Blanca Animal Crossing Explained

Blanca animal crossing info card

She has a blank face, and makes a "beep beep" sound when she speaks. She was introduced in Doubutsu no Mori e+ as a friend of both Ai and Yu. 

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she became a shoe model for Naomi's Shoe Outlet, along with other villagers. 

Blanca's name comes from the Spanish word for "white", which also works in conjunction with her appearance. She wears a white dress, has white skin, and has white hair.

She is a lime green color, with a fancy dress behind a white apron with a pink shirt underneath. She also wears formal-looking boots and gloves. 

Typically, rabbits in the Animal Crossing series have been female, however, Blanca may be the only male rabbit.

She plays a number of roles in Animal Crossing, including that of Re-Tail's owner and an assistant at the Museum. When visiting Blanca's house, she will sometimes throw a party which players can attend and interact with villagers and other special characters.

She wears a long, light blue dress with white polka dots. 

Blanca's face is blank, showing no pupils or emotions. Her name means "white" in Spanish, and her appearance reinforces this meaning.


She moves in with the player after they move into their house, and she can move out if they sell their house. 

Blanca wears a Blossom Shirt in all games prior to New Leaf, but her face was not visible until New Leaf, where the player can choose to give Blanca eyes, a nose, and a mouth by drawing them on with the stylus.

She will ask for your name, and then appear in your town from time to time afterwards. 

Blanca cannot be caught like other Pet Models and will run away if approached. 

If you wish to draw upon her face and give her a face, she will blossom into a beautiful White Cat with yours or any customized face you drew on her.

Along with her little sister, Rosie, she sells a variety of items. 

Her special series of items is the Regal Series, which she will start selling once you have become Mayor and achieved a size 7 house.


She will whine and complain about how her face looks and how she doesn't like the clothes that you designed for her. 

Blanca seems to be a grouchy old lady even though she's your age. 

She's definitely not the type of animal you would want to introduce to your town.

By having Blanca in your town, she will allow you to change the type of face that you draw on yourself and other villagers and animals. 

Her ability to change how things appear makes her a fun and quirky person to have in your town. 

Build relationships with her and she'll be one of your favorite characters to visit your town! 

If you keep being nice toward her and giving out the goodies that she loves, then she will become a lot friendlier. 

In time, you'll learn more about her personality and she'll open up more to you. 

But if you decide to give in every time Blanca complains or whines, then she'll turn into a complete monster!