Bennett in Genshin Impact Explained

He is a young adventurer that is widely known as "the unlucky one." Although he was born an orphan, he was taken in by the Elder at the adventurers' guild who found him as a baby, and raised him all these years. 

Although anything he does is followed by misfortune, there have been times when his bad luck actually saved lives or helped prevent a natural disaster from occurring.

He travels with his only friend and fellow adventurer, Vladimir, in search of the legendary Dragon Knight named Genshin Impact, who is said to be able to transform into a dragon.

Bennett may be a bumbling fool, but his luck is undeniable. 

Watch as this foolhardy adventurer survives encounters with goblins, demons, and thieves without even realizing what danger he's in!

He may have a few bad luck, but he is a close-up fighter and his weak point is fighting at midrange. Once he gets going with a high combo count, he gets stronger and stronger. 

Also, he has the ability to recover HP depending on how much damage the enemy takes. He may be tortured by bad luck…but this misfortune will be good luck!


Having spent most of his life in the countryside, he moved to the bustling city of Leggare to start his life as an adventurer. 

He is optimistic and full of energy, but he's had more than a fair share of bad luck, which has both blessed and cursed him many times over.

His energy and good humor got him through his childhood of constant hardships, but even he can't get around the fact that bad luck follows his every step! 

When he's not making the most of his unfortunate circumstances, Bennett is the picture of optimism - always thinking positively and trying to find a way to make things work.

While his bad luck can be rather hard on him sometimes, he has a positive outlook on life and he gets through everything with a smile on his face. He's currently traveling the world with his companion Driselle, who is both the reason for, and solution to, all of his troubles.

His resolve is stronger than steel and he enjoys helping others with his cheerful attitude and wits. He always seems to have a plan so he can face any situation. 

You can expect him to go out of his way to help you no matter the risk since it's all in a day's work for someone who is blessed with good luck like him. Bennett trusts that he will find a way to make things right.

Despite his limited magical potential, he still tries his best to contribute to the group by using his ingenuity outside of battle where he can stealthily sneak up on foes or use a wide variety of gadgets and traps to deal with enemies.


Bennett is a slender young man with ash-grey hair, pale tan skin, and light green eyes. He has a prominent scar on his shoulder and says he suffers from bad luck, which is why he usually has various injuries. 

His hazel eyes are bright with the hopes of finding adventure somewhere in the world. 

Currently Bennett seeks training to become stronger and leads his guild, ETERNITY , in the hope of recruiting more members or just helping out other adventurers along the way.

His left eye sees an inverted image of the right, though he tries to compensate with his goggles as much as possible. 

Bennett often traipses around shirtless with a pair of form-fitting pants and a vest on top that is also ripped in various spots, jacket-style. 

Although he has a slim build, Bennett is a well-built young man and due to his adventures, he is still in excellent shape for a young man his age. 

Although Bennett isn't the most physically imposing of the cast, he uses his traps to defend himself and is not afraid to get in close for some hand-to-hand combat when necessary.

His perchance for danger and battle is what comes from a vibrant curiosity about just about anything and everything he can get his hands on. 

While more often than not his efforts either lead to him getting hurt or those around him getting hurt, the consequences of his adventures are the only way he is able to keep his active mind in line.

He is an exceptionally skilled Rune Knight, although he is usually injured in some shape or form. 

He is friends with many important characters, but sticks to his close friends when it comes to a big fight. 

He has an actively determined personality, and risks his own safety for both his friends and for others.

Meaning of Name

Also known as Bennett's fracture, it is a fracture of the second metacarpal bone in the Thumb Metacarpophalangeal Joint caused by hyperextension of the thumb. 

It is a common injury in handball and volleyball players. 

The reason for this is numerous overhand serves where the thumb has to be hyper-extended to hit the ball.  

This reference could be applied to his early life, as a victim of spiritual repression in the Catholic Church. The word benedictus means both "blessed" and "favored of God", which may also directly refer to Bennett's stigmata.

Bennett was originally named after the renowned saint, Matthew. However, due to his injury in the game's story, he is referred to as 'Bennett.' 

In Japanese the kanji for Bennett can also be used to describe 'assault,' which has no direct correlation to his name, but there are several comments from characters referring to an assault since the time of his injury.

Bennett is a short, portly man, with a thick black beard and hair. He has very narrow eyes that are often squinted, causing him to have small constricted pupils. 

His cheeks always seem to be a light rose color. Bennett wears a hat that resembles a janitor's hat. He also wears a bright but dusty blue suit over an off-white shirt, black tie and brown shoes.

It occurs when a hyper-extended (over-straightened) posture of the wrist is held for a prolonged period, such as during the act of punching something very hard in boxing. 

The injury may occur in right-handed boxers who strike with the right hand, or left-handed boxers who strike with the left hand. 

Boxers holding their hands up high while executing "the claw" commonly suffer this injury.

Things You Should Know About Bennett

  • Bennett first appeared in the pages of Genshin Impact though no one knows when he came to earth. Living in a downtown apartment with his older sister, Benni Chou Chou, he spends most of his time reading manga and playing video games. 
  • Wearing a helmet emblazoned with the letters BN, Bennett is genuinely a certified otaku who eventually has become a national icon by rising to the top through sheer effort.
  • Bennett found the message board when searching for tips on taking care of his "dads". There he found a message, which he copied and pasted into his own letter. From the outset, it was clearly written by an adventurer with great experience. He decided to visit the Adventurers Guild at once to seek advice from the author of the message.
  • With the help of his trusty Harbinger of Dawn, Knight Bennett is able to keep the other party members healthy in any party setup. Although his passive cannot activate due to his weapon healing only up to 70% health, he can still use his Grand Cross to reduce the impact of enemy attacks.