Beidou in Genshin Impacts Explained

She is known to be a hot-tempered, reckless woman. Despite her often stoic face that shows apathy towards others, she is actually sensitive at heart and takes killing those who betrayed her personally.

She encountered Ningguang from the Liyue Qixing fleet not long after achieving command of her own fleet. 

She was surprised to discover that the Tianquan woman was willing to observe her as an equal. 

Most Tianquan were reluctant to interact with other people, much less communicate with them. 

They kept to themselves, focusing solely on their goals and completely ignoring the opinions and plights of those around.

She was one of the most promising students in her generation of The Crux Corps in Jingshu before joining The Jinsun Warship's branch, The Liyue Qixing. 

Some say that through her endless travels and adventures with Ningguang, she learned to better deal with uncertainty in ways the insides of academia could never provide.


Beidou is said to be the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean, and it's not just an empty title. 

She's reliable and strong, having fought Haishan the leviathan without a vision, a feat even Xiao, the Conqueror of Demons herself, praises.

Having defeated Haishan the leviathan without using magatama, she's acknowledged by Xiaoqing as a demon killer.

He had been there for the nations when they were at their weakest against the evil creatures that dwelled on the Crimson Tide, but despite that, he has been greatly disillusioned by them. 

Nowadays, Beidou only looks out to sea as he waits for his own death as promised by Divine Serpent Ai, either a few hundred years or a thousand, it is inevitable nonetheless.

She doesn't mind the fact that Benitsubasa and Yamata no Orochi are getting close and has very much accepted them as her friends, especially the former. 

However, she is absolutely against the idea of marrying Coshifi and will object to any suitor that comes knocking on her door.


Beidou is an exciting, dramatic addition to any mameyaki. Her rich metallic lighting gives her a unique and thrilling presence on stage. 

Her petite yet graceful build leaves many people grinning with delight.

Though she is rather tall, her body is well-proportioned with a fairly lean and trim stature. 

Her skin is darker than that of most ladies in the kingdom, holding a slight tan which suggests she often goes out into the harsh sun to train and practice with her weapon.

She was designed to be a doll but somehow she gained self-awareness though what exactly she remembers isn't known. 

Her speech mannerisms are often formal, and her position as the administrator of the Inorganic Net seems to have given her a certain haughtiness.

When she first appeared in Genshin's life, she told him that she had come looking for a mate and he was the only one she could see as being worthy enough to have her hand in marriage. 

She used her beauty and charms to get Genshin to fall deeply in love with her, which he did.

Meaning of Name

Today, this constellation is often known as the "Northern Dipper" in English. This is because it is visible only in much of the northern celestial hemisphere, and circumpolar from much of the United States and Canada. 

From other countries, however, it appears mostly within the southern celestial hemisphere and hence is known as the "Southern Dipper".

Beginning in the early history of China, the Chinese referred to the so-called "Beidou" as "the black tortoise of the north" (北龙 běi lóng; lit. "North Dragon"), because the four stars of the bowl are in the shape of a tortoise. 

Named after the Chinese constellation known as the Big Dipper (the seven stars of which helped guide ancient mariners on their journeys), Beidou provides global satellite navigation in both military and civilian applications. 

The first Beidou satellite was launched in 2000, and since then has evolved into a network of 18 navigation satellites across the GPS orbit, ensuring that at least three are always in view of any location on Earth.

More Information

  • This titanium known as Beidou is 6 feet tall and is "built burlier than the burliest man you've ever seen." Beidou weighs as much as a fully armored man, and possesses supernatural strength. It also has a limited ability to perceive the flow of Chi or Qi through the universe, called "knowledge of the universe," allowing it to divine future events.
  • Each one serves as a vessel for tea, which it then passes to the fortunate person seated with it who, in turn, will take their share home. Please set back from your pot 3-4 inches and at least 2 feet from anything (including other people) or you could risk horrid, horrible burns. Steep for 5-9 minutes, gong fu style. The final 15 seconds will allow you to appreciate the rich and unique flavors of this special jiu cha.
  • This character is an expert in Feng Shui and the Tea Way, and lives with his Master in a small apartment complex in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo. His clients are all well-known celebrities, top businessmen and select government officials. He is not just a character – he is experienced and knowledgeable about Feng Shui and the Tea Way.