+15 Animal Crossing Islands & Maps

Many of the islands are different every time the game is played, even though they might seem extremely similar. 

The game keeps track of how many times an island has been visited by saving the flight plan (a record of paths taken, locations investigated, and items obtained); if this flight plan gets too long, then the game will replace the oldest journeys. 

This explains why it is so hard to find a particular island again once found…

Animal Crossing includes a total of 15 "islands" to visit. 

Each island has many aspects that the player can explore, with the simulated time of day, weather, and animal populations changing in each trip.

Players are given the option to stay on an island for free by paying off Tom Nook's loan.

Once players have visited an island, they cannot return until the next day. This is because the short time between when players are "dropped off" on the island and when they are "flown back" to the mainland becomes a few hours in real time. 

Wind shifts during that time, meaning that returning to an already-visited island would mean hundreds of trees could be facing in different directions, or even uprooted completely. 

It would also mean that any landmarks built could be destroyed, changing the layout of the island altogether.

Spiral River Island

Spiral River Island

If a place called Animal Island doesn't seem exotic enough, try a place called Spiral Island. 

The little oval island with a river that winds in a spiral, it is part of the subset of four "starter" islands that players will randomly arrive at for their very first mystery tour. 

Once the player has chosen an island as their new world, the player goes to the Town Hall and receives a letter from Isabelle to pick up their map from Tom Nook. 

The only way to get to Spiral is through taking a tour via the Bus. When visiting, an islander will ask the player for their name and will state that they are on vacation in the area.

This island has a river that winds around in a spiral formation, hence its name. Gulliver can be found here, as well as Margie who is making her debut in this title.

Short River Island

Short River Island

Short River is a small river island with two layers. The north of the island starts as a very small second layer, and the rest of the island is one big mass. 

A red tree blooms near the island's entrance, and most of the island has a tropical feel to it (thanks to the palm trees and plants). 

Yet there's also a nice mountain in the center, with waterfalls and ferns decorating it. 

There's a river separating the two layers that starts at the north island and flows down a waterfall at the south point of it. The river then goes eastward across the rest of the map.

Arachnid Island

Arachnid Island

The Island is a small island that appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is a one-layer island, and is where a number of bugs live, chiefly tarantulas and scorpions. 

The layout of the land follows an octagonal shape, with streams surrounding the entire island to form a moat. 

Because of the nature of this island, it can only appear during nighttime from 8PM-4AM, as both bugs are nocturnal creatures, and only spawn during this time.

The island has an octagonal stream which separates it into two halves. On the eastern (invisible) part of the island is a small fort, one palm tree, and two steel fences.

Money Rock Island

Money Rock Island is an island that appears in the game Animal Crossing , exclusively on the GameCube. 

It is a rock island surrounded by water with money rocks that drop Bells, with one opening up once players hit the big rock that's at the center of it. 

This small, tropical island is surrounded by water and infested with money rocks!

It's the perfect place to build your fortune, relax on the beach and enjoy a tropical paradise. 

Just watch out for those pesky crocodiles and wild boars!

Trash Island

Trash Island

It is an ideal place to fish for trash items, which are worth a lot of Bells despite being so common, as well as fishing for bugs. 

Adding certain bug types will increase the chance of getting dragonflies, aka flying insects, but they can spawn anywhere on water.

Instead of fish, every once in a while you'll get items you can sell for Nook Miles or garbage items that can be messaged through the recycling machine. 

There are also more dragonflies which will jump on your face when you're near the water's edge.

Waterfall Island

Waterfall Island

Found between the islands of Animal Island and Lighthouse Island, this island is very useful for catching river-mouth spawning fish like Catfish, Sturgeon, and Cod. 

It is also a good location to catch the elusive Stringfish. 

The island is a 3-layer layout with a waterfall on each layer. 

The top layer contains a group of trees in the center, the middle layer being a small pool of water with a single dead tree in it, with a small waterfall pouring out at the back of the island into the lower layer with the only pathway being directly over the middle level's waterfall.

The middle layer is one of the most popular places to fish in Animal Crossing, as it has many kinds of fish swimming up and down it. Stringfish, an icefish, and large varieties of sturgeon can be found near the top of the waterfall.

Sister Fruit Island

Sister Fruit Island

The sisters grow different types of fruit than what you can find in your native town. When you visit this island, its fruit list will match the list in your native town. 

This means that apples from your native town will be called strawberries when you land on this island!

You cannot plant fruit from Sister Fruit Island in your native town's soil, but the sister fruit grown on Sister Fruit Island will always have a different name from the native soil.

The quality of these trees is unlike anything you've seen before! First you must befriend the elusive islander, Petra. Her tent is found along the beach.

Gold Rock and Scorpion Island

The island consists of a gold rock surrounded by a pond that must be vaulted through. The gold rock drops gold nuggets when mined. Scorpions will spawn on this island during the season they are available, and a large heart piece can also be found here.

