Barbara in Genshin Impact Explained

Barbara Pegg, or "Barbie" as her friends call her, is a really upbeat girl and almost always has a smile on her face.  She is also the daughter of Frederica Gunnhildr and Seamus Pegg, and the younger sister of Jean. A girl that all boys naturally gravitate towards.

The deaconess of the Church of Favonius and a self-proclaimed "idol", Barbara is a playable Hydro character in Genshin Impact.  She travels alongside Alice to learn about idols after being mesmerized by them from afar, following in the footsteps of her mother. 

The daughter of a distinguished clan, Barbara has been involved with the Gunnhildr family since birth.

Her mother Frederica was the headmistress of Tower School, and Jean was one of her close friends. Barbara grew up with Alice, and the two became good friends through their shared interest in games. However, Barbara's father Seamus opposes her desire to pursue her dreams as an adventurer. 

Her younger sister Jean has yet to decide what she wants to do in life, but is interested in traveling the world with a specific destination in mind.

By turning away from her worrisome mother, she departed the Blue Mountain and headed for the Green Lake Kingdom. Thanks to encountering the forward-thinking Alice, she learned about idol culture.

She may appear to be immature at times, but she is incredibly strong-willed, which makes her very confident in herself. She has a talent in singing and playing instruments, which is the result of her natural affinity and talent for music.

Deaconess Barbara is a starlet loved by all in the Favonius Church. She's also a candidate for becoming Genshin Impact's first sub-goddess.  

The city has a thriving culture of bards and theaters, thanks to its social and cultural life as a trade center, and a regular stream of travelers. One such famous starlet is the Deaconess of the Favonius Church and shining starlet Barbara. 

Her smile has been described as "warm like spring", and indeed one has to wonder what exactly gave birth to her popularity, however for some reason it just doesn't seem to fade at all!

Her vibrant performance has fueled and inspired many people, who in turn adore her for it. 

Having never lost her motivation or zeal despite being thrust into the limelight at such a young age, Barbara has not only become one of the city's cultural mainstays, but also one of its most beloved figures.


The Idol of Mondstadt "Barbara" has a strong personality, though she often ends up making mistakes. She is helpful towards allies and makes them have something of a "second wind". 

As an advantage to her personality, the morale of allies is raised, but as a disadvantage, she gets more reckless.

Although just an apprentice nun, she was promoted to being the Deaconess of the Church of Favonius, a high position within the church. 

It's not uncommon that some would feel uneasy having her as their superior, but everyone in the church loves Barbara, she is as infectiously caring and kind as she is hardworking, and is beloved by everyone.

She can't forget the young man who risked his life for another, regardless of class or race. Her sweet disposition and amiable personality fostered a close friendship with the family of this "hero." He had been born into a poor farming family, but he gradually rose through the ranks as Barbara did. 

His rise in standing granted them many benefits and eventually enabled him to land a job in the Mondstadt Church Office…

We are proud to present you the new set of supporter cards in a friendly and enthusiastic tone, illustrated by the "Full Metal Alchemist" creator himself, Hiromu Arakawa. Her faith is composed of some of her friends and companions that she met while wandering the world, who have been granted the power to become Seraphs and influence the battle differently. The new abilities will be released on March 22 of 2017, together with "Spirit Standard".

Barbara is the priestess of the church that can be found in front of town hall. She's a hardworking, bright, charismatic, and optimistic girl who may be clumsy at times. Her name and popularity as an idol has given her many fans among the younger generation. 

She possesses miraculous healing and exorcism powers, and often performs them to save people from harm. At times, she'll have you transfixed into believing she's an actual angel when in costume...


She retains the opening in the back of her frock like she does in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, but no longer wears her belt in this game.

You've known her as the powerful Dark Angel, but now you will see the face of forbidden love in "Genshin Impact." Barbara wears a very feminine outfit featuring a blue bow with a cross on her chest and delicate white tights and shoes. 

The gracefully sculpted statue also includes a jade heart ornament carefully crafted to look as if it is gripped tightly in Barbara's hand.

Barbara appears in Genshins Impact as the nurse-like character who aids your journey. Her appearance is based on the character, Barbara, from the Japan-only game, Nightshade. She's willing to aid you in battle while aiding you along your journey with essential information.

Her outfit is composed of a white dress with a gigantic blue bow tied around the collar, and white tights that have blue frills. Her shoes are knee-high boots with blue wrappings and white ankle cuffs.  She has pink eyes and her blonde hair is in an updo with two ponytails and two small yellow hair clips on each side of her face.

She is shown to be extremely caring and kind, as she appears to deeply care for her patients' well-being. She maintains a normal and lively demeanor even in the midst of battle.

Meaning of Name

The etymology of "Barbara" is considered to have origins in Latin referring to a woman who is wild, savage, cruel, or immodest. In the UK and Ireland it is commonly spelled as Barbara, while the French call it Barbare.

Barbara is a bold baby girl name that dates back to ancient times. It was first introduced by parents who wanted their child to have a compelling start in life. Barbara has elements of majesty, as well as nobility and position, which makes it appealing to many parents hoping for high-achieving children. 

In fact, the name has positive connotations derived from the Latin word barbarus, meaning "foreign, strange." Barbarus is related to the Latin word barbaria, meaning "uncivilized country".

Barbara is a female. Barbara is strange in that she doesn't belong to the mainstream, but her Catholic upbringing validates her as a Christian. 

Barbary means hospitable and generous. And, Barbary Coast is well known for its freedom, tolerance, and wildness.

Barbara was a woman who lived in the early middle ages. Barbara had a child, which was unusual at that time because women were looked down upon for having children by themselves, and she was seen as immoral. 

But she raised her son well. For some reason, when the boy grew up, he took revenge against his mother's abusers and he killed them all. Because of her son's ability to protect her and kill for her, the original meaning of this name was transformed into "foreign, strange."

Things You Should Know About Barbara

  •  Barbara the Hamming Ball Hydro Catalyst can use her power to help keep the peace in her town. In addition to this, she can also use it to make a living as a stand up comedian. A tougher opponent will not flinch when hit by her Element Burst or Elemental Skill.
  • Barbara is the Catalyst of Water. Her Hydro Cannon is expressed in full on this stage with a giant splash of water that sometimes sends foes flying into the air. Using her normal attacks, Barbara will cause a small splash with each attack, which can sometimes create Water Balls that float around the battlefield.
  • Once you've used Barbara's Elemental Burst once, the flames will surround Barbara and will then remain on screen. When attacked in this mode, Barbara will slash the enemy with her swords, which can deal high damage. This attack ends after a small amount of time or when she slashes an enemy that is not already on fire.
  • She is a long-time resident of the island, and she hates seeing raw eggs on the dinner table.