Animal Crossing Cats: +25 Villagers

This game has really cool characters. The cats in the animal crossing game are very well designed. All of them have great features and they also got references from real-life people.

“This is the best game ever!” 

“I can’t help but play it everyday!” 

“It makes me so happy!” 

“The characters are so cute!”

You might have heard of these comments, right? They usually come from fans of the Animal Crossing series and they are true. 

It really is one of the most addictive games there is and it has some of the cutest characters ever known: Cats!

This game has one of the most adorable and lovable cast of characters. From Isabelle to Tom Nook to KK Slider, each character brings something unique to the player's experience.

Animal Crossing has to be one of the best video games on the planet. It’s unlike most other games. 

That’s why Nintendo releases new features with every new game. 

You can spend hours upon hours collecting fruit and insects, doing favors for neighbors, or digging up fossils. 

No matter what your reason for playing animal crossing was in the first place; it was probably addicting.

Let's explore them now! 


Ankha Info Card

Ankha is a snooty, navy blue cat who first appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Her initial catchphrase is "Whiskers! Whiskers! Whiskers!".

She also has an anklet on each of her legs. 

Ankha is unique among the cat villagers in that she does not seem to enjoy flirting with other cats and will refuse most requests for dates, including the popular silver ring.

She is the only special character who does not don a party hat on New Year's Day, instead wearing her normal hair band.

Ankha may say that she is "sick of swimming in gold coins" or the player and the Pharaoh are "spending money like it's going out of style". 

Her initial phrase, when the player first talks to her, is "No offense, but you're not half as regal as my beloved owner."


Felicity Info Card

Felicity is a normal, mature cat who can be adopted from the animal shelter. You may have wanted to adopt her due to her cute appearance and gentle personality. 

While you can't play with her more often than others, she will follow you around and sniff out items for you, while rewarding you with bells or pieces of furniture in return.

She also appears to have a small tuft of white fur on the top of her head, and also has white paws.

She tells you she was lucky to have been rescued by you, especially because she wants to become your friend. Her lucky item is a gold bell, and her most desired item is a star piece.


Kabuki has white paws, sides, and stomach, while his back is yellow. He also has two small pointed teeth sticking out each side of his mouth.

Kabuki the cat is modeled after a kabuki dancer's F4 mask. 

Kabuki has a cubic body, like all villagers in the Animal Crossing series, and his arms and legs are extremely thin, just like other village cats and dogs. His tail is thin with brown stripes running the length of it. 

His head appears to be completely round with two eyes, which are fashioned after kabuki masks. On top of Kabuki's head is a red cap tied in a knot. 

The inside of his ears are pink, while the outside is white. He wears yellow blush on his cheeks. Unlike most male villagers, he doesn't wear any clothing items other than his red cap.

Kid Cat

Kid Cat info card

Kid Cat is a lazy, easygoing type of cat, and often will not give the player a straight answer. His interests include napping, food, gambling, and money. 

Kid Cat lives in the city with his girlfriend Kittie. 

He wears a leopard print helmet which resembles a real-life crash helmet used for motorbike riders.

He also wears his heart on his sleeve and likes to be outside.


Kitty info card

Kitty has a shy personality, so she tends to talk gently to the player. She likes cute things such as flowers and sparkles. She enjoys fashion, and wishes to be a great designer when she grows up. Her dream job is being a clothing designer.

Her name probably refers to the word "kitten", a young cat. Her initial phrase, "mreow," relates to the sound a cat makes.

She wore white pumps with white tights underneath and a navy sleeveless shirt with red hearts on it. She had a small bag around her neck, which was similar to the ones villagers wear.


Meow info card

Meow's initial phrase (which cannot be changed) is "Meow!"

Her initial catchphrase is "nya nya". According to her ecard bio, she was adopted from the local animal control shelter by Mabel. 

The lack of any visible mouth or nose, together with her eyes' resemblance to an LCD display, lead to the conclusion that she is actually just an animated cat with human-like qualities.

Meow has two different eye shapes – one is big with a small curved tail, the other is small with a big curved tail. Both eyes have black pupils. 

Meow also has slight eyelashes growing from both eyes.

She has a green dot on her forehead, and she wears two accessories: a plastic purple heart-shaped bell on her left ear, and a yellow ribbon in her hair.


Mitzi info card

Mitzi the cat is a special character that appears in the Pick-your-own-Sheep game. Mitzi has an alternate appearance when she is playing the Saucer mini-game and not in the stage show because of her orange shirt. 

Mitzi stands as tall as a villager, and she walks around chasing bubbles. She is a snooty cat who has a seemingly close friendship with Shari and has an obsession over fashion.

