DFFOO Tier List: +50 Characters Explained

It has a wide selection of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. A lot of people already have tier lists for Dissidia Final Fantasy on different platforms, but there is no tier list for the newly released game on mobile phones. 

That’s why I decided to create this tier list to give you an idea on who’s the best character in the game right now.


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Character Guide

SS-Tier Characters

Laguna Loire

Laguna Loire is a young, outgoing man, who at first glance seems wild and carefree due to his short-tempered nature. 

He cares about his comrades deeply, willing to give everything to protect the planet and its inhabitants. Laguna has an adventurous spirit, most likely derived from the countless adventures he experienced with his friends Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac throughout their youth. 

In battle, Laguna can be reckless and impulsive, a result of his short temper and hot blooded personality.

He respects those with a strong sense of duty and has a strong moral code. 

The other characters refer to him as “the mature one” of the three.

Squall Leonhart

In Final Fantasy VIII, Squall is a young man with tousled bangs and blue eyes. 

Due to his withdrawn nature and reserved mannerisms, Squall initially appears disdainful towards those around him. 

His brooding exterior masks a longing for friendship, however; Squall continues to push others away in an attempt to conceal this vulnerability.

When the game opens, Squall quickly proves his worth with a display of leadership by taking command and retaliating against the invading forces.


Vaan is a playable character in FF and its sequel, FF XII: Revenant Wings

He is an orphan living in Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XII, along with Kytes and Filo as they are the only people he considers family, though Vaan has been shown to harbor romantic feelings towards Penelo

Vaan is an upbeat young boy who acts as the leader of the trio.

Vaan's hometown is destroyed by war at a young age, and he is separated from his childhood friends Kytes and Filo. 

He continued to live by himself on the streets, stealing for a living, until meeting Penelo who nursed him back to health.

He joins the party seeking for a "selfish" reason for finding the lost girls - Filo whom he was devastated when he found that she was abducted and convinced that she would be rescued if only he can join the Resistance in battling against Arcadia.

Cloud Strife

He spent most of his time playing on a wooden crib with his toy airplane. One day, he found Tifa at work in her family's bar and restaurant, Seventh Heaven.

She agreed to play with him while she worked, and they became friends over the following years.

When Cloud was young, his family moved to the rural area of Nibelheim.

When he was in fifth grade, his mother left the mountains and took a job at the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company, having her husband accompany her. 

In those days she was friends with Professor Gast Faremis.

Serah Farron

Despite being one of the main characters in Final Fantasy XIII, Serah has been given little character development so far. 

You know she's 19 years old, she likes cats and hot chocolate, and she has a loving twin sister by the name of Nona Farron. 

That's basically the extent of her characterization thus far. 

But after playing Episode Zero -Promise-, I think it’s safe to say we all have a better understanding of who this young woman really is.

Serah is the opposite of Lightning — Lightning is a delinquent and Serah is a good student. 

She has long black hair and green eyes, from which she inherited the ability to see visions of people's deaths. 

Her weapon of choice is a dagger called Heartseeker that looks very similar to one of Vanille's weapons. She has a petite body type and isn

Terra Branford

She doesn't know her friends and finds herself fighting for a cause that has done nothing but keep her in chains.

She has no idea who or what she is or what the war she has been caught up in is about. 

When Celes Chere joins her party, Terra struggles fighting alongside her, almost as if they are in two different worlds. 

Despite Terra feeling alone in this new and strange world, she still puts herself on the front lines for the sake of staying true to her friends in their struggles.


In League of Legends, she leads her team to battle with confidence and bravery. With celestial awareness, Yuna can sense the slightest movements of enemies and uses this to coordinate her team's assault.

She continues to fight for the Kupuans even though her homeland has been destroyed. 

While she once suffered from prejudice because of her mixed heritage, she now gains wisdom from all forms of life, including those that have taught her how to use blades and gunblades as their equal.

