Ankha Animal Crossing

Ankha Animal Crossing Info Card

Ankha is a black cat with a patch of white on her chest, and cream-colored paws. She has gray eyeshadow and various jewelry on her ears, arms, and tail. 

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she wears an Egyptian headdress with a light blue collar and vase accessory. 

She has a "cautious" personality, so she gets along well with normal, peppy, and other cautious villagers, but she may conflict with cranky, snooty and other villagers.

She has a black, heart-shaped nose and a pink paw pad on each foot. She wears an Egyptian Collar around her neck. In Animal Forest, she wears a Cathedrals Shirt in its original form, although in all other games her shirt resembles a Harlequin Dress.
 She is an Egyptian cat who serves as the priestess of the town's local shrine. She works part-time at Re-Tail (formerly Nookling Junction), and will sell any sort of item to the player, like Tom Nook. 

The only difference is that she also offers unusual items that cannot be bought from Tom Nook. 

She has a very snooty personality, and when talking to her, you must address her in a polite manner in order to get her full attention and perform any transactions in City Folk.

Her sarcasm can be hurtful to those whose feelings she wounds without realizing it. 

However, her straightforward manner earns her the acceptance of her peers. She's often found searching for "treasure" in the second floor basement of the museum.


The adorable Ankha is a royal family member of Egypt who is as regal as they come. She’s calm and cool, and was first introduced in Animal Forest, where she brought the bold and trendy Palatial Tank Dress and Mummy Shirt.

Ankha is a very snooty-talking cat that came in with the New Year's 2007 animal addition. 

She says she was born January 1, but her Japanese name seems to say otherwise. She is believed to be based on the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet.


 Ankha has a strong interest in beauty and style. She is often seen talking about the latest fashions and looking for new ways to look her best. 

She can sometimes be critical of other villagers, usually if they have a different style than her own, which means she will get along well with snooty and cranky villagers who share similar opinions.

However, she may get annoyed by the laid-back lifestyle of lazy and normal villagers, who seem carefree and relaxed compared to her.

Ankha's special talent is sculpting, and her hobbies are reading and bug catching. She loves all genres of music.

She also has a devious personality, portraying herself as a gossipy woman who is known to make up rumors about other villagers. 

She will appear friendly and hospitable towards her favorite villagers and guests, but rude and snobby towards everyone else.


During the night, Ankha's home is full of lights! Her main room contains a large row of palm trees. 

She has many artifacts from Egyptian history decorating her home, including an obelisk, a sphinx, two tiki torches, a mummy's casket, a broken post, a corn plant, and a Retro Stereo. 

On top of this room is her loft where she sleeps. This loft has many chandeliers hanging down from the ceiling which look very regal at night.