It seems as if she may live in the pet shop as a hint to where she lives, since all animals living in players' town appear out the door of the shop when called.


Monique info card

Monique is blonde, wears a pink dress, has pigtails and does not appear to wear any makeup, evidenced by her heavy monochromatic lips in all of her artwork. 

She has the appearance of Marilyn Monroe, best known for her connection to pop art as well as film.

She has brown hair styled in an over-the-shoulder wave and bangs, and green eyes with thick eyelashes. A beauty mark is just below her lips on the right side. 

Her initial clothes are the Yellow Grid shirt, which resembles a grid of yellow squares over a purple background, with thick white stripes on the sleeves and neckline, and she wears yellow pants. 

She carries a watering can, used to water plants including the Marimba tree and Club LOL trees, among other things.


Pierre info card

He has bushy blonde eyebrows that grow more into his face, and the inside of both ears are pale orange colored. 

He also has a tuft of hair on top of his head which is initially black striped, though in New Leaf it becomes messier after he is given a haircut. 

Pierre wears a formal shirt with rolled up sleeves and dark brown pants.

Pierre is easily one of the most likable villagers players can meet. 

He is very friendly, and you can easily befriend him. You will also find that he is someone that likes to make people laugh, as well as make friends with in game characters.


Purrl info card

She can be found at the player's house on non-festival days between 4am to 10pm, which makes her one of a few villagers that works outside of their homes. 

Purrl can be seen walking the town aimlessly, sitting around in different places, or peeking into someone else's window (she never peeks in the Wishing Well's window at this time). 

On players' birthdays, she will give them a Cat toy, saying that she thought it would be something they'd like. 

It would appear that she drives the bus because Coach will mention her in certain bus tour stops.

Her dream job is to become a novelist and while it was assumed that she wrote the novel titled "When Winter Comes", there is no reference other than the cover art with her name on it.


Rosie info card

She wears a two-tone green shirt and a pink ribbon around her neck. 

Rosie's full name is "Rosie the filly" which refers to her being a filly (young horse).

Rosie is a pale blue colored cat with pink inside her ears and on her cheeks. 

She has darker purplish-blue hair that sticks up, resembling a perm or pudding style do, and black eyes with white pupils. 

Her paws are a cream color and her tail is striped with red markings near the tip.

She can be seen working on Tomboy Avenue every Wednesday selling flowers, including Tulips on rare occasions.


Stinky info card

He also wears black wristbands, blue baggy pants with a red banana pattern on the side, and striped socks. 

There is unknown information about Stinky.

He is initially disliked by other villagers, because he came from the big city and smells bad when first met. 

Like some of the other characters from cities, such as Bluebear, he enjoys professional wrestling. Stinky also owns a pet cockroach named Cocky.


Tangy info card

Tangy is a female cat. She can be made the player character's neighbor by talking to leon on Saturday between 8 am and 12 pm any day of the week except for Tuesday. 

Her initial catchphrase is "ne-yo!", which is not unlike that of the real life orange tree mascot, orange mecha, whose catchphrase is also "ne-yo!".

She has a bright and bubbly personality and is friends with just about everyone, which can mean that she makes somewhat of a pest of herself. Despite her friendly nature, however, she does get upset if ignored by the player. 

Tangy, and all of the other cats, appear to love fish. In her case, they enjoy their fish raw with a side of Acai berries.


Bob is the only lazy, purple cat in the game. He initially wears the "Blossom Tee," a shirt with black spots. 

Bob says that his mother bought it for him as a gift, making him feel like royalty due to the t-shirt's price. Jobs he will do include bug catching, fossil hunting, and taking fish to village visitors.

Bob's name comes from his personality, as he is a slacking villager, much like how people believe sleeping cats are lazier than wide-eyed ones.

He is always seen sleeping, which might imply that he sleeps all day. 

Bob has an unseen pet Pidgey named Pigeon who is given a similar personality to his owner's, as he is described as being very shy.


Felyne info card

Felyne is a white and brown kitten with blue eyes. He wears a blue bandana on his head, similar to the one worn by Chatot, another monster from the Animal Crossing series. 

Felyne has two small fangs sticking out of his mouth and is always clawing at something or attempting to remove something from his ear.

The Felynes have been pestering the Villagers for food, which they often give them in exchange for their services.


Katt info card

She can often be seen in the town hall during the day or the café. If you visit her during any season other than winter on a day she's not working at the café, she'll ask to play hide-and-seek.  Katt is afraid of ghosts.  

