+20 Blue Watercolor Paintings from Famous Painter

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Watercolor painting is a form of art where the primary color of the paper shows through. It's not opaque like regular oil paintings. In fact, watercolors are clearly distinguished from opaque paintings by their translucent nature.

For this reason, watercolor paintings have a unique characteristic all to themselves which makes them quite appealing to artists and art lovers alike. 

There are various types or styles as well that come out uniquely attractive for each piece. 

When visitors enter your home, they're going to notice the space. 

Let’s dive into the blue watercolor painting ideas. 

They're going to notice your walls and they're going to notice what's on them. 

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your wall is with a watercolor painting. Now, when you walk into a room that has a beautiful watercolor painting hanging up on the wall, it makes the room seem special and unique. 

What if that painting was yours? It can be with these excellent examples that follow below.

Bird Plate 40

Bird Plate 40 watercolor painting

I'm a huge fan of vintage and retro illustrations, so when I saw this book on a secondhand shop shelf in downtown Ottawa, I had to pick it up. 

The illustrations are very accurate, but also very beautiful and I would even go as far as saying they are "sexy". If you love birds and illustration art, be sure to check out the full collection

Pattern designs SB 496

Blue Shapes

Blue Shapes watercolor painting

This painting created by Georgia O'Keeffe oozes with energy. The artist's use of strong blue, white and black paint mixed with touches of red make this a striking piece of visual art. 

Georgia was an American artist who is perhaps most well known for her flower paintings. She also went on to create many abstract pieces, including blue and white shapes such as this one. This image source.

Pattern designs SB 496

Pattern designs with watercolor

This pattern design provides a contemporary floral background with stylised branches and stems in a dark gray tone with white flowers against a blue-gray ground, and makes an excellent artwork for textiles or wallpaper. 

This artwork is one of my favorite paintings inside of the blue watercolor painting ideas colection. 

The black outlines of the florals stand out against the pale colors, creating a simple yet striking textured pattern.

The Rhone from the Path to Salvari

The Rhone from the Path to Salvari

The Rhone from the Path to Salvari is a beautiful and vibrant watercolor by George Elbert Burr. From afar, it may look like a typical landscape painting of a snowy mountain town in Europe. But when you take a closer look, you'll see three people sitting on the roof of a nearby house. The scene caught my eye because of its impact on the art scene at the turn of the 20th century. This style of "painting-as-you-see" was very popular at this time in history, which makes it an important part of American art history.

The Calf of Man from Spanish Head

The Calf of Man from Spanish Head

There are certain features I love when viewing a landscape painting. They immediately put me in mind of the Calf of Man by Emily M Fane

The painting can be seen at The Wordsworth Trust and depicts rocky cliffs, vertical ledges and chasms, which almost look unnatural but in fact represents leading natural features on the Isle of Man.

Sheltering At Home

Sheltering At Home

The intensity of the sky creates an urgency in the viewer's mind, a concern to know that each lamp is a human dwelling, a family. But it is the tremor of light and space on the road that draws one into the drawing, where one feels almost compelled to follow the curves of line. 

No, No, Nanette

No, No, Nanette watercolor


Siena, the Palazzo Publico

Siena, the Palazzo Publico blue watercolor

Thomas Matthews Rooke was born in 1833 and died in 1924. Although he had no formal training, Rooke's early commissions were for drawings made from buildings before they were demolished or renovated. Working for John Ruskin, he had a chance meeting with Henry Tresham who commissioned him to record large parts of the Cathedral at Ely as they were demolished and rebuilt under Tresham's direction.


Flask watercolor

Flask demonstrated a bottle of liquor in 3 different perspectives.

A Successful Hunt

A Successful Hunt watercolor

A Successful Hunt was painted in the spring of 1874. It was the first outdoor painting Farny made that year and probably the first painting he had made in an open, unshaded location. 

The view is from a clearing high on a hillside looking down at the valley of Fountain Creek which runs from near Aspen towards Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

It includes little of the grandeur of El Dorado Canyon or Mount Blanco, to the east or west respectively, but does have many of the same themes as do works painted closer to Aspen that year.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon watercolor

The Parthenon is one of the most perfectly preserved temples of classical antiquity. Construction began in 447 BC and was only completed in 432 BC. It was built entirely of marble from the nearby quarries at Pentelicus, just outside the city walls. 