S-Tier Characters

Edgar Roni Figaro

Edgar has a...unique way of expressing his affection for women. He hits on anything that moves, and even tries to worm his way into a fresh marriage with Celes after she's been rescued. 

He's also completely comfortable with nudity, suggesting that all the half-naked people wandering around Figaro Castle must be due to the heat.

He is an ally who aids the party on their quest to defeat Kefka, and to free his father, the king of Figaro. 

While he doesn't fight in the final battle with Kefka, he still dons a suit of armor almost as powerful as the Magitek Armor that Locke uses.

When doing business with Edgar, he is very charming and charismatic, but as soon as he has served his purpose, he quickly departs. 

There is little doubt that he has no true friends or allies in the world, though there are three exceptions. 

First of all, he does care for and respect his personal chocobo and claims to "share a psychic bond" with it.

Krile Mayer Baldesion

Krile Mayer Baldesion is a young girl raised in the village of Lix. 

She acts as a guardian to the Wind Crystal within the village and is seen as one of the Warriors of Light by the other villagers. 

When Garland attacks the village to retrieve the crystal, she defends it along with Galuf until he loses his strength and collapses. 

The crystal shatters into eight shards, each of which take the form of a different character. 

Krile takes on their forms and flees, bringing them to safety at their hiding place on an island off the coast.

Despite generally being cheerful and energetic, she has a tendency to get angry sometimes due to being treated like a child.


At the outset of Final Fantasy XIV, Prishe is a member of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who have been charged with protecting the Oracle. 

She is an Erpheronian Warrior whose role in the Scions is to protect Elidibus. 

However, she holds no respect for him and only wishes that his contract would come to an end so she can leave the Scions. 

In addition, although her duty is to guard him, she considers herself his superior due to her physical power and fighting experience.

She often calls him "old man," "fossil," or other such names that imply his uselessness as a guardian.

Although he seems to disregard it outright, Elidibus acknowledges her hateful comments towards him and finds them inevitable

Snow Villiers

Snow is also memorable for his laid-back demeanor and unrelenting loyalty toward his friends. 

Though he usually doesn't mean any harm, Snow has little regard for people's feelings as he was guilty of calling Serah and Noel “idiots” one too many times.

He also tries to be polite by addressing others with "-san," a suffix usually added to a person's name; but adds it even when he uses their first name instead, so sometimes it can be seen that he has no idea who someone is.

Despite his troublesome nature, Snow is extremely loyal to those he cares about and will do anything to protect them. 

Although he believes that he is an all-powerful hero, it takes others to temper his brash actions and keep him grounded. 

Even though he may have a hard time admitting it, Snow sometimes looks up to others for help as well, such as when he was under the control of Exdeath's black magic.

Zidane Tribal

Zidane is actually a member of a nomadic group of people whose home is the Floating Continent, the large landmass above which the world's mist and sky lie (it remains airborne through the use of magical crystals). 

Like other members of his tribe, he uses special techniques to increase his speed or jump height. 

He acts like a big brother to his adoptive sister, Garnet/Dagger. Zidane's ultimate goal is to help the people of Gaia, and destroy Kuja before he destroys everything.

A-Tier Characters


When he was young Ace received the power of the Crystal to become a l'Cie from his father, and was subsequently inducted into Class Zero as their leader. 

He is best friends with Machina Kunagiri and Rem Tokimiya, and also became good friends with Agito Cadet. 

Ace has a habit of holding grudges against people who treat him poorly, like Cadet.

As he never had a mother nor siblings, Ace would be the one to take care of his father (who is a very cranky, ill old man), thus Ace tries his best to take care of other people.

Bartz Klauser

Like his father, Bartz is a simple wanderer with no especial ambitions, and rejects Lenna's plea to join her quest to discover the secrets of the Wind Crystal. He reluctantly joins her team when he finds out that his rival, Galuf, has accepted the offer. 

They are transported to Castle Barnard, where he makes friends with two local orphans: Puck, and Amarant Coral. 

