Dainsleif in Genshin Impact Explained

"May your path always be lit" - Dainsleif in Genshin Impact (Chapter ??) The ancient world is a place of many wonders. Between the endless woods, misty peaks and rolling hills, lies the lost kingdom of Khaenri'ah. Dainsleif, or "Bough Keeper", is an enigmatic warrior who guards the woods outside of Khaenri'ah. 

He acts as a guide for lost souls traveling to the kingdom and warns them of the impending storm that will soon engulf its lands. 

Many legends have been told about his origin. Some say he was once a human; others believe he is a god himself. 

Whatever his origin may be, he lives to serve Khaenri'ah and waits patiently for those seeking the divine light within its borders. ...and remember, if you ever feel lost, may your path always be lit: Bough Keeper.

Clad in intricate silver armor with a white cape, Dainsleif is the narrator of the Collected Miscellany and the face of Genshin Impact's fourth installment, Teyvat Chapter Storyline. He is a member of the Old Race and thus possesses superhuman strength and magical energy manipulation.

He has devoted himself to saving any ancient writings about Khaenri'ah so that what once was might never be forgotten. 

He is characterized by a confident and laid back attitude, joking often even when the situation calls for serious action. 

He feels that his job as both a professor and a Genshin Hero is to record history, even if he never gets to experience it himself.


You have vague recollections of your life prior to Khaenri'ah, but not you don't remember much at all. Your knowledge is best summarized by the Collected Miscellany videos and the Teyvat Chapter Storyline video.

Dainsleif's personality is expressed in his mantra, "Your voice is mine. Your story, mine." Dainsleif is heard in several dialogue lines and narrations throughout Chronicle 1 and 2, but the most complete and revealing look at his personality can be found through the Collected Miscellany series of videos. Dainsleif does not appear in person until the Teyvat Chapter Storyline video, where he shares a bit about himself with Fenrir, who has probably bonded with him due to the spirit's own amnesia from the Fall centuries ago. 

Here, Dainsleif briefly speaks of his connection to Sirris' father, Funnefaron Bloodreaver; a man he respected and sought to fight honorably despite knowing he would lose.

Dainsleif is a small sized, purple and black mischievous draconic creature that descended from the stars. According to the Collected Miscellany videos, Dainsleif was originally created to be a powerful being capable of ending the fighting between Khaenri'ah and Mondstadt by absorbing their power. 

It is unclear if this truly remains Dainsleif's role in today's game world, as he has not been seen in-game for thousands of years.

Dainsleif, the laconic elf. With but a few short phrases, this character has garnered one of the largest followings in our project. His history is still shrouded in mystery, but as we move to our next section or episode you will begin to see more of his personality come to light.

Dainsleif carries over the "personality" of the player to the game in various ways. Dainsleif's dialogue is driven by information gathered from the player's character, gender, server region, and hairstyle choices. 

Additionally, through profiling your character's personality data, Dainsleif will automatically unlock unique weapons and abilities as you level up. 

This system allows us to provide an interesting method of character advancement while also providing incentive for players to create a character that truly represents them.


Dainsleif is a 23 year old man, who is a famous Gem that is to be the next in line for being the Alpha Primogem, and will become one if he defeats either Aarune or Kaeya. 

However, due to some circumstances, he has become cold and cynical towards others as he wishes to eliminate Aarune from being Alpha, who was once his closest friend.

Dainsleif is a mysterious man in his mid-twenties. While he appears friendly, his cryptic personality leaves many questioning if he is trustworthy. Acting as the strategist for the Primogem team and their fighting styles, he is a master of war who has been with them for over half a decade.

Dainsleif is mid-air combat specialist, Capable of wielding multiple weapons from his aerial assault, Dainsleif brings new meaning to the term jack-of-all-trades.

He has the same Primogen-shaped pupils as Kaeya, and wears a mask-like eyepatch covering the right side of his face while still showing his right eye. He also covers it with his hair.

He also possesses her angelic voice to make of these a deadly combination. His face is hidden by an eyepatch, which he wears because of the fact that he doesn't want to show the right side of his face, reminding him too much about Kaeya. 

At times Dainsleif can be seen wearing a cape, it's not clearly known why but it's most likely because he feels cold. In this case, the cape was once used by Elijah Embers, Galea's predecessor as Exalting Bride, which she had given to Dainsleif before establishing her own rebellion.

Meaning of Name

You have been selected to wield Dainsleif . Do not be fooled by its name. This blade was not crafted for Högni, nor was it forged by Dáinn, though the steel itself may have come from the body of the great dwarf. 

The magic shrouding this sword is ancient and potent, and I fear greatly for any who wish to stand before it.

A bloodthirsty blade that spills lives the first time it is drawn, Dainsleif contains the power of death itself. Though there are many weapons in this world, none compare with this one.

West Jutland and Northern Schleswig show strong Norwegian preservation, being part of the old North Sea Germanic area. 

Like all of the other Germanic language areas, these dialects saw several new phonemes arrive with the Goths in the 4th century, who left them after their failed Siege on Rome.

Things You Should Know About Dainsleif

  • Dainsleif's existence would not have ended if not for Irminsul, the World Tree. He believed his life would continue as before as he gazed at the shining blade of Dainsleif that reflected a red moon. However, the giant tree fell to ruin in a mysterious manner, and with it went the fate of Dainsleif. Having wandered many worlds and dominated countless battlefields, he was finally pleased that his last moments were spent with kindred spirits on a foreign land.
  • The freedom fighters of the Nora tribe have been fighting for centuries against the many machines that have suddenly appeared from beneath their city, and the mysterious and near-omnipotent rulers of what remains of civilization. At the heart of their struggle is an ancient artifact called the "Daemon'' which is said to be able to destroy any enemy. A young tribe woman called Aloy finds out she may hold a key to unraveling this mystery, but then suddenly finds herself targeted by her own people.
  • Dainsleif is one of the many descendants of Venti. He is a reserved man who gives off an impression of gentle kindness around all people, but he seems to be estranged from the hearts of his fellow Genshin. Nobody really knows what he has been doing in recent years, and even his whereabouts are unknown.