+20 Animal Crossing Species Explained

The 23 species of characters that appear in the Animal Crossing are not created equally. 

Some perform better at fishing, some do better playing instruments, and even the speed at which they mature varies. 

All species share the same backstories—their parents' names, their place of birth, their discovery of their special gifts—and yet they are all unique in their own ways!

This franchise features a large variety of different species of animals, plants, and even insects that populate the towns and villages the main characters live in. 

While most inhabit their native habitats, some have ventured out into other regions, sometimes appearing as characters to interact with. This wiki will cover every animal species known thus far.

The Animal Crossing series takes place in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, in which the player is able to interact with villagers in a variety of ways. 

Some characters have unique voice-overs when you talk to them in their homes, but this is not always the case.


Alligator Species

The alligator is a special species that appears in the Animal Crossing. They have large jaws and two sharp teeth that protrude from their mouths, but unlike real-life crocodiles, they have large heads similar to those of sharks. 

Their skin color can either be yellow, green, or a dark red with darker spots. In Dōbutsu no Mori, brown-skinned alligators appear on trees during the autumn months.


Cow species

The Cow is a yellow, female species of Villager first introduced in the game. 

They, like other villagers, will appear in the player's town randomly on certain days and will talk about anything from fashion to the amount of milk they produce. 

They also, like other villagers, will move into the player's town if they have enough positive points and open up the Able Sisters Tailor shop.


Frogs are found all over the town and can often be seen wandering about on rainy days. 

This makes them one of the more easily recognizable villagers, as opposed to those such as Ostrich and Rabbit that wander around unseen. 

Frogs appear to be friendly with Tortoise and Eagle and may even share rumors with them. 

When the player first gets close to them, they will appear nervous and will apologize if spoken to. 

This disappears once they become friends with the player.


Koalas are a friendly species of villagers that are known to enjoy relaxing in the day. As a group, they are often seen relaxing on the village's rooftops or other high surfaces. 

They're generally responsible and caring- not just to neighbors, but to their friends as well. 

Despite their general kindness towards other villagers, they have been known to complain about them from time to time. 

They also seem to have a tendency of being absent minded when talking to villagers, even reacting slowly when talking to them about their concerns.


They have profound snouts and curly tails, and many have dark pink ears and a light pink snout. 

They can be easily distinguished from other villager types by their pink coloring with a white stripe along their belly. 

All pigs move into towns near the middle of October, around the same time most animals awaken from hibernation. 

Upon arrival they ask the player for interesting places to visit, which may either mean an area with treasure or an area with no inhabitants. 


The Anteater is a special species of citizen who's roughly 30cm tall; about three times their height! You can see their snouts swell into a watermelon shape as they talk.

They're usually found sunning themselves at the beach, and will occasionally say something like, 


Cubs come in all different colors, and have a variety of different personalities, just like real people. 

This figure of the friendly Cub measures over 4" tall, and features multiple points of articulation, so that you can display them doing just about anything.


They are often perceived as stubborn due to their arrogant nature, but are otherwise friendly. 

This is reflected in-game by their relaxed, casual lifestyle.


Lion villagers are a species of all male villagers in the Animal Crossing series. Their snooty, jock, and cranky personalities bring a new type of villager to the world of AC. 

These villagers possess certain traits and characteristics that can be likened to those of a real lion: boys will go to great lengths to protect their pride and show off, they may attack if given the opportunity, and they demand respect from both peers and family alike.


Although they appear tortoiseshell-like in color, they are a different species from a cat. 

Two rabbits appear in Doubutsu no Mori and Animal Forest e+. 

One named Rabbit is a female rabbit, who wears red glasses and has a kind personality. 

Another is Chip, a male rabbit with a jock personality. 

Mario gives this rabbit to the player as a gift after finding him lost in the woods. 

In Wild World, more proper versions of these rabbits were added: Celia and Tiffany.


Bears are commonly found in the woods all over the game. 

They are hard to come by, but once they start appearing, it is common (if not guaranteed) to see them at least once a week. 

Bears live in burrows made either in an animal's home, or their own. 

Otherwise, they live in cabins. Otherwise still, they live in caves.


They appear very rarely and live constantly on the edge of town. If approached, they will run away from the player. 

Deer can be caught with a net and kept as a pet like every other animal, but if captured they will constantly beg to be let go. 

When all deer friendships (friendship with uchi deer, friendship with sanae deer, friendship with toad deer) become perfect, all three deer will dance together.


Gorillas are native to the tropical jungles of Africa, but can also be found in zoos around the world. 

They are the largest of all primate species (excluding humans), and can grow up to 300 pounds. 

Because of their large size, gorillas must use their arms to move about rather than their legs. 

However, they have a great deal of intelligence, and can become good friends with humans if they are raised from a young age.


They appear friendly and somewhat silly, but act somewhat mean if their needs are not taken care of. For example, if they are neglected enough, they fly into a rage and set fire to the player's house.

It's possible to have several monkeys living in your town. 

They are the only species of animal that can live on jungle gyroids. 

Upon returning home from any errand or trip, the player will find the monkey face down on their floor.


They have large ears and heterochromic horns, with the right being shorter than the left. 

Their short tail often causes them to appear top-heavy. 

They have a total of three different appearances in the series, two of which are normal colors and one being a rainbow color. 

Additionally, they change colors in Animal Crossing: Wild World if a piece of lovely furniture is nearby.


There are twenty-one birds that are special characters who are apparent in the settlements. 

They can give players items that they have requested for through mail, appear at the events, donate to the museum, or do a performance after certain amenities are built. 

The majority of birds are not sentient beings but there are some that will talk to the player and others that will let out a small squeak or sound while standing on the ground. 

Some birds will give players bad luck when they shake their feathers on them while some birds will heal the player if they fall sick by picking its feathers and falling down on them.


Dogs were the first villagers to appear in Animal Crossing , and they still cover a wide range of personalities today. 

Rover is a friendly dog who will appear if the player turns on one of his or her villagers' special characters, such as Gracie, to their full potential. 

The brave police dog, Chief, from Animal Crossing: Wild World makes an appearance as a pack-in character with the special edition bundle for Animal Crossing: City Folk . 

And the player's first pooch, a faithful Bull Terrier named Biscuit, appears as a statue in Animal Crossing: New Leaf . 


Hamsters live in hamster houses and display their emotions based on them. Their homes cost only 30,000 bells to upgrade and come with many different unique furnishings. 

Hamsters can be caught during the Gardening Club's annual Lost and Found Roundup event that takes place on April 22nd. 

They can then be befriended as villagers once they move into a player's town.


A pet mouse will live in any clock, provided that it is situated where there is at least 6 squares of open ground-space. 

Mice are fairly common, and only occasionally appear in special backpacks or when certain link codes are used. 

It has been shown in the past that villager data may be associated with invisible "marks" placed on the ground beneath the player's character (with villagers belonging to a particular "mark" correlated with their chances of spawning). 

If this does exist, it is unknown if mice also use this system.


Sheep are generally found in pastures, meadows, or outdoor areas. 

Their wool color will usually be white with patches of other colors on them. 

They are most common in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where their wool color can be changed to one of six colors by talking to Mabel or change the style of their fur by talking to one of the Shampoodle brothers.