Chongyun in Genshin Impact Explained

Chongyun is a 19-year-old exorcist from Liyue, in service of Miss Ching. He is extremely susceptible to heat and strong emotion, which leads to some rather... unexpected results.

He excels at exorcisms, but has never actually seen one of his own. As such, he is always surprised when it comes to realizing who he is fighting. 

Although this means that he never sees a spirit for himself, it does mean that he is constantly kept on his toes as spirits fear him more than any other exorcist.

Unfortunately, Chongyun is entirely uninformed about the dangers of his new mission. While he never had to deal with spirits before, he even barely knows the first thing about their existence! 

Only after working closely with his fellow exorcists does he gradually start to realize what he can do, and his true nature.

The monks saw his natural talent for fighting and taught him the basics of battle, able to manipulate the positive energy within while minimizing the negative effects it produces, thus creating the ultimate exorcist. 

But the monks know no more than he does — they are not willing to reveal where his abilities come from. 

Concerned that he isn't strong enough, Chongyun desperately seeks out knowledge on how to become even stronger, hoping to one day learn the truth about himself.


A young man who has a positive personality that warms him. He is vulnerable to things that warms him - fiery events, food, drinks, clothing, sun and blushing. 

In the event he cannot suppress those feelings, he enters into an excited state. 

In the world of Genshin Impact, evil forces are causing havoc, and only you can stop them! Meet Genshin Impact's charming protagonist, Chongyun. As you play through the game, you will find him in different situations where he meets various people and faces various troubles. 

His unique ability to feel positive energy whenever he comes across good things or feels relieved can turn the tide of any situation.

After the incident, he decided to join Genshin Impact to protect others from the monsters. He has a bright personality and tends to be "positive". He's open-minded and very sociable with the other members.

No one would be able to realize that he's different from other average people. But of course, his main power is the on-demand generation of positive energy which serves as a tool for him to change his state. 

This can be utilized in various ways and yet, using it too often causes his body to break down and may cause further damage in the long run.

He's a benevolent young man who dreams of becoming a doctor, but he has been asked by the god of healing, Hourai, to travel the world with him in search for the second Hourai Elixir which can heal any wound, disease or injury. Thus was the journey of healing and friendship started.


His outfit Pure Spirit which is described to be as a traditional thaumaturge's trappings, is noted as the absence of color in his clothing, for he believes that color is not necessary for cooking or eating, which he does in elaborate manners.

A young man of soft features, Chongyun is an unassuming magician. 

Despite a relatively thin figure, he seems quite fit when it comes to combat. However, the real danger lies in his use of spirits. 

While this form of magic has always been unpopular due to the difficulty in controlling its power, Chongyun somewhat turns this disadvantage into an advantage by convincing his spirits to follow things he tells them regardless of their nature.

He is also very humble and retains a sense of innocence as he interacts with his new friends in the Skellig Islands. 

His companions often concern themselves with his health due to his young age, but Chongyun does nothing to demonstrate any worry for his own well-being. He seems to have an equally cheerful disposition regardless of who he is conversing with.

He likes to wear his hair loose, though it falls into his eyes because of the weight and length. 

With a taste for light fabrics, he often wraps himself up in light fabrics, but winds up feeling confined.

Name of Meanings

The cloud-like hieroglyph for his name, in the Papyrus of Hunefer, may symbolize perpetual movement. 

Others say it is a duster for cleaning the sky that is situated above the earth. An alternative pronunciation gives his name as "Khensu," from an earlier "ꜥnḫ-snb."