Baal in Genshin Impact Explained

As Baal, you must reconnect humanity with its lost spiritual side as you prepare for an impending threat from without and within your homeland. Your journey will take you to all corners of the world, through sweeping vistas and haunting locales. 

Relive the Genshin Impact through the eyes of an entirely new set of heroes in this retelling of events from over 500 years ago. Participate in exciting strategic battles and develop relationships with your chosen Lieutenants as the story unfolds in real-time.

Amongst the Genshin, Baal was considered a piece of junk because she was the holder of the impact, a device designed to cause another cataclysm on Genshin in 500 years' time. 

After her death and burial, Baal's body was found by Ein who reconstructed Baal and made her into a partner for him to fight Reeh as a means to protect the world from destruction.

It's with great pride that we introduce to you the latest in Archon technology, our Baal Impact. This creation comes loaded with a host of new tools and combat modules to keep you alive against all odds.

In this history recreation, you'll play as Tara Shirunas, a young Investigator assigned to the fictional town of Genshin Impact. Experience everyday life and investigate strange occurrences with your assistant, Sherlock Holmes.


Electra coerced her into becoming a trap. Having transformed, Baal's personality wasn't that different from before – cool and calculating, she sought out ways to get ahead in life, though in Baal's case this involved retaking the throne of Kagutsuchi instead of stealing Irisviel's body.

She's a woman who loves to get along with others and hates losing. Rather, she hates for others to see her lose. 

She was born with a personality that was very similar to her brother, the current Archon, which is why they were able to rule together without problems. 

One of her hobbies is playing in the sea, but she likes talking over drinks better than actually drinking them. 

She became very popular during her childhood thanks to her wonderful personality. However, she lost her mother at a young age and gradually came to resemble her mother more and more each day as time passed. 

She came to think it was natural for siblings to fight and look out only for themselves, so she started enjoying fighting with everyone else.

Baal's personality has been a mystery to many, and she rarely made her presence known in public. Her public face was the current Electro Archon, but we finally meet Baal herself.


During the Great Battle against the Last Wave, Baal was sent to Earth with the other Archons. She loved nature and abhorred violence, and this is what caused her to speak out against killing humans. Against her wishes, she became the leader of the Archons after the assassination of the previous leader, Yae Miko. 

Knowing that humans feared her, and that she was needed for victory, Baal decided to put on a gentle facade so she could lead her followers effectively.

Baal’s appearance is that of a young girl with hair covering her eyes. 

Her shoulder length hair is dark brown in color and she wears a wide ribbon over her forehead. On her left wrist she wears a Fate bracelet, as a memento from Izanami. She also wears a small crown with large jewels.