+30 Daily Commissions in Genshin Impact

Daily Commissions is a system that rewards Adventure Rank EXP and other goods for completing several challenges each day. Each Daily Commission consists of 3 quests with increasing difficulty and different types of challenges. 

Upon completion, players receive up to 600 Mora, 60 Primogems, 10 Adventure Rank Experience, and a chance at 4-Star equipment. These quests reset daily at 00:00 UTC.

These can include adventures such as slaying enemies or exploring ruins, gathering materials and crafting items, delivering items, and participating in World Bosses and Domains.

Commissions are tasks that involve completing daily objectives, such as gathering resources, defeating enemies, or completing quests. Multiple Commissions can be accepted at once, with up to five active at a time. Completing one will reward you with Mora and other items.s

Mondstadt Commissions

Mondstadt (German: Mondstadt "Moon City"), also known as the City of Freedom, is the capital and chief religious center of Mondstadt, located in west-central Teyvat, southwest of Liyue. 

It is famous for its long history and rich cultural heritage, having been reigned by legions of men and gods throughout the ages. 

There are many places of historical interest in the city, including a grand palace and plenty of shrines to local gods.

A Little Booze Doesn't Hurt…

In this commission, Nimrod plans to go drinking with Eury, who is surprisingly against the idea. The Traveler and Paimon have to distract Eury by running errands for her, so that Nimrod and Eury can have time alone. After the commission is completed, Nimrod thanks the Traveler and Paimon while they return to Eury. Award: AR-Dependent Award

A Surprise Gift

A Surprise for Jilliana is a Genshin Impact commission. Jilliana, the wife of Cooking Contest sponsor Rudolph, has been suggested an interesting gift by the Traveler who, in turn, had to ask some NPCs in Mondstadt for the gift items.

Anna the Adventurer!

Anna is a character in Genshin Impact. She is a Wanderer of many talents. She has cool blue hair, and wears a white long-sleeved top tied to reveal her midriff, over what appears to be a one-piece swimwear. A brown messenger bag and blue-and-gold striped scarf are tied around her waist and neck respectively.

Ellin, the Wannabe Knight

When Herman was being bullied for having a broken training dummy and Ganyu, the Cryo Archon left Ellin on the ground, covered head-to-toe in bruises from Ganyu's practice sessions, the Traveler helped them by modifying Ganyu's training regimen. 

When the Traveler met up with her the next day for a chat, she claimed that her training had left her stronger than ever. As it turned out, not really.

Floral Fresh

Floral Fresh is a daily commission in Mondstadt. When the world is frozen, it can be hard to find flowers to bring back to life, but Flora knows where you can find some. 

Bring the flowers back to her and she will reward you with a Fragrance of Spring, along with the chance to win peace and tranquility.

Food Delivery

The Liyue food delivery mission is one of the side quests in Genshin Impact. It requires you to deliver a basket of food to a customer who placed an order with Sara, the chef at Good Hunter restaurant in Liyue Harbor. 

There are three versions of this side quest that require you to either head north and give the food to Orlean, head south-west towards Springvale, or east to Dawn Winery.

Language Exchange

Exchange is the first commission obtained using the Language Proficiency system. Completing this quest will award more gacha rates when drawing from their weapon banners (Normal, Rare, Epic and Legendary) during a limited time period.

All Genshin Impact Characters

Miracle Medicine

Gather these ingredients to help Anthony find a cure. His sister, Anna, has always been sickly and they have yet to find a cure. This time, Anthony has heard of a skilled doctor in Liyue Harbor who may be able to help. He managed to get a prescription for a miracle medicine, but it's full of unusual ingredients.

Pigeon, Duck, and Child

In this commissions the Knights who get off the field are generally easier to deal with. The knights at the house on the Hilltop have a wider range of attack motions, which means that they often require you to stand farther away from them before moving in or jumping back. 

Each hit of their standard one-handed weapon is a fairly heavy blow, but each can be blocked or parried without too much trouble.

Pigeons Go AWOL

The Pigeon Commission is a series of commissions in Genshin Impact. These commissions are required for completion of the Archon Quest: Act 2. They can be found and commissioned from birdcages around Liyue Harbor, and completion of these missions grants the player Character EXP Materials, Mora, and Adventure EXP.

