Crossbow Enchantments: Full List

The game creators added almost 10 different possible enchantments for a crossbow. The enchantments are divided among 4 enchantment books, each having 9 enchantments. 

Enchanting a crossbow is a fun and easy way to play Minecraft. It can be the difference between landing a hit or missing your target completely. 

Whether you want to build a sniping crossbow to go along with your sniper rifle or just have a bow with increased knockback for PvP, there’s an enchantment that will help you succeed in nearly any situation.

Minecraft is an open sandbox game in which players are given a world with many different natural resources. 

Minecraft players can use these resources to build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D environment

To make things more interesting and challenging, there are monsters that roam the world, preventing players from feeling entirely safe as they build their constructions. 

Creepers wander about and explode at random times, setting fire to whatever happens to be nearby (including the player). The only way to defend oneself against creepers and other monsters is to arm oneself with a ranged weapon, such as a bow or crossbow. Fortunately, bows and crossbows can be enchanted with enchantments that increase their range or their damage output.

Piercing Enchantment

Piercing is one of the four enchantments used in the creation of a tipped arrow, the others being Power, Punch and Infinity.

This enchantment has an effect on the arrow, but does not affect the bow.

The Piercing enchantment can be applied to a crossbow. When enchanted, the bow will shoot arrows that can pierce through up to 5 mobs at once. 

It has the singular distinction of being the only enchantment that pierces enemies, as opposed to being blocked by them.

The piercing enchantment has a useful feature that allows you to get an extra hit with each consecutive arrow shot. The way this works is you craft a bow and apply it with any arrows. 

Once you shoot an arrow the arrow will deal half a heart less damage than normal, but if you hit your target again within 4 seconds of the first arrow hitting they will take the amount of damage the arrow did at first in addition to the loss of half a heart.

The Piercing enchantment is a feature added in the 1.6 update. It allows the arrow to pierce through multiple entities, much like the potion effect, Liquify. 

Unlike that effect however, it will not deal additional damage; it simply negates the fact that there is only one arrow.

Quick Charge Enchantment

Quick Charge is one of the enchantments that can be added to crossbows in Minecraft. As an enchantment, it can only be applied to a crossbow with an enchantment table, and the resulting enchanted crossbow can be used as a tool.

Quick Charge is one of the best enchantments in the game if you're a Minecraft PE fan who likes to waste no time at all. That's because it can decrease the time to load a crossbow with an arrow or a firework rocket by as much as 75%. That's 33% more efficiency than those boring Efficiency IV potions.

It can be applied to any crossbow that has a loading time of at least 1 second.

The Quick Charge Enchantment in Minecraft is an enchant that can be applied to weapons. The enchantment reduces the reload time for players’ crossbows. This can be a useful tool for players who use bows often as they may lose their arrows or fight in a PvP battle.

There are several enchantments that work on crossbows and they all work differently. This enchantment is very unique because it doesn’t apply any damage, but what it does do is make it so players can reload their crossbow faster than they could normally do. 

Quick Charge is a Crossbow enchantment which allows players to fire at a faster rate. Max level is 3. 

It enables the crossbow, and any arrows fired from it, to be recocked immediately after firing a shot instead of before. 

The effect works by speeding up the animation accompanying every shot, meaning that time taken between shouts is reduced to zero.

Multishot Enchantment

Multishot is a Minecraft enchantment that allows players to shoot arrows in rapid succession. It also works with fireworks, similarly to blaze powder combined with rockets or fire charge. The first time I ever saw the multishot enchantment was in an FPS server I used to play often. 

Our server had three of them on bows and everyone had fun as we were able to fire multiple arrows at once. This led me to find out that there is a multi-arrow enchantment for Minecraft, contrary to popular belief. 

And yes, it’s one of the best enchantments currently in the game.

It is a special type of enchantment that allows the crossbow to shoot three arrows or launchers, as opposed to just one arrow or rocket when unenchanted.

Multishot Enchantment is an enchantment obtained through the creation of a Crossbow with Multishot. 

The enchantment can then be applied to all types of Bows, but it will automatically be applied to any crossbows created afterwards. 

When applied to a Crossbow with Multishot, one arrow will be able to split into three and fire in different directions (with an angle of attack at 10° from the direction the bow is facing). 

