nintendo (Hunter 2-Star), is the only character obtainable without using wishes. He cost 13 000 coins at launch but was soon reduced to 500 coins and then to 100 coins. Aloy, on the other hand, is available for a limited time depending on the mail. She cost 480 000 mail points initially but has been reduced to 96 000 mail points since. Both characters are powerful, with a five star rating for stats and abilities. However, there are a few differences between the two that make them ideal for different purposes.
  •  They're unlocked in different ways — you get one as a reward for beating the game, and another two are hidden and unlocked by completing certain objectives (a certain number of bandit camps and bounty quests). They're all useful, of course. I'll discuss these in more detail below. In total there's 11 Passive Constellation Powers unlockable through gameplay and the Deluxe Edition DLC, plus some other default ones Aloy gets on her own.