Bob Animal Crossing Explained

Bob Animal Crossing Info Card

Bob is quite a relaxed character, but can at times be loyal and generous.  His name is most likely based on the bobcat, also known as the catamount.  He has pink hair and droopy eyes, which are both typical features in a relaxed cat. 

His house is themed with Japanese styled furniture mixed with his unique taste. He will treat you to cool talk and the occasional fun fact about himself. Bob is a rabbit and shares a name with the famous comedian Bob Newhart. 

Bob is a middle-aged rabbit who wears a red beret on his head, as well as a white turtleneck sweater, gray pants, and black shoes.  Bob's hobbies include fishing and bug catching.


Bob is a lazy, yet friendly cat with a very laid-back personality. Your first encounter with him will be at the store on Saturdays, when he works as the shop clerk. 

He tends to repeat what you just said to show that he is listening, but most of the time he is thinking about something else. 

Bob is good friends with Tom Nook and Kaitlin, who are both his neighbors in town.

He seems to have a good relationship with the animals of the city. 

In fact, he's so well-liked that once you befriend him, you have the option to have him move into your town too!

His mouth is usually open as he has a habit of talking while dozing. Being the lazy guy he is, Bob's hobbies include napping, eating hotdogs and playing billiards. 

He is confirmed to be friends with the frog Jinbe and, like him, doesn't care for fish. 

At one point in the game, he stopped by to see if Isabelle was doing any work lately after she stopped responding to his text messages.


Bob is a light blue rabbit with a brown mohawk and a tuft of fur on his head that covers his eyes. 

He wears a black shirt, white pants, and blue shoes. 

Bob may be hard to befriend due to him being lazy. He will get along well with normal, peppy, jock, and other lazy villagers who he will share deeper conversations with. 

He will get annoyed by cranky villagers' comments about his lifestyle or their fitness regimes. 

He will sometimes offend snooty villagers by questioning their physical appearance or get offended by their remarks about the " simplicity" of the lazy lifestyle.

Despite this, he's very relaxed and lazy. He may not be the choice of person to talk to if you're ever in need of something to do. 

Bob will usually just suggest doing nothing!


Bob (known as Pete in the Japanese version) is a special character that appears in every game of the Animal Crossing series. 

He lives inside his house, which he poses as his own store. 

Every game has the same interior, except for new items that come out, such as new furniture or wallpaper. Bob is known to be lazy and fall asleep often, so only special events will wake him up, including holidays or visiting characters.