Not only that, but three arrows are consumed per shot instead of one. However, the arrows fired from a Multishot enchanted crossbow cannot be recovered after firing.

The multishot enchantment is a new enchantment added by Minecraft update 1.14. 

The purpose that the multishot enchantment serves is this: When you have a bow that has this enchantment on it, when you shoot an arrow from the bow it fires as many arrows as you can fit in a horizontal line. 

This allows for quick mob killing and gives multiple options with what you do with the rest of your arrows.

The multishot enchantment is an enchantment that comes with the ender bow. The multiplies the amount of arrows shot by a bow. It gives you five arrows instead of one and will shoot five at a time. 

I thought I should make this comparison due to how similar they are.

And why is that you may ask? Well the infinity enchant also gives you five arrows instead of one.

Unbreaking Enchantment

Unbreaking is one of the basic enchantments in Minecraft that you should consider when you are hunting for the best enchantment to strengthen your weaponry. Since it is a basic enchantment, it doesn’t require anything such as rare or hard-to-get materials. 

In addition, using an unbreaking enchantment on a weapon makes that weapon acquire the ability to withstand more attacks before wearing out. 

It’s a great enchantment for any weapon, and the good news is that you can apply it to crossbows too. The durability of a crossbow is already better than most weapons since it doesn’t have a durability bar, but this will be increased even further with the help of an unbreaking enchantment.

Keep in mind that some enchantments require another specific enchantment before you can add it to an item. For example, in order to have an item enchanted with Luck of the Sea, it must have at least Looting II applied (Looting is required for Luck of the Sea).

Mending Enchantment

Minecraft players need to make sure that they are geared with all the right items to deal with the mobs roaming the game. 

Initially, users obtain armor and weapons but over time, these items lose durability making them useless. To make sure that a player does not run out of materials, the game offers enchantments, which can be applied to any item for improving its conditions or repairing it.

There are several enchantments you can add to items you craft in Minecraft. Some enchantments increase the durability of an item, while some allow increasing the armor points of an item or even the damage it deals in combat. 

Enchanting is a fun activity in Minecraft as it helps you create effective items that help you survive against hostile mobs and dangerous players.

It is helpful for players who don’t want to keep replacing their weapons during battle, or those who are too lazy to take down an anvil and deal with all of that time-consuming maintenance. 

Every weapon in Minecraft has durability that decreases every time it gets used. When the durability reaches 0%, then the weapon will break, making it unusable.

Curse of Vanishing Enchantment

The curse of vanishing enchantment is a mechanic where the player can retrieve their weapon upon death without needing a "respawn". It first appeared in Ghastly Gardens with a purple effect when players died. 

More recently, if you were to kill an enemy with a weapon enchanted with Thorns then you can pick up that weapon upon respawning. This mechanic can both be good or bad.

This can be good if you have the curse and are semi afk. It can also be helpful to get your weapon back stolen by an enemy if it is an enchanted weapon.
This is a useful enchantment to attach to select valuables or to your general inventory. Note: When you start a new game, if your equipped items are enchanted, they will also disappear in a puff of smoke when you die. 

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, Curse of Vanishing is an enchantment that requires level 19 to be applied on an item. It requires five experience levels to advance. This is an interesting enchantment because it consists of multiple tiers. The first tier will reduce the durability of a tool to 0. It can even decrease the tools durability past 0 if applied on a very high level tool.

Everything About Crossbow

If you have Quick Charge enchantments above VI in a Crossbow, it will take less than one second to charge and the reloading procedure will not work. The crossbow will stay stuck in the same position. 

If you make the enchantment level VII or higher, this bug may lead to crossbows that never lose their charge.

The Piercing enchantment is an enchantment that can be applied to the Wooden Crossbow. 

It is more effective than the normal and Power enchantments. The Piercing enchantment can be found in Cobblestone Dungeons; it has a 0.8% chance of spawning on all levels of that structure. It also has a 0.8% chance of spawning on Pirate Ships, but only when entering it for the first time.

Last Words

We reached the end of top crossbow enchantments for now. If needed, I will add in the list as soon as possible. 

Cover image: Pan Yunbo