Collei In Genshin Impact Explained

Collei Info Card

The third daughter of the noble House of Fountescu, she herself is considered a noble. After Collei's parents and sister Nesfrit have been killed by the Fatui prior to the start of the series, Collei attempts to save their house from destruction at the hands of The Fatui. Despite being blind, she is a skilled magician.

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She has a very light tone with a high pitched voice. Unlike Takaya, who understands the true meaning of being an Innovator, she thinks being an Innovator is just like being a Gundam Meister. 

The Past

Although she looked like a normal girl, Collei was in fact one of the most powerful deves of our age. The Fatui — Harbinger Dottore — managed to turn her back into a human and extract her power. 

After they had completed their experiment with her, they decided to give Collei back to Barnabas and his men.

Due to the immense power of the Archon Residue infecting her body, Collei displays unusual regenerative powers as well as a unique ability to draw out its innate powers. 

Upon discovering her new abilities, she forges a contract with Harbinger Dottore that grants her independence from the Fatui, and uses her newfound powers to help those in need.

To regain some semblance of self, she made a deal to record her life story on this site in exchange for the demon lessening her pain. It is that account that you are reading now.

She hates being used as a pawn by men like Dottore, but if it means she'll be able to find the people who turned her into a monster, she'll do whatever it takes.

Quiet and unassuming, Collei appears to be a normal young woman. Her doll-like face is nearly unmarred by her experiments and her black hair is kept in pigtails held in place with red bows. Her fading black eyes reveal that she is not normal at all, however.

Doomed to live your life in hiding. You're different, and that means you have special abilities. At least, that's what Collei says. 

And she knows better than anyone. That girl understands grief, loss and regret. She's experienced them more than anyone else. 

So now the question on everyone's lips is: can she handle these powers? Maybe she'll figure it out while she's punching darkspawn in the face.


Seemingly cold and aloof when first meeting someone, Collei is actually just shy and reserved. She has experienced nothing but mistreatment, abuse and negligence throughout her life, so her pessimistic view of the world is understandable. 

Her low opinion of herself isn't entirely unwarranted, since she applied a faint stink from sweating that would make anyone put off by it. 

Her close friend-like relationship with Genshin is her only source of comfort but their relationship is not without its share of problems.

She had a hard childhood and is quite wary of people. She won't hesitate to get physical if her life or others' are on the line, even going as far as kicking men in the crotch. She's not a violent person but she'll do whatever it takes to survive. Her will is strong.

She does not trust the world and views it as an evil, dangerous place with no shelter for her. After her sensei, who took her in and taught her everything he knew about the world, dies, Collei leaves her life for others behind and spends most of it in solitude researching on how to get to the moon. Her personality becomes even more monotone and robotic-like as she grows older because becoming human is something she strives for, but also views it as something that is far out of her reach.

She is caring and protective of those that treat her with respect, including children and kind people. She is also very brave; she put everything on the line to save Mary from the tunnel and stood up to File for his mistreatment towards Mary.

It may take time to chip away at her ice-cold shell, but once you really get to know Collie, her personality can be a lot of fun. 

She has a playful sense of humor and loves to tease people, especially those she loves. She is very protective of her friends and family and tends to fuss over them or scold them for doing things she doesn't think are very smart.

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A girl who lives in the mountains. She has the ability to read people's minds, and secrets of the world. Her village was attacked by the Fatui Devices and her parents were killed. To avenge her parents' death, she ambushed Kurauchi Lume while he was collecting Fatui Devices, but instead saved him from falling off a cliff. That man then gave her a boost to help reach Fatui and also gave her a mask to cover up her face. 

The daughter of a merchant family, Collei is a young woman who was forced to work as an assistant for Holloway, carrying out grunt work. She first appears when she is out buying and making new tools for Isabel, the village's carpenter and another helper of Holloway. 

When Isabel leaves to join Souichirou Kinoshita in collecting devices left behind by the Black Knights, Collei declares that she will follow her once her task here with Holloway is done.

She joins Amber and Shuri on their investigations, unknowingly spreading death and destruction wherever she goes. 

Despite appearing to be human, she is actually something else entirely. Collei's monstrous form is first seen after being coerced into using her powers by Firona, her captive. 

After destroying much of the town in Zarkon, Kokuke saved Collei from a fatal attack by Firona and took her back to the village with him. Being from the Human World, it is unknown why she was summoned to the Svalbard continent.

As a nod to the quirky character of Collei Lido, Oguchi Yanase and Sasuga Minazuki have given her a weird outfit that consists of pants that are too long for her size and a hat that is way too big. 

It fits her exceedingly well though, giving her this sort of "imposing image." 

Even so, you can tell by looking at it that even if it seems like a pain to wear, she's more than willing to just do what she has to do to protect everyone else.

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