Gold Island will spawn a rock in the center of the island surrounded by a pond. This rock can be hit to drop gold nuggets.

Hardwood Island

Hardwood Island

Nearly identical in layout to Bamboo Island, Hardwood Island features an entirely hardwood forest, with no bamboo to be found. 

It's covered in the same species of trees as Wild World's Forest preserve, but with one major difference: no bamboo. 

This makes it a much more convenient alternative when looking for feathers or fruit that would otherwise have difficulty growing next to the thick bamboo stalks.

Fidget Spinner Island

Fidget Spinner Island

Fidget Island is one of the four starter islands that players will randomly be sent to at the start of the game. 

There's a large pond in the middle and a small 2nd floor to the northwest. 

The shape of this pond has earned the island the nickname "Fidget Spinner Island" and it contains plenty of fish, which can be caught and sold for bells or decoration.

Short River and Pond Island

Short River and Pond Island

The river is shallow with deep sections that have palm trees, rocks, and shrubs. 

The pond in the southwest has a stand of water lilies surrounding it. A line of large rocks along the east shore marks the area where tropical fish live.

Unique to this island is a large pond in the southwest end of the map, and two suspension bridges running between two parts of the island and one off into nowhere. 

A single willow tree lies near the southern end of the pond, while some small rocks and some tall grass grow around it. 

The north end holds a beach-like area of sand and palm trees, which is separated by a split path running down the center.

Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island

Among the animal crossing islands, this is the place I love the most and spend time with.

There are two beaches, but no trees apart from bamboo. 

Unfortunately there are no fruit, hardwood or cedar trees, which make dropping off gyroids and other items difficult. 

The island's frequency of spawning is roughly 9 times 1/7, and it is one of the few islands to offer the Desert Island furniture series.

It has a large patch of bamboo and a beach with palm trees, but no fruit or hardwood trees at all. 

It has the highest chance to be generated and the most common layout. 

The initial town layout will also be generated first.

Scorpion and Money Rock Island

Scorpion and Money Rock Island

The ground between the cliffs is scattered with money rocks and flowers. 

This island also has an abundance of scorpions, depending on the time of year.

One third of the island is a barren cliff, with scorpions roaming the area depending on the season. 

The animal residents seem to enjoy living here - always smiling, laughing, or looking relaxed. 

The island appears surrounded by pockets of water, but stepping off the southern edge apparently only results in getting wet pockets.

Fin Island

Fin Island

The water here contains fish with fins sticking out of the water, an example being great white sharks, ocean sunfish, hammerhead sharks and so on, the most notable one being the finned suckerfish. 

Other than its unique fish species, this island appears during certain seasons where finned fish spawn.

My Fin Island is an entirely synthetic island built specifically to house fish with fins. It boasts a saltwater moat, superior engine power, and an exclusive species of suckerfish that are only found on this island.

Mountain Island

Mountain Island

An island with many flowers and five rocks.

Currently, the only bugs that spawn here are those that appear when hitting rocks, but all other bugs will spawn normally. 

If you clear out all of the rock to make a tarantula island , you can farm tiger beetles and other ground-spawning bugs.

These types of islands are like the larger jungle islands, but lack deep water. 

This island differs from jungle islands because it has three tiers that resemble mountains; inside, there are only fruit trees, no hardwood trees (cedars won't appear here either).

Big Fish Island

Big Fish Island

The small plateau comes with eight trees of the player's native fruit, four palm trees, four rocks, and has waterfalls on the southern and western edges of the plateau. 

There are four primary river sources that come off the edges of the plateau, but after the water meets in the center it forms one large body of water. 

The total land area is 176 square meters.

Rugged Tree Island

Rugged Tree Island

Rugged Tree Island is a medium-sized island which can be accessed by upgrading to the Resident Services building level 3 and paying 3,000 bells. 

The island has rugged terrain which consists of one or two layers of outcrops with small cliffs scattered throughout the island. 

There are no water features on this island as it is surrounded by cliffs on all sides. It also contains a dense amount of Coconut trees compared to other islands. 

There is a small hole in the wall that links to an underwater cave that can be accessed from other islands. 

Not many animals visit here, since there aren't many fruit bearing trees around. 

However, the hardwood trees are very plentiful, so the woodcutters are ecstatic! 

You can get tree sap from the pine trees that climb up the cliff walls onto this island.

Curly River Island

While originally shown as an island with a single, square-shaped cliff in the northeast, its eponymous shape lends the suggestion of a tombstone. 

While originally shown located in the south edge of the ocean, its location shifted northward when it was revealed that it lay precisely north of the Mushroom Island. 

While originally believed to be a mere reddish color, its name suggests a vibrant red color. 

Last Words

This great game takes place mostly on the islands. In the middle of the sea, these pieces of land are always a symbol of a peaceful place away from the city. 

And people go to these islands to relax. 

This game is also based on islands. 

We examined the islands in Animal crossing one by one. If the game releases new islands in future updates, I will add them to the list as well.