Cyno in Genshin Impact Explained

Cynı Info Card

Cyno is a character in the Genshin Impact series. From the get-go, he is seen to be Collei's assistant. Cyno is also an entity that is not from this universe, and looks like an ordinary human being. 

However, his presence is felt strongly by all who encounter him. Cyno, who came to suppress Gaius' power, claims that he will only disappear when he deems the task complete.

Though he prefers to be called "Cyno," this man is the head of a religious organization, the Kōgon Sect. Also known as the "Rise of the Fallen Religion," his teachings preach the importance of understanding one's beloved ones to be equal to devotion to one's religion. 

He has accompanied Collei in sealing away her Archon presence and protecting them from being taken over again by an evil force.

Cyno is a character in the MMORPG Genshin Impact , and also appears in one of the sidestories. In both media, he is depicted to be a member of the Ryuninsho, a sect of Shinto Monk-like experts scattered throughout the world who specialize in dealing with supernatural entities. 

His signature weapon is an array of Shakujō that can produce electricity by channeling his chi through them.

He also has short, blond hair and wears amber-tinted glasses. He is seen sealing his Aurelia's Archon residue. You can also find this character if you play the game, Genshin Impact using Collei as your avatar.

He was first seen on Chapter 12 Protagonist, Collei Ciferngel's entrance to the land of Kiel-Diaz. After meeting and saving Collei in the Onikara Mountain, she becomes his pupil by switching between two weapons: A spear to seal her own blood, or a whip to seal other people's blood.


Cyno is a scholar at Sumeru Academy who is knowledgeable on the Denpa Men and their worlds. He's portrayed as a rather aloof and mysterious character in the game, preferring to keep things clear and concise, one example of this being his standing in the command menu which is that he only wants to be called when it's absolutely necessary.

He is Genshin Impact's partner on the investigation team and one of the team Captains. He is an intelligent person, but does not talk much about himself. His excellent memory serves him as an important reference for the team when it comes to various cases.

He joined the Genshin Impact to become stronger, and maybe even develop a sense of camaraderie over his time there. He's a rather lonely person due to his strict personality, which he tries to bypass by trying to speak informally with others.

Cyno's personality is that of a reserved, modest and calm person. Even if he appears disinterested, Cyno takes an active role in helping the party when they need him most. 

He's often placed on the backline alongside Huate to provide a balanced combo and functions as a frontline support character while also providing valuable buffs and debuffs to enemies and allies respectively.

Cyno comes from a long line of scholars who should be able to analyze the Genshin Impact. He was the one who came up with some psychosocial analysis of the Generation Genshin members, and he's a scholar of ancient cultures and history.


Cyno's clothing is notable for its strange shape and appearance. He wears a headpiece that resembles the jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god Anubis, who had the main function of conducting souls to the underworld. 

The most distinctive part of his outfit is the cloth wrapped around his torso; it greatly resembles the popular ancient Egyptian garment, the Shendyt which comes in various forms and colors. 

One particular type of Shendyt was most commonly worn by commoners while others are worn by royalty, making it an identifying feature between them.

When he wears the Shendyt outfit, Cyno has a belt-like cloth tied around his waist, which extends to reach his ankles and is held by straps. 

The cloth itself is dark with some beige accents, and sticks out on the sides in a thin rectangular shape. This part of the outfit is also decorated by many white lines running diagonally across it.

His brownish-orange hair is tied back into a ponytail, which is similarly decorated by thin black lines hidden in the headpiece and brownish accents, while the bangs of hair around his forehead are left to protrude.

Cyno – The jackal-headed God of mummification. His role was to guide the dead into the afterlife, but the general public saw him as a harbinger of death, much like the Grim Reaper. He is shown wearing a tight kilt-like garment and an Anubis-inspired headdress. He is often depicted with a scroll in his hand.

Cyno, being a jackal-headed entity, carried a bandaged staff that represents the duties of the funerary priest to keep the mummy safe and help it into heaven. 

His name means "He Who Fills The Mouths of the Gods" suggesting how he was once in service to the gods before starting on his own journey.