This painting was created by Thomas Hartley Cromek. 

The Temple of Hercules

The Temple of Hercules watercolor

Between the 1750s and his death, Jakob Philip Hackert (1736-1783) worked sporadically on a series of large-scale landscapes documenting Roman antiquities. 

In these watercolors and drawings he depicted the vestiges of the classical world in Italy's Campagna, often focussing on the famous ruins near Rome. The Temple of Hercules was excavated in 1754 and has been reconstituted from its ruins.

A Fortress in a Mountain Landscape

A Fortress in a Mountain Landscape watercolor

The Fortress in a Mountain is one of the most famous and most frequently illustrated works by Swiss painter Jakob Wilhelm Hauer. In first look, Green tones seems like dominate this picture, however, this feeling can't be developed if blue tones did not use.

Burning of an Old Boat

Burning of an Old Boat watercolor

Francis Danby's Burning of an Old Boat is a painting that with strong light and shade, not only evokes a sense of mood, but also possesses an overall effect of immense power. 

The boat is blazing at its center, the flames shooting up to the sky, in a powerful contrast to the dark clouds that are gathering just above.

The Casino dei Boschi

The Casino dei Boschi color

The watercolor, "The Casino dei Boschi in Sala Baganza", painted by Giuseppe Naudin, portrays the favorite residence of Duchess Maria Luigia and owned by the heir of the late Maria Amalia di Borbone and was subject to extensions and improvements by part of the sovereign who usually spent several months a year there.

J. Dyckman Estate

J. Dyckman Estate watercolor

Gilbert Sackerman (b.1917-d.2000), an American artist known for his highly detailed works depicting real estate, produced this oil painting of the J. Dyckman Estate in Sparkill, New York during the mid-20th century.

Ducal palace of Parma

Ducal palace of Parma watercolor

The Ducal palace of Parma is a Gothic-style palace in the Italian city of Parma. It was the main residence of the first two rulers of Parma, Ottavio Farnese, Duke of Parma and his son Ranuccio II Farnese, Prince of Parma.

The Palace was one of the most important residences in the city, and housed some of the best frescoes by Annibale and Ludovico Ferrari.

Tbilisi. 12 cities

Tbilisi. 12 cities watercolor

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. It is an ancient, multicultural and beautiful city, known as one of the most dramatic cities in the world. 

The origins of the name Tbilisi, or 'Tpili' (the place with warm water) are still unclear; it was first mentioned in writing by Arab geographer Ismail al-Istavri (10th century). 

In the 12th century, Tbilisi was the second most important city in Eastern Georgia after Kutaisi and it functioned as a local trade and cultural center for nearby communities.

Women Feasting on a Balcony

Women Feasting on a Balcony watercolor

Women are sitting on a raised terrace, covered by a canopy. Attendants are in attendance, handing out sweetmeats. The composition is symmetrical, and the figures are very elegant and graceful. Some of the women sit cross-legged, with a full pleated dupatta falling to their ankles.


Venice watercolor

Venice has always been a mysterious city. It's one of the most fascinating places in the world and its beauty is known by millions. However, many people can agree that Venice is more than just an amazing place. It reveals a treasure of myths and legends, as well as historical events that made this city unique over the time.

A Summer Day

A Summer Day watercolor

A Summer Day is a very simple and peaceful painting. The people are quiet and calm so as not to disturb the peace of the setting. 

I see it as sort of a microcosm of summer. The weather is nice and sunny with a few clouds off in the far distance, the trees are green, flowers are blooming, and there are even a couple of animals relaxing in the grass.

Chinese Temple of Lin Fong

Chinese Temple of Lin Fong watercolor

Lin Fong Temple (Chinese: Linfeng Ssu) is a Buddhist temple located near the Praça do Governador in Macau's historic centre, and together with its twin temples (A-Ma Temple and Kun Iam Temple), they are known as the Three Temples or Temples of the same sect. These three Chinese temples were built from 1592 to 1594 under the orders of Ngcekong, Emperor Wanli's eighth son and Ming China's military garrisons commissioner stationed in Macau.

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