Aqua Affinity Enchantment Guide

Whether you are mining raw materials or searching for treasure, this enchantment is great for underwater miners. 

Obtaining this item can be a challenge but we will touch on ways to accomplish this feat. Here we provide you with information about how the enchantment works, how to obtain it, and how to use it to improve your underwater mining.

Aqua Affinity is an Enchantment that can be applied to a helmet, and when applied it will increase your mining speed when you are in your hand-held item slot. It also has the ability to be combined with other enchantments.

This enchantment gives players a 2x multiplier on their mining speed while mining in water sources.

Most of the time, players select this because it is easy to apply and does not need any level.

While underwater, there is a melee-style combat in which players have the chance to attack others with their pickaxe. Wearing any Aqua Affinity enchanted armor piece makes mining blocks faster while under water than not having it.

Technical Information

Aqua Affinity I allows for a 15% chance for water bucket ASM’s to not be consumed.

I feel that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the maximum level of this enchantment; so much so that many people just accept that Aqua Affinity I is the highest possible enchantment level for an Item. However, this is not true. 

For example, I would have loved to be able to add additional enchantments to Aqua Affinity I, but was forced to use a different enchantment instead. 

This got me wondering what limits there were on this enchantment and how a player could go beyond them.

How to get Aqua Affinity?

The first and easiest way to get Aqua Affinity is by enchanting. 

First, you need an Enchanting Table, which you can craft by putting a Book and a Lapis Lazuli in the middle of crafting table’s recipe (here). 

After you have an Enchanting Table, put on any helmet or turtle shell that you want enchanted. 

Then place the 1 or more helmets or turtle shells you want to be enchanted in front of the table, along with some wood planks (you don’t need any specific type). Four experience levels are required per person(enchanting table) one of these levels will be used up when 1 helmet or turtle shell is enchanted with Aqua Affinity for each person.

Other Cool Enchantments

Cool Minecraft enchantments, like the ones you can get on your armour. You could look like Batman with the right combinations. Before you start on your quest to find which enchantment goes best with your cool armour, here is a list of cool enchantments that you can get on your armour or other stuff. 


It provides the player with infinite air underwater for as long as the helmet is worn, but also renders them unable to sprint or dodge while wearing a respiration helmet. The enchantment can be applied via commands in an anvil, but once applied it cannot be removed. Respiration enchantments are applied by sneaking and then successfully enchanting the target helmet.

Depth Strider

A player wearing Depth Strider can swim 2,000 distance units per minute, while swimming at their normal speed. This means that a 6.67-second 100-distance unit swim (or 80% of the time), will take only 4.5 seconds with Depth Strider enchanted boots equipped.


During the enchantment process one diamond and two iron is required to be disenchanted from an impaler. The enchantment has a 9% chance of landing on a weapon, and a 1% chance of landing on any other item.''

Last Words

This is the end of article if you are liking crossbow, here is the Enchantment for it.