Conan Exiles Pets & Guides

There are pets in the game that have a variety of uses. Some are used for combat, some just for aesthetics. They are all pretty awesome! Today we will run through the list of all Conan Exiles pets in the game including their strengths and weaknesses.

You can tame these animals and inform them against or with you when going to battle, and also to be used as a food supply in case of need. 

Pet Base Health Damage Armor Child
Grey Ape Hanuman's Grotto 747 18 63 n/a
Bear Tundra 1,240 20 59 Bear Cub
Greater Bear Tundra 4,355 22 84 Bear Cub
Boar Tundra 722 17 62 Boar Shoat
Greater Boar Tundra 3,273 27 146 Boar Shoat
Camel The Den 315 17 22 Camel Calf
Crocodile Desert 358 16 24 Crocodile Hatchling
Greater Crocodile Desert 2,099 23 146 Crocodile Hatchling
Elephant Savanna 1,050 18 47 Elephant Calf
Greater Elephant Savanna 1,494 26 81 Elephant Calf
Mammoth Savanna 3,350 26 118 Elephant Calf
Gazelle Savanna 272 17 19 Fawn
Gorilla Jungle 639 19 56 Gorilla Infant
Silverback Gorilla Jungle 1,523 25 145 Gorilla Infant
Frost Giant Bodyguard New Asagarth 1,544 19 106 N/A
Horse Tundra / Highlands 1,073 0 53 Foal
Striped Hyena / Spotted Hyena Desert 358 19 24 Striped Hyena Whelp
Greater Hyena (Pet) Desert 1,359 21 331 Spotted Hyena Whelp
Jaguar Savanna 639 19 56 Jaguar Cub
Greater Jaguar Savanna 1,712 34 97 Jaguar Cub
Lion Savanna 855 0 69 Lion Cub
Greater Lion Savanna 1,413 0 200 Lion Cub
Ostrich (blue) Desert 315 18 22 Ostrich Chick
Ostrich (grey) Desert 423 18 28 Ostrich Chick
Ostrich (red) Desert 639 18 40 Ostrich Chick
Panther Jungle 747 19 63 Panther Cub
Greater Panther Jungle 1,712 34 97 Panther Cub
Rhinoceros Savanna 1,045 14 81 Rhino Calf
White Rhinoceros Savanna 1,348 14 93 Rhino Calf
Black Rhinoceros Savanna 1,470 16 293 Rhino Calf
Greater Rhinoceros Savanna 2,881 16 324 Rhino Calf
Rocknose / Gold-vein Rocknose The Den 592 14 28 Pebblenose
Silver-vein Rocknose The Den 894 14 40 Pebblenose
Greater Rocknose The Den 3,283 15 124 Pebblenose
Sabretooth Snow / Tundra 855 21 69 Sabretooth Kitten
Greater Sabretooth Snow / Tundra 1,887 38 104 Sabretooth Kitten
Sand Reaper (orange) Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace 747 19 75 Locust Spawn
Sand Reaper (green) Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace 747 20 75 Locust Spawn
Sand Reaper Queen Flotsam / Dagon's Embrace 2,025 32 282 Locust Spawn
Scorpion (small) The Scorpion Den 315 18 56 Scorpion Hatchling
Scorpion (medium) The Scorpion Den 855 18 87 Scorpion Hatchling
Scorpion (large) The Scorpion Den 1,413 18 106 Scorpion Hatchling
Scorpion Queen The Scorpion Den 2,837 20 312 Scorpion Hatchling
Shaleback (green) River / Savanna 296 16 49 Shaleback Hatchling
Shaleback (blue) River / Savanna 389 16 53 Shaleback Hatchling
Shaleback (red) River / Savanna 451 16 56 Shaleback Hatchling
Shaleback (purple) River / Savanna 512 16 58 Shaleback Hatchling
Greater Shaleback River / Savanna 2,257 16 179 Shaleback Hatchling

This is a game by Funcom which has been receiving rave reviews from both critics and players alike. It is an open world survival game where you must find ways to stay alive on this barbaric land. 

Use any means possible and sacrifice anything as you struggle to live another night in the sand dunes of Conan Exiles. 

This is a survival game that’s getting popular among many players. It is a sandbox game you can enjoy in a third person perspective in an open world and has some RPG elements in it.

Think about it. Everyone in the world is running around with swords and bows, living in wooden cabins trying to survive off the land. The only thing missing from their lives are bears. 

The Bear is the first NPC you’ll meet. He will give you the quest 'Hunt or Be Hunted' after which you’ll be able to join a clan! Clans play an important part in 'Conan Exiles'. 

They allow players to work together to increase their strength and help each other out. Each clan has its own name and banner which can be customized by the clan’s members. 

The clan-system encourages you to work together with fellow survivors. 

Another function of the clans is that they provide a safe place for new players to learn the basics of the game before venturing off into the harsh lands of Conan Exiles solo. A clan will become stronger as more people join it so it makes sense.

This is a survival game based on the world created by Robert E Howard, Conan The Barbarian and others . 

You are required to start off with a letter from Conan, since this pertains to this avatar. Definitely not your typical crafting sandbox game, with powerful tools you need to have fast reflexes and much more 

How to use pets?

You can gather resources, hunt animals, attack enemies, make friends or build a settlement. You should consider getting some pets since they will help you on your journey through this harsh world. 

Pets have two main functions: 

1) they can give you buffs that are beneficial to your character and 

2) they will help you kill enemies faster.

They are somewhat like thralls, but much more entertaining. You can ritemate your pets with weapons and armor if you want to, but they still do not take damage if you do that. 

Pets are really a good investment in time and resources. They help you out in a lot of ways, which is why everyone should get at least one pet.

Adding pets in Conan Exiles is one of the most important things you can do to improve your character's quality of life. 

Pets give you valuable buffs and protect you from enemies. Having a good pet is almost as important as having good armor and weapons, but those can be difficult to make in the early game. Pets, on the other hand, are easy to obtain and easy to level up.

What is Conan Exiles about?

Imagine being thrown into a savage land where you must fight to survive. What do you do? 

Do you run and hide from the giant monsters that roam this land? 

Or do you tame them using powerful tools of ancient civilizations and ride into battle? 

Here you must fight to survive, build, and dominate the world alone on single player or with your friends on private servers.

The game is set in the world of Conan the Barbarian -- a fictional sword and sorcery setting where players are cast as a downtrodden savage who can conquer the world with brute strength or cunning, depending on how they play.

In case you’re wondering what’s available to you this far into development: they’ve implemented a vast amount of weapons, armors and tools that players will be able to craft; survived to rank 50; and been left stranded on an island full of hostile enemies.

This is the end of the post, I will cover if new creatures appear from the following updates of the game. 

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