She hates it when there's work to be done in town hall because she can't go out at night to fight crime. She states that she has a cool home and always keeps it tidy.  Her favorite gift is a three-ball set, which she says reminds her of playing volleyball.


Kiki info card

Her initial clothing is the argyle knit top. Like all cats, she loves milk and fish. 

She will get along with normal, jock and peppy villagers, but will not get along with snooty or cranky villagers because they don’t care for the personalities of lazy villagers either.

She wears her hair in a ponytail with pink and white striped ribbons, tied at the top with a bow. 

Her cat tail has two stripes of black on top of white at the end. 

Kiki's eyes are very shiny and her pupils are oval-shaped; yellow with a small black pupil inside.

Kik's birthday is on the 15th of December. 

In Wild World, she has an unseen cousin named Keller. She gets along well with the player, because they are both friendly and optimistic. 


Lolly info card

She has three gray stripes on her forehead, two on each side of her face, two on each of her arms and legs, and four on her tail.

Lolly is a cute kitty that will come to visit your town if you are lucky. 

Lolly has no nose but the player can't tell because her head is always down. 

She might be shy and move away quickly without giving you time to see her face.


Merry info card

She has thick, curved eyebrows and large, dark eyes that tilt down slightly at the corners. 

She also has what appears to be blush on her cheeks and a small smile. 

Her ears are generally covered by her hair, though they are shaped like bells. Her nose is pink and small, and it appears to be shaped like a downward-facing triangle when viewed straight-on.

She appears more frequently in villages of charming and peppy characters as opposed to uchi and smug villagers. 

Her name reflects the way she talks, always in a perky tone and with a smile on her face.


Moe info card

Moe has an overall nerdy appearance, further emphasized by his large-rimmed black glasses; he wears black hair that usually covers his ears. 

He has a crooked mouth and buck teeth, although the teeth are difficult to see as they are covered by his scowl. 

His original shirt is a blue Aloha Shirt that has yellow lines around the neck area and a yellow pocket on either side of his stomach.

He can be recognized by his original clothing and instrument, which the player can change. 

He plays different music from K.K. Slider and hosts some concerts, just like him.


Olivia info card

Olivia makeup consists of light pink lipstick, red blush, and black mascara. She has white fur with dark gray tips. Her tail is tipped with creamy orange. 

Her initial outfit consists of a pink shirt with red short sleeves and collar, along with dark short pants and red shoes. 

She carries the daisy umbrella when it rains or snows outside.


Punchy info card

He sleeps during the day and spends his nights playing Punchy-hoops with Lyle. 

Punchy's name suggests that he is short-tempered or at least easily angered. 

When woken up by the player after sleeping, he will abruptly ask what time it is, to which he may respond rudely if told it is morning, although if told it is nighttime, he will begin to flatter the player by saying things such as "You're super cool!"

He loves fish so much that sometimes he forgets to eat when he’s waiting for a fish to bite on his fishing pole, and you can also bring him fish when his stomach rumbles.


Raymond info card

He wears a yellow-orange tie and he initially wears the Dot Print shirt. 

He is absent minded yet cheerful, and will appear absent minded throughout conversations with the player.

Raymond’s home is a tatami room. It has a bed with a paper lantern and a paper wall lamp, specifically made for cats. 

There are many dango mallets on the wall, some bonboris, including one that’s holding up the life preserver, and a blue and white vase on the floor. Raymond also owns two diamond shirts and seven gyroid hats.


Rudy info card

Rudy has dark brown hair on the top of his head and around his neck. He may be recognized by his big-brimmed green hat which is a part of his design shared with other cat characters including Bluebear, Blanca, Tabby, and Purrl.  

Unlike most cats who are black and white or white and black, he is mostly red with white paws.


Tabby info card

Tabby loves to collect things, and she’s this way in the games as well as in Animal Crossing: Merry Christmas. He claims to have been scammed by Tom Nook about how cheap real estate was.

She'll also ask for things like fish, and will respond with shock to the player's giving of a gold nugget (although she'll keep it)

She mostly listens in on other villagers' conversations, and although she doesn't contribute with her own opinions, she'll often comment on what she feels is an important point (or something that she agrees or disagrees with).


Tom info card

Although this symbol appears to be a beauty mark, it is actually Tom's nose, which becomes more pronounced whenever he sniffs or blushes. 

It becomes slightly larger when he is shocked, upset, or worried.

In New Leaf, players can customize the symbol on his head by choosing from a variety of different face paint options at Shampoodle.

He believes that everyone needs a home, and will work hard with his customers to ensure that they are satisfied with their new abode. 

More often than not, the homebuyer pays handsomely for Tom’s hard work.



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