After Galuf tells them about how he defeated Humbaba in the past by shrinking it with his lightning spell and later using a stick to lift it, Bartz learns that Humbaba is alive and has been terrorizing Wind Prairie in search of food ever since its defeat.


Firion is a hero from the original Final Fantasy. Unlike the two warriors he starts out with when the group gathers for the first time, Firion is fighting to protect his homeland and people instead of just fighting. 

This selfless endeavor marks him as different from most of the Warrior of Light's comrades, except perhaps Edward, Josef or Leon. 

He is also intellectual and more prone to questioning than most other characters, except perhaps Gordon or Leon.


At Lightning's heart, she is a woman scorned who is driven to seek revenge. 

Her resentment is great enough that upon awakening after the events of Episode 03, she believes Serah perished on Pulse as a result of Snow Villiers (who had proposed to her and asked her to marry him shortly before the Purge) refusing to bear Serah out of safety concerns for Serah's life. 

Her growing bitterness towards Snow gradually drives Lightning to despise Snow, his friends and the entire Sanctum.

Lightning's stubbornness, intense will and refusal to let go of her past misgivings about Snow Villiers are what drive her in the beginning. 

It is believed that because of Snow, Lightning blamed him for Serah's fate and saw him as part of the reason why she was killed.

Rem Tokimiya

Rem was born to the prestigious Tokimiya family, whose clan has served the royalty of Lunar for generations. 

Rem is cerise in complexion, short-haired, and has green eyes. 

Her simple everyday wear includes a deep purple shirt with white cuffs and collar, a gray miniskirt and knee-socks; with her family's crest sewn onto her collar.

Her Astral Dress is violet with long sleeves and white trim at the bottom, trimmed in golden symbols on the bust. 

It also sports a side cutout slit on her left side with golden lining, while similar golden lining in-between. 

Her Astral Dress also has two leg slits at the bottom.

Thancred Waters

At first, Thancred refused, but as fate would have it, he saved a woman from an attacking chocobo. The woman was Louisoix’s daughter, and she invited the young man to join their clan. 

After choosing his garb and making his bow, Thancred joined the Crow’s Nest Archer’s Union.

It was a turning point for Thancred. He knew the presence of Louisoix was no mere coincidence. 

Filled with the purpose of helping others, he strove to become a healer and one day join the Primal, Louisoix.

Vivi Ornitier

He quickly matures as time passes into a powerful user of Black Magic. 

His emotional control is also far greater than most at his young age - he can cast Black Magic without reciting the spell if necessary, but will only do so in a dire emergency or to save someone he cares about; however this leaves him unable to defend himself.

He is easily frightened and inexperienced, and his magic seems to only cause more problems than it solves during the course of the story. 

Yet his caring nature, devotion to his friends and determination allow him to grow into a mature and decisive adult by its conclusion.

B-Tier Characters


Cater is somewhat bossy and has high expectations toward female classmates. 

At times, she acts like a politician, trying to persuade others to do favors for her. 

While she is talkative and loves gossiping with fellow classmates, she is also good at keeping secrets: nobody knows how frequently she breaks the rules or that she even has an ego.

She is impatient but she is not used to waiting for things which makes her misread situations at times. Motivation takes more of a back seat, preferring a sure thing.

Eiko Carol

At the beginning of the story, Eiko Carol has a crush on Zidane Tribal, one of the friends she invited to her house. 

However, she had the same reaction as Vivi and Freya when they witnessed him acting out against other people. 

When he tells Zidane that Eiko might not like him when she gets to know him, she realizes that perhaps he was right and snaps out of her infatuation. 

She chases after Zidane, revealing her crush as childish, and reasons that she doesn’t want to be alone anymore.

Kefka Palazzo

Kefka is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy VI and the true final boss of the game. Born with considerable magical ability, Kefka became a court mage for the Emperor of his country. 