Reliable Helper

Tsarevich is a merchant making a living by selling goods across different cities in Liyue. He has made his way to the city of Luhua Landscape, but he finds it too dangerous to continue to sell his goods there. The player helps him by clearing the monsters that scare off potential buyers. To complete the commission, players must choose and clear one of several possible locations.

Tales of Winter

This commission starts in Mondstadt after talking to some people near the entrance of the Favonius Cathedral. You will be tested and asked to scout the area. If you are new to scouting, look for chalky rocks or bushes covered with snow, and interact with them to scout the area.

Whispers in the Wind

Whispers in the Wind is a daily commission quest in Genshin Impact. It involves investigating Granny Spritely's whereabouts by asking the nearby inhabitants of Mondstadt about her. The quest is first unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 through a banner on the Bulletin Board.


Liyue Harbor is the largest city in Teyvat and one of the seven nations of this planet. There are many great families here, and the streets bustle with merchants from the far corners of the world. The people here worship Morax, the Geo Archon. Being a port city, there is a lot of sea trade, especially in seafood and salt.


Cliffhanger is a new commission quest in Genshin Impact that activates in Liyue Harbor. In this guide, we'll explain how to complete it and what rewards you'll get for doing so. Cliffhanger is a commission quest that triggers every day in Liyue Harbor at noon. To trigger the quest, go to the top of the hill that overlooks the harbor and look for a lantern hanging between two trees

Diamond in the Rough…

The blacksmith Jiao Zhan at Starfell Lake in Liyue Harbor needs ore with rare properties, so he can do research to upgrade the techniques of his fellow blacksmiths. Help him find what he needs, and get some great rewards as a bonus!

Fishing Jiangxue

n Fishing Jiangxue In Genshin Impact's first commission, "The Fisherman's Gambit," you will be asked to meet with a fisherman named Jiangxue. He is fishing on the docks of Liyue Harbor, next to a wooden bench. Jiangxue will then ask you to catch several Marlin off of the docks. 

Geo Travel Diary

Liyue Harbor.... A bustling port city where people and goods from all over the world converge. Today, the traveler who came on a lone journey brings with them a peculiar item. Determined to learn more about it, they seek out Musheng, keeper of history for Liyue, only to discover his own insights into the civilization that once thrived in this ancient land.

Pirate Invasion, in Liyue Harbor!

In Liyue Harbor, you will find children playing a game. They invite you to play with them, pretending that the harbor is under pirate attack! Unique dialogue will vary depending on your accommodation with the child playing the Captain.

The Lost Relic

This is a simple fetch and deliver quest to turn in the package that you found. After heading towards Qingce Village, Pi will call, directing you to bring the package to him instead. 

When you arrive at Yujing Terrace, he'll reveal that all of the packages leading up to this point have been his businesses, but like Fischl, he won't explain why he had previously been using regular couriers instead of just delivering things himself.

This Novel Is Amazing!

This commission is to be given to Wangshu Inn’s Second proprietress, Ji Tong. The commission itself is a novel titled "Peach Blossoms in a Dream". It is said that on February the 7th, at the full moon of Yullie, peach blossoms fall into one's dreams and everything in them comes true. 

Where Is the Unseen Razor?

Where Is the Unseen Razor? is one of the three daily Commissions available in Liyue, and it requires AR 20 to access. 

Lan asks the Traveler for help looking for a sword in Liyue before recounting how she came to possess it. The objective of this Commission is to find the sword's hilt, which can be found while exploring while slaying some monsters in the wild.


Inazuma is a nation located southeast of Liyue in Teyvat. It is considered one of the seven nations of Teyvat, and it worships the Raiden Shogun, one of the Seven Archons. The leader of Inazuma’s government, the Inazuma Shogunate, is also the leader worshiped by its people. It's located approximately 4km southeast from Liyue Harbor.

Absolutely Unique Delicacy

Explore a vast world of adventure in this all-new open-world title from miHoYo and Genshin Impact. In the world of Teyvat, there are seven elements that coexist harmoniously. However, darkness once again creeps upon the land, and the Knights of Favonius are dispatched to defeat it. 

Among them is a young boy who finds himself transported onto another world when he responds to a mysterious call... He must find his purpose amongst these new lands—and against these new threats—in order to survive.

