Childe in Genshin Impact Explained


The Childe in Genshin Impact DLC introduces players to Tartaglia, a Snezhnayan character with a ferocious heart and thirst for personal glory. Using his unusual fighting style, players will need to recalibrate their combos and discover new ways to exploit the enemy's weaknesses.

He uses smooth, acrobatic movements to slide around and manipulate his opponents, giving him an edge that is near impossible to track down. Tartaglia will surely surprise you with his unpredictable yet entertaining fighting style.

Legend has it that the name was inspired by an incredibly skilled assassin once hired by the Cobblestone Agency. They're compact, streamlined, and perfectly suited to any sneaky operation…especially on an enemy's territory.

The Soldier class is a ranged weapons' Havoc-species hero, who wears the Soldier's Helmet and has access to a long-range projectile sniper rifle, which has a built in ability called Splash that kicks nearby enemies. 

He's a character suited for players interested in utilizing deceptively powerful abilities that can disable groups of enemies at once.


Flayd Tartaglia is the main character in Genshin Impact. He has a timid personality, a deep love for his family, and a great desire to become an adventurer like his father. 

After falling into "The Abyss" and being coerced by Skirk, he becomes a skilled swordsman with the power of lightning behind his strikes.

His tribe's chief, Igor the Wise, had always dreamed of Gencho returning to them. 

When Tartaglia fell into The Abyss with his father he met Gencho, who was reborn and became his friend in order to help him escape the abyss. 

Tartaglia's personality completely changed and he suddenly wanted to become an adventurer just like his father said the hero Gencho Impact was.

From modest beginnings, Genshin Impact was born out of a father's desire to give his young son confidence. Tartaglia was never meant to become the famous adventurer he is today. 

Learn how and why Tartaglia's personality changed, and what special features were designed into him as a replica of his father.

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Though he doesn't often speak unless spoken to, he is happy to help anyone in need of his assistance, friend or foe. Always getting himself into trouble one way or another, he is a dreadfully delinquent, or perhaps mercurial.

Tartaglia's appearance is an optical illusion; he appears to be standing with his back against a wall, but in reality he is standing in the center of the open space behind him. 

These kinds of illusions are present throughout Tartaglia’s powers and come to a full effect in this arc. 

This trope creates suspense and tension as it is not immediately obvious, to the audience or opponents, that it isn't real.

Childe can be described as a tall and slightly lithe young man in the appearance of his late teens or early twenties. 

He stands just under 6'2" tall, and has long arms and legs that lack a bit of muscle tone. 

His neck is relatively long and thin, with cheeks red and flushed, except for when he intentionally drains himself completely of blood before resting on something.

He wears a mask to hide his identity and to prevent others from seeing his eyes, as they glow red when he exerts Chakra and he enjoys keeping this effect a secret. 

His clothes consist of a tan coat, grey pants, beaded necklace, toeless sandals, fingerless gloves and bandaged arms.

Meaning of Name

Tartaglia can be seen as an evil version of Brighella, wearing the same clothes and being equally cunning and farsighted. 

However, he is also a stock character whom we cannot associate exclusively with the evil characters or good ones: his function is to make fun of human weaknesses and to create ironic situations. 

In other words, Tartaglia's role is much more diverse than that of other commedia dell'arte stock characters. He is portrayed as a young man who has no manners, and generally possesses thick eyebrows, abundant curly hair, and buck teeth. 

The word tartagliare means to stutter in the language of Italy, and may be from an originally descriptive Scottish word meaning gabble or stammer.

There is a saying that "time heals all wounds." It may be true, but it can also take a long time. For that reason, in the hearts of many people, they carry the sadness and pain caused by the absence of someone important. They promise to meet the person again someday, but eventually the person dies before their meeting comes true.

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Interesting Facts

  • He is first seen as part of a cutscene during the prologue, where he helped Tartaglia and Canis rescue Kaedehara Kazuha from the attack on Inazuma Castle by Kyrie Mercenaries. Childe is an eternally young and cheerful man, always wearing a wide smile under his tattered green cloak and being happy to assist the party if they run into trouble during their adventures. Tartaglia is a man shrouded in mystery, and those who have spent any amount of time with him often come to realize that there's more to him than he leads on. Despite harboring the Worth of a thousand dead souls inside of himself, Tartaglia never lets it get the better of him. He loves to play and romp around Beidou Island with his beloved pet, Bonny.
  • He does not use a traditional weapon in battle, and instead it appears that he simply telekinetically creates swords out of solid Abyss energy. Even then, he moves them around individually like a fencer, with no clear preference for one over the other. His armor also doesn't appear to be designed to complement this fighting style.