Animal Crossing Personalities: +8 Types in New Horizon

Are you an Animal Crossing gamer? Maybe if you live in Japan or Australia. But one thing that I think a lot of players don’t know is: each villager has their own personality type. 

Some are busy, some are active, and others are snooty. Here are the personalities by villager name and also in alphabetical order.

I’ve spent countless hours in the game, and still haven’t unlocked everything. Part of the game’s charm is that it can be slow-paced for those who want a laid back gaming experience, or more adventurous for those who enjoy combat and want to make alliances.

You can do various things, including fishing, bug catching, collecting fish and fossils, paying off your mortgage to Tom Nook, and island hopping with Kapp'n. 

I believe it's the finest game on Nintendo DS.

Let’s explore Animal Crossing personalities.


Snooty Villagers

These villagers will often tell the player not to play with them, saying that they are "not ready to participate in childish games" or simply to grow up. Some snooty villagers will also talk about education, their dreams or even world peace when talked to. Snooty villagers typically wear a blonde wig and a blue dress, which is the only female character outfit currently available.

They are more mature and more sophisticated than other villagers. 

They are called snooty because they act so mature, and many have a certain interest in fashion or talking about their appearance.

Basically, snooties seem to be a lot like more mature and uppity women. 

There is a running gag about snooty villagers asking the player if they were on a diet. 

They will get along with normal, gullible, and other snooty villagers. 

They will also get along with normal villagers due to their matching personalities, though they will not get along with jock or uchi villagers since they have conflicting lifestyles and opinions about modern issues.


Cranky Villagers

A cranky villager is a villager who has a cranky personality. 

This means they are easily annoyed or angered by other villagers, the player (in some cases, deliberately so), and several other certain actions (or inaction). 

Some villagers, like Polo, will give the player an angry look after talking to him. 

Others, like Reese, will become angry for no apparent reason and shout if the player talks to them.  

The cranky personality comes from how they have a bitter outlook on life in general and how they lash out at others easily. 

They are sometimes even more easily angered than jock villagers when not given their way.


Jock Villagers

The name reflects their physical prowess, or possibly their lack of intelligence. Jocks are usually earlier villagers in the game, and may be seen as rude, with a higher interest in sports than other hobbies. However, they easily open up to others in due time, especially if they are given a sport (or item relating to one) related gift. 

The jock interest is reflected by their active lifestyle and energy levels.

They are younger than their lazy or normal counterparts, have short brown hair and gray skin, and wear green shirts with gray wristbands.


Smug Villagers

Smugs are friendly and relaxed, but can come off as conceited and snobbish. They are very polite and gentleman-like, but can be quite vain. Voting them up for those reasons would be against the rules."

It's no surprise that this town has given birth to the most fashionable residents of all the towns in Animal Crossing. 

These are the people that go to extraordinary lengths with their wardrobes, and will tell you so with a smile. 

Their upbeat, friendly attitudes almost always keep them smiling. 

They do not initially appear to have a specific personality, but it is possible to determine their personality if the player becomes friends with them. Their name will be shown in green on the background of the main menu if they are a smug villager.


Lazy Villagers

As a new player in the game, and the whole series, you can notice that the animal villagers have a relatively relaxed approach to life. 

Typical lazy villagers will be friendly, hospitable and naïve in their language used as they are generally happy with their leisurely lifestyle and easygoing attitude.

However, they do not excel or push themselves to achieve greater heights in the player's town. 

This may be due to being content with the simple and easy lifestyle, or it could be that they are lazy by character. 

Some have a low self-esteem and believe their life is worthless. 

For example, one of these villagers, Booker, writes a note about how much he hates himself and how worthless his life is. 

It is possible that the reason why some lazy villagers are like this is because lazy villagers are identified as those who don't like physical activity, so it's possible that these lazy villagers just don't do anything at all other than sitting down and relaxing on their favorite chair.


Normal Villagers

Just like Uchi villagers, Normal villagers have a wide range of appearances. While they tend to appear younger than some other villagers, a majority appear as adults or elders. Some even go on to become poachers or gyroid collectors. All of them live in a home that is rather neat compared to other villager types.

Normal villagers are never involved with major conflicts between the player, villagers, and other special visitors. 

They will usually greet the player when they approach them and act in a kind hearted manner.


Peppy Villagers

Peppy villagers in Animal Crossing have a very peppy personality, indicated in-game by their chipper, high-pitched voice. 

They are almost always in high spirits and will often compliment you on your clothes or appearance. 

Their outgoing and friendly nature makes them great conversation partners, so getting the chance to talk to them frequently is something to look forward to. They are known for their bluntness and have no qualms about getting straight to the point with what they are thinking.

Peppy villagers generally have big, round eyes and very short, sometimes erratic hairstyles. They initially wear neon colors, such as yellow, orange or pink.


Sisterly Villagers

The sisterly personality type is a breakup of the normally feminine "Town Folk" villager type. 

It consists of male and female villagers with shared body language, clothing style, and interests. 

The sisterly villagers have a younger appearance than other villagers, but may be older or the same age as the player character, while acting quite mature for their age.

They are usually reliable, practical, and down to earth. 

Unlike most female villagers, they may mention befriending a spider, rat, or snake.

Last Words

There are more than 70 villagers in the game, and they have one of these personalities. If you are starting now to play, I recommend you investigate those character types before choosing your own.

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