Amber in Genshin Impact Explained

Amber Info Card

Her name is Amber, the Outrider of the Knights of Favonius. She is the last remaining knight from the seven original members, who came to Mondstadt to break a curse that has been prohibiting wind from entering the Town Center. 

Amber is the final Outrider in a group of knight-swordsmen from a southern land known as Zhan. The Knights of Favonius had served King Mardokh for generations, protecting ships in the harbor, but like many captains King Mardokh feared them as well. 

Amber's father was one of three knights killed by him, and she swore to avenge his death. For two years Amber trained day-in and day-out before finally leaving her homeland to infiltrate Mondstadt. She soon met the Outlander and became her first true friend. 

Being an ethereal soul that has no corporeal form inside of the realm of Zhan, Amber is not affected by gravity and can walk on water. Amber is incredibly intelligent, knowing much about both technology and magic.

She is a fragile melee attacker with an area of effect attack that kills blobs, undead and demons without fail. 

Care should be taken in choosing her attacks though. She is the only character who can be back attacked with guaranteed one hit kill due to her low HP.

However, she does not hesitate to act when she senses hostility directed towards her friends, and will do her utmost to defeat it. 

She is from the village of Mondstadt in the land of Genshin. Always ready to lend a helping hand wherever needed, her cheerful nature makes her someone who is easy to love.

Her father was a human and her mother was a dragon. Her brother is the Asian-themed, true half-dragon Marduk, who helps you in your journey throughout Unepic.

A class change from the Hunter, Amber is a ranged melee character that uses her swords for damaging and slicing enemies. 

Her skill set allows for a bit of flexibility with skills and can be useful for hit-and use-style or rely on her different stances to deal heavy damage.


Amber is one of the Knights of the Favonius, the wind deities worshiped in Fortuna. She leads a close-knit Outrider squad of 5 people, and looks up to her best friend and general, Kaeya. 

Shy and quiet when you first meet her, Amber's a loyal friend that supports her friends as much as she can. 

Built like a storm, she has a fierce will to protect her friends and family even at the cost of her life.

 Amber Teigrov is an Outrider for the Knights of Favonius, tasked with gathering information for her squadron and helping to judge knights accused of crimes.

She is often mistaken for 15-16 years old, despite being 18. She is 5'3 with coal black hair normally in a bun. 

She has an extremely unique magic ability, her family has been suspected to have this power since the early days of the Empire. 

Her eyes are dark green and both irises have pupils which look like they rotate slowly. Her most notable feature would be her preference for wearing gothic lolita fashion, and her six floras on her back that serve as artificial wings.

She is very helpful towards other people and is happy to get things done for them whenever she can. Although often mistaken to be strict due to her principles, she is actually kinder than people think she is. 

Amber has also shown a strong sense of duty when it comes to obeying the Knight's Code. 

She always places the trust of others over herself, and often sacrifices herself for others, even going as far as placing their safety over her own in dangerous situations.

Her outlook on life is very positive, to the point that it gives Rui the jitters. 

She's not afraid of anything, despite being placed in a very dismal situation. She's always positive with every situation, yet doesn't get involved in others' business. 

She tries to help with any situation she can, which is why people often come to her for advice and encouragement when they're feeling down.


When she activates her Harmonizer form by using two special cards to cross-fuse with Aiba Takumi , she gains a pink cross tattoo on her chest, as well as a large set of wings that come out of her back.

Her fighting style revolves around attacks initiated in mid-air, as well as low kicks that allow her to evade enemy attacks and quickly close the gap between herself and her opponents. 

Her playstyle is most comparable to Dan from Street Fighter Alpha/Zero/3 and Kairi from the Soul Calibur series.

Her hand reaches out and she grabs yours, pulling you through the crowd towards the edge of the ring. The two of you turn to face each other and you see a smile appear on her face. She's already swept off her feet by your amazing entrance!

She has a serious attitude and possesses fighting skills comparable to or exceeding those of Saya. With her hands she is able to change into cat paws, as well as form many other shapes from flat to claw-like. In addition, she is immune to illusions created by Mikihisa's ability.

She typically has a serious expression on her face, but knows that it's important not to lose one's sense of humor. 

She has a strong sense of responsibility and believes that working hard is the only way to achieve happiness. Her favorite food is corn soup, and she wishes she could live with good friends in a nice house.