He was given free rein to conduct twisted experiments in the Imperial Magitek Research Facility in Narshe, stealing the esper children for his own fiendish ends. 

After the fall of Doma Castle, he rose to power as one of the Emperor's most favored Generals; though Kefka was no warrior, he proved himself effective enough as a military leader and displayed a genius for magic that made him invaluable to the Empire.


Kuja is a character in Final Fantasy IX, created and designed by Tetsuya Nomura with a touch of arrogance and narcissism. 

Kuja is referred to as a man/demon that has lost his heart. 

He believes he was reborn to become the god and replace the crystal residing in people's hearts with himself. 

He is not only vain but also vain about his power over other mortal beings such as humans; declaring that he is immortal and even introducing himself as if he was a god. 

He does this much especially when Zidane and him first meet after Zidane gets kidnapped by Brahne's Knights to be used as a plaything for Kuja. 

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

Lenna is a Water Nymph, the daughter of Master Aqua. 

Her world is the Cradle, a beautiful undersea realm where every kind of fish lives in harmony. But then her father goes missing. 

She has to return to the Crystal Palace to ask for help from the other Nymphs. 

There she meets all kinds of Water Elementals and has to face King Dragon who wants to destroy their world. 

Lenna quickly discovers that helping the king is not what she wants, so she tries to avoid it or find another solution.


She forms a succession of strong emotional attachments throughout the game, constantly aiding the party with her summoning abilities throughout all of the installments. 

While she remains devoted to Cecil throughout the game, she occasionally falls out with him under various circumstances.

Her mother had died earlier of natural causes and Rydia's not used to death. 

Also, she was alone with no one to defend her during her mother's sickness. 

But by this point in the game, she's already been on this journey with these guys and they became the family she never had. 

So when they were dying she realised how important they are and lashed out at them in defense of her family.


Sephiroth is cold, distant, and has a reputation as a loner and an absentee leader, but is completely devoted to humanity's survival. 

He is also highly active in stopping the experiments with Jenova from which he was originally created and subsequently valued above research on his own abilities. 

He claims that no one can be trusted with knowledge of his past or genetic makeup, and has several times forbidden Genesis from researching it. 

Eventually he begins to show a more human side as shown from before his departure when he cares for Genesis' injured wing and interest in Sora's mother, Alicia Heartilly.

Yang Fang Leiden

If there’s one word you could use to describe Yang, it would be “quiet.” Laid-back and relaxed, he is content to let others tend the day-to-day affairs of Fabul while he hones his skills and enjoys a peaceful life of fishing and boat rides. 

Reserved almost to the point of being shy, Yang prefers to keep his own counsel. 

When not aiding in the defense of Fabul, Yang can often be found enjoying a peaceful afternoon out on the nearby lakes of Ordos.

Zack Fair

Zack Fair is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy VII

He is a member of SOLDIER, an elite group of Shinra infantry that protect the corporation. 

A member of this group Zack dreamed of becoming a hero and Angeal Hewley was his mentor. Zack is always ready for work and has a positive attitude which made him get the nickname "Zack the Puppy" from Angeal. 

Even though he sometimes gets into funny situations he is loyal to the Shinra corporation and dreams of becoming a hero...

C-Tier Characters

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca

Her ambitions will get her into trouble but they will also prove key to her survival.

Her convictions are what drive her forward, but they also lead her to bad decisions at times. 

She's empathetic and always tries to do what she thinks is right for the people in her life, but she can be very stubborn. 

In some respects, she's a typical hero – she wants to do the best for everyone even as it kills her.

She suffers from undiagnosed ptsd after witnessing her family slain by Archadia's Dr. Cid before she was 10 years old. 

She has been diagnosed with dissociative amnesia and lives with Dr. Llewelyn, an Imperial medic who has cared for her since she took refuge in Bhujerba.

Faris Scherwiz

She is reckless and not shy about her claims, such as when she says the Dragoon Spirits are better