Ayaka in Genshin Impact Explained

Some refer to her as the Shirasagi Himegimi, but she is actually human. While she is elegant and refined, the common folk have nothing bad to say about her. 

The eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan will also have to take part in this succession ceremony. Ayaka, being elegant as always, had almost no problems with the other clans, despite her young age and lack of experience.

As the eldest daughter of the Kamisato Clan, she is showered with countless praises and blessings from her people. Once the Shirasagi Himegimi over 500 years ago, she wields the divine sword Shirasagi with unparalleled skill and grace. 

On top of that, she also holds The Founding Demon Sword in her possession.

Her graceful style of dress as well as her composure make her look like an angel from above. As such, she is treated as a model of perfection in her group. 

Her abilities are further highlighted by her ethereal -sounding voice. Everyone has nothing to bad-mouth Ayaka about, indeed.

 Her face is a delicate oval, her lips are thin and shapely, and at first glance it's obvious that this is a girl who doesn't want to hurt anyone. 

She's gentle, but can also be mischievous, just like a kitten. Her features are seen as superior by many in Academy City and her beauty has become something of legend.

She is elegant and graceful, considered a model of perfection in the eyes of commoners because of her unique lineage as the eldest daughter of the Kamisato family. 

However, Ayaka is also described as arrogant and selfish by those who know her personally, with the only one close enough to her to see that side of her being Yumiya Rakko, who likes teasing her and gets blamed whenever they mess up.

Pushed constantly to strive for perfection, Ayaka's powers and knowledge have grown beyond what is expected of a commoner when enrolled into the military... but there are those who fear her abilities and her bond with her brother. 

She often goes out of her way to test and train herself, doing all she can to please those around her, especially her prince and parents.


​​As a member of the Yashiro Commission, Ayaka firmly believes that she must meet the people's needs to better the community. 

The heart of any organization lies with its employees, and she works hard to treat everyone with respect. Through her friendly, cheerful personality she is able to win over many companions, becoming well-known and greatly loved by all.

She has a strong sense of justice, so she tries to be of service wherever she can. 

A proud member of the Student Council, Ayaka is also the head for the Yashiro Commission, which supports your town by tackling various issues and requests from the citizens.

With her excellent performance and quick recovery skills she is reliable on both offense and defense, although her powerful techniques use a lot of stamina. Her incredible endurance allows her to play for long periods of time without tiring. 

Also, having quickly mastered Inazuma's Shooting Style, Ayaka's become an expert in shot stopping.

Taking in everything about soccer over the years has created her very unique personality that makes it easy for her teammates to get along with her and has led Kita-Ichinose F.C. to victory after victory.

She's also the fourth successor of the powerful secret technique, Genshin Impact. Ayaka is an emotional character and tries very hard to have her personal emotions come out in a positive way. 

Many times she ends up being embarrassed by what she's done or said, though no matter what happens, she always shows her spirit and good-will as she smiles.


She has an athletic build and light blue-gray eyes. She wears an armored headdress, ending in white-blue armor pieces at the back of her head, while her hime cut is adorned with pink earrings, a thin pink rose at the front middle and 3-petaled flower knots. 

In addition, she wears a light blue jean vest and a white kimono shirt underneath it.

She strives to maintain the high standards required of someone in her position. 

She is affectionate and loving toward others. Although she can come off as snobby towards others, especially towards Kanehiko, she usually acts calm and composed in most situations.

It is a ponytail with an armored headdress. Her light blue-gray eyes are accompanied by thick lashes and a mole underneath her left eye. 

She has a fair skin complexion, tanner than her side. A typical trait of an elven woman.

She plays a minor role in the game's plot and as such, not much is known of her personality. Although she appears to be older than Ogawa Makoto and Izumi Hayato at first glance due to her armor, she is officially stated by the developers to actually be their senior.

Name of Meaning

Kamisato knows more about this than I do, but if we're talking about the Latin names and all that, I suppose "snow crane" would give it a cold impression. Anyway, Kamisato-san's title is sometimes translated as "Frostflake Heron", but the basis for the word for "frost" was apparently not limited to ice. They also used it for grains of rice, which explained why their school cafeteria always served rice in the morning, or so I'm told.

The entire Star of Heroes is named after the sixteen constellations made during the far distant past by sages, but her own star, Grus Nivis, is named after the Germanic name for the Northern Crane. It represents her ability to stand in for someone else and succeed without fail.

She gives him a scarf as a temporary replacement for his lost right hand. She wears tight leggings instead of shorts due to her long, slender legs being her most notable feature.

Things You Should Know About Ayaka

  • A young nun of the Koguryian village of White Arbor. She is just beginning her training, and uses a slim blade which she can launch at her enemies as projectiles with devastating effect. 
  • She is aggressive and eager to prove herself to the order, but is also bright and respectful, treating others with respect she will rarely receive in kind. She also has a well-known relationship with Koji Hachiman.
  • Born as the youngest daughter of the Kamisato clan, her nickname is Ayaka. She's still young by human standards, but she has already mastered a variety of skills such as swordsmanship and cooking. Currently lives in an underground dwelling in Osaka with the water dragon girl and Nodoka under the care of Kuroumaru, her older brother.
  • Ayaka is a fast character that has no problems keeping up with the rest of the game's cast, while still being able to deliver a large amount of damage. 
  • Ayaka also uses her sword in a unique way when compared to other characters; instead of holding it at her side or horizontally behind her, she holds it diagonally behind herself. This is likely because tachi are usually carried in such an orientation.