Conan Exiles Hardened Brick Guide 

Bricks are a common building material in the world of Conan Exiles. And the recipe for creating Hardened Bricks is broken into two parts - first, you need to create a brick and then you can cast that “Brick” in a furnace with Stone Consolidant and convert it into a Hardened Brick.

This item is a great alternative to normal bricks, even though they're not as durable. The main benefit is that it doesn't require any building material to be used. I will explain the recipe below. 

It isn’t as strong as its counterpart but it is easier to craft, so players often use it when building a house or when fortifying their base. 

You'll need several Ichors before you can begin working on the consolidants. One Ichor is gained from looting a Poison Cauldron or a Cauldron Node in the wild. There are also a number of Ichor Fruits that can be foraged around The Exiled Lands.

 It's also easy to make and only requires Ichor (which you can make with Archers by using the Odd Reagent ability) and Twine that you can farm from several places e.g. animals, enemies etc. The item is consumed in the process so there's no way to stockpile items for future use.

The amount of durability repaired per Consolidant depends on how worn down your equipment is but it could be between 15-25% which isn't going to fix everything but it can help out if you don't have enough materials for more than one repair. 

Hardened Brick Recipe

In Out Duration Ex Gained
1 x Brick , 1 x Stone Consolidant 1 x Hardened Brick 15 second 12

The Hardened Brick Recipe is a crafting item used in the creation of defensive buildings in the game Conan Exiles. 

The recipe is created at a Cooking Spit and requires 4 items; A Brick, Stone Consolidant, Bottled Water and some Firewood. 

This recipe creates an item that can be used by a player to create building blocks which can be upgraded with Cement, Granite Sand or Metal Reinforcements.

Hardened Brick Usage

They need to be extracted from Hardened Brick Nodes, which can be mined with a pickaxe or drill. Several nodes can be mined at once by holding down the right mouse button over them while you have a capable tool equipped.

It is best to gather as many hard bricks as possible for the end game. These can sometimes provide quite an obstacle when gathering them because they're located in the red zone of the map and the monsters are much harder in this area.

These Bricks are used in some building recipes found at the end of the game, including walls, sturdy foundations and more. 

In order to produce hardened bricks, you will need to upgrade your gathering skills and learn new blueprints for axes and scythes.

You can check out all of the available building materials and resources here to see what else you should be collecting along the way.

Last Words

Conan Exiles is a survival game where you must explore and find resources so that you can build your own base. Building in Conan Exiles can be difficult, especially when it comes to early-game buildings. However, there are certain materials that are crucial for building. 

This is an important material for the construction of many buildings. It's also necessary to build altars for your religion, improve them, and unlock some special skills. 

You can't make hardened brick by yourself since you need two different materials first: clay and alabaster.

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