An Art to Be Honed

The player can choose a village or dungeons. When the player encounters an enemy, he will fight an enemy. If the player wins, he will receive rewards from the defeated enemy. If the player loses, he will be relocated to the nearest Teleportation Waypoint.

Crash Course on Inazuman Fashion

This commission comes in two versions: one with a female player and one with a male player. The female version has the player dealing with Inazuma's most famous fashion designer, Atago Minami. He is designed to be an appraiser for the Commission of this type, and the game gives him some background information that could help identify a character's respective clothing style. 

Is This Novel Amazing?

The sub-story can be triggered if the player approaches Junkichi and he will ask them to find a novel called "Is This Novel Amazing?". The player must talk to Nagumo Sawao who is near the eastern entrance of Inazuma.

O Archon, Hear Me!

In this daily commission you can choose between the White Itsuki Dango, the Red Ran Dango or the Blue Hiroshi Dango. Choosing the Tricolor Dango option will cause an investigation spot to appear next to the shrine on the next real-time day, possibly 24 hours after completing this commission.

O Shrine, Show Your Power Once Again!

 It's a small shrine on the outskirts of the city that has been there since ancient times. It even used to be worshipped by an old family of tea masters. While it seems bereft of divine blessings for now, I am sure that with your help and our offering, it will regain its former glory!

The Gourmet Supremos: Breakthrough Thinking

Xiangling and her friends can be found near the new restaurant and are looking for some rare ingredients to add to their menu. If the player brings them what they need, the Gourmet Supremos will give them a small reward (usually 50 Mora).

The Taste of Home

The Taste of Home commission takes place in Inazuma City. After talking to Tangwen, the Traveler and Paimon will have a conversation about different dishes. Regardless of the choice you make during this interaction, the resulting dish does not need to match the chosen one; any of Paimon's 3 mentioned dishes can be submitted.

Bantan Sango Case File: The Search

This case file is based on the events of In Search of the Sword Dance Star and The Firework Girl's Strange Stories, inviting the Traveler to retrace those discussions with Lisha and Lei Hai, in order to find a hidden hint.

Owe Mora, Pay Mora

Owe Mora, Pay Mora, the fourth version of this Daily Commission, will not be unlocked until the first three versions have been completed. If you have unlocked it already and wish to access it, you can open your commissions to complete it (you cannot talk to Mona directly).

Poetry Exchange

This quest is all about love, and staying true to the one who you truly love. You need to pick the options that answer yes to her question. She is looking for the one who truly loves her and you need to explain that she means the world for you.

Shrine Cleanup

The commission requires the player to assist Abe, the Shrine's caretaker, in cleaning up the shrine grounds by removing trash thrown by visiting travelers.

The Shrine Guardian requests that the Traveler assist the shrine by bringing peace to the surrounding area by exterminating hostile enemies.

Sorry, Timmie!

First, go to the Thousand Winds Temple in Liyue. The dock is just south of Wanmin Restaurant, and there are two women standing next to it. One woman will offer a quest called "Pigeon, Duck and Child." The quest only requires you to talk to the woman and doesn't involve any combat.

The Gourmet Supremos: Cook-Off

The hero must serve three clients a meal within 10 minutes, and must feed them what they want. If a client is served their order incorrectly, the hero will lose a life. Life points can be recovered by finding the ingredients used to make the meals hidden around the area and using them with "Cook."

The Gourmet Supremos: Extreme Cookery

This daily commission is only available when you're close to completing "Seeking the Fountainhead" in Inazuma City. To get the best rewards, you must complete BOTH SIDES of this quest. Prepare three types of recipes and bring them to Supremo, a restaurant owner who is struggling out of bankruptcy.

This Novel... Seems Familiar?

Shigeru and Junkichi are brothers who serve as the local bibliophiles. Junkichi, who lost his family at a young age, was raised by Shigeru. 

Dangerous Haul

The slime balloon has a very large health pool, and starts to heal rapidly once the commission begins. Additionally, the balloon will summon healing pads after it takes about 50% damage that heal for about 18,000 hp every second. 

These pads must be destroyed to continue dealing damage to the balloon. The slimballoon cannot take damage before the commission begins.