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Replicating the Azhdaha series utilises a new process of imprinting Geo Dimensional energy into a combination of metals to allow for further manipulation. The result is a completely different form of Dimensional Energy that can be harnessed as a weapon or used in other magical ways.

His body is covered in thick overlapping plates of chitin and armor, his head is an organic cannon that fires geomantic essence at his foes, and he can manipulate the tectonic plates of the earth to crush and trap any who cross him.

He hunted down the tailed serpents, the Nodbran, in the wilderness and converted them into his armor and claws. From those treasures, Azhdaha's life story can be read.

Legend says that one day he will emerge from underground and earth will turn into a hell of fire and ash. To prevent this, the Liyue people set out on a quest to gather his ring, scale and belt to strengthen him through the prayers of masters. Nameless treasures engraved with terrifying designs tell the story of Azhdaha's adventures in Geovishaps as well as how many first descended onto earth.

Azhdaha is a wonderous and powerful dragon of Earth that is mentioned in some Liyue legends. In the past, he was known as the King of Geovanima, the Dragon of Earth. He was one of the Seven Sovereigns, the most powerful dragons from an ancient age before gods and man.

His scales can be crafted into magical items with the power to open hidden passageways and passages. As an ancient immortal, he guards the Earth Elemental Chamber, which contains the Dragon Key Bind, an item of divine power that breaks the seal placed over Geovishaps.


Azhdaha's personality is hard to define as he was always a cool and silent individual. What can be gathered as one of his personalities are the traits of compassion and self-sacrifice. 

He is shown when assisting Liyue in the past, willing to give up his powers and chance at becoming a God. After sensing Jiu Sei's death, he did not immediately wish for revenge but desired to save Kun Jun from danger first. In that case, Azhdaha sacrificed himself to save Kun Jun, who was already on the path to destruction. 

While most other transcendents would not hesitate at such a move, Azhdaha hesitated.       

He tries to be helpful and gives a genuine smile most of the time, though others regard him as shallow for this. There are a few times where Azhdaha has been angry or serious, usually when he's disciplining his beloved pet giant vermin or in Darkest Dungeon.

While most should be content to live their lives as Morax did from his place in the world above, Azhdaha is not like us. He feels driven to find a place above, or below - a world worthy of his power where he can fulfill fate. You might say it was fate that first brought him down here... let's see if you're right.

Their cheerful and spunky attitude shows that they are an outgoing person who gives everything their all, showing interest in just about everything. Out of all three of them, Jiuno would usually take the lead in dealing with matters such as negotiations with any factions such as the Coalition and Legion, or with public relations issues.


Azhdaha is the Ruler of the Astrology Kaas Metru, and as such is well known as one of the most revered gods on Teyvat. 

He has a deep connection to nature and the elements, being able to control all of them with ease. Aside from his own power, Azhdaha is also capable of bending reality itself to his will; this shows in his ability to create entire cities from scratch and buildings with nothing more than a simple thought. 

Directly after his birth, he almost immediately began what would be known as the Next Great War that nearly finished the entire existence of Teyvat and caused severe damage to the planet's environment. But thanks to the efforts of Jorvik, Jackman, Shangri and Kayura, Azhdaha's destructive plans were foiled and he was finally destroyed by an Anti-Dragon Weapon Energy Sphere. 

He is one of the few creators of the world and god deemed both blessed and cursed by his power to protect the realm he created in the early days. 

His skin was blessed by the creator to be flawless and shine ever brightly, while his thoughts were cursed to only be focused on those who struck against him in order to sate his anger.

He was sealed in a 3000-year sleep beneath Candor's imperial palace, where he had been imprisoned by the Minos by sealing Azhdaha underneath the palace before having to bury the city. His body would be grown over by later generations into a large castle that came to be named after him.

The Past

He was the lord of all Geovishaps, and one of the Seven Sovereigns who ruled over Genshin's land. However, he was among the four sovereigns that were unable to defend themselves against the Primordial One and its four shades when they arrived. 

Azhdaha was ultimately trapped underground along with his kind, and although he lost his sight during this ordeal, he managed to survive, making it through all these years while maintaining his emotions as he waited for someone to free him.

The Primordial One and its four shades came to destroy the Seven Sovereigns, which ended up with Azhdaha losing his eyesight. He was later buried underground along with his kind, thus becoming a Geovishap.

In a faraway world, there was a time where Seven mysterious beings known as the "Seven Sovereigns" ruled the world. There were also those who served them, powerful entities known as the "Dragon Lords", one of which was Azhdaha. 

However, with the arrival of a foreign army from a different dimension known as Primordial One and its four shades, along with its extension "Jashin" that destroyed their land and cursed them for eternity; Azhdahas was turned into a Geovishaps with his kind now trapped underground ever since.

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Azhdaha Facts

  • Along with being the first boss to acknowledge the party's composition, he has very high HP for a Trounce Domain boss, and can inflict physical ailments if the party does not have sufficient shielding. However, due to his low magical resistance, inflicting ailments on him is an efficient way of wearing him down.
  • She is revealed to be a friend of Deo's and is one of the few characters who can use healing magic; she also serves as a mentor character and advisor to Deo before he leaves on his own journey. The player learns more about her through a side quest they can undertake, where they are tasked with finding three lost items in order to restore her lost memories.
  • Azhdaha emanates waves of pure Earth magic, capable of turning anything it touches into nothing more than dust. It is said that nothing can survive an attack from this Dragon. It is because of Azhdaha's overwhelming power that once any human dares approach with evil intent Azhdaha will swallow them whole and devour their soul, taking yet another person to its stomach where they could remain for eternity.
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