Baizhu in Genshin Impact Explained

Bubu Pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy in Liyue, which sells all kinds of potions made from natural ingredients. The owner, Baizhu, has a lot of experience with medicine, so he might be able to help you with any issues that you're dealing with.

As a child, Baizhu was kidnapped by the notorious Snake Boss and held captive in the mountains. 

He was rescued by a wandering alchemist named Jin-yu who taught him medicine. And so, he set out to create a medicinal roots garden in the Forest of Energetic Trees.

Walking down the street, one is arrested by the sound of a voice asking, "Is the customer in a hurry?" This sound was made by a strange looking man. He is adorned with ample jade and jewelry, dressed very elaborately. This "human pavilion" offers his services to the people of the small town. 

Whenever he hears someone mention their injury or illness, he immediately recommends medical herbs to them. And because he owns an apothecary himself, the herbs are always fresh and effective.

Lord Baizhu, the beloved and revered Pharmacist of Liyue, is a mysterious figure who rarely leaves his laboratory. 

He can be found mixing up all kinds of potions and elixirs, both for daily medicinal uses and precious prescriptions needed to save people's lives.

Quiche Baizhu has been a staple of these parts since way back before the Travelers were even invented. I’m Quiche. I heard about you guys, and it looks like you need some help. 

How would you feel about me popping over to Idyllshire and helping out with whatever needs doing? If that goes well, maybe I could lend a hand in the future too.

The game's mechanic designer, Sugawara Takaki, explained that he wanted players to find as many lines of dialogue options as possible through conversation with NPCs, and that having a large number of NPCs with many storylines would create a sense of reality in the player. 

He also noted that he wanted to mimic the feeling of encountering someone familiar in the real world and end up starting a conversation out of pure coincidence (such as bumping into an acquaintance on the street).

Hailing from a small island in the East, Baizhu has just opened Bubu Pharmacy in the West. A retired pharmacist, his specialties are herbal remedies and various powders extracted from beasts he's hunted; herbal teas are also available for purchase.


In the aftermath of war and famine, many people in Liyue have contracted severe illnesses. People flock to Baizhu to obtain his medicines that can cure most ailments. 

He also has great skill in preventing illness and healing injuries—someone who he deems worthy can even obtain rejuvenation medicines from him! 

But Baizhu has a secret past, which is slowly revealed in the story as he interacts with Keqing and Xinyan.

A practitioner in the Liyue medical school, whose medicinal skills are widely regarded as very effective. He seems to prefer to live a recluse life far away from society, but will sometimes help others when they need it most. 

He is also thought to be an expert on the voice, which is why Xinyan refers to him when she wishes to preserve her singing voice.

All of the medicines that doctor Baizhu creates are natural, with their cure rates and success rates being higher than most medicines in the world. 

Because of his claims of a higher morality and his ideals, this doctor is widely trusted by the general populace — despite his unshakable pessimism towards human nature. 

Despite this, he has an open mind towards all life and is gifted at spotting talent out of nowhere. 

He also does his best to help people without bias, even going as far as to heal lizardmen for free and treat Keqing's injuries even though she had threatened him with a knife beforehand.

He makes his basic living selling traditional Chinese medicine at the town's Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop. 

His traditional Chinese medicine is extremely bitter, which could explain why nobody buys Chinese medicine from his shop these days — except for a few special customers, who come back to buy more medicine every day. 

Baizhu is extremely curious about the West, and frequently watches Western medicine shows on the TV with Eman and asks her questions about western medicines.

The main story told of him is that he has been working on Genshin Impact, which many believe to be his greatest masterpiece, for over 20 years. 

It's surprising then that reports say it tastes terrible and can only be taken in small sips — nobody knows why this is, but some say it is so the effect can be prolonged.


Spiritual power emanates from this man like the glow coming from the sun. Just looking at him inspires excitement and unknown wonders to ponder about. 

His skin is soft, his hair luxurious and fragrant, and his body strong enough to be classified as a top-class warrior. 

He is as gentle as a mother when he looks after the sick; please listen to what he has to say softly in your ear. He's also an advisor for the Southern Spiritual Academy in China.

He was exiled from his clan in the past and thus seeks revenge, as well as a way to get back at his family after twenty years of exile. 

Residing in Genshin Impact, he's constantly heard talking to his snakes that are always perched on his shoulders, suggesting that they're much more than ordinary snakes.

Baizhu is a tall man with such good looks that it makes the female customers swoon, and even the Human waitresses will give him special service. 

He seems to be more conscious of his attractiveness than anyone else in town, which is perhaps why he usually conceals his hair with a large turban for some reason. 

Aside from that, Baizhu also has quite an eccentric personality, as he loves to wear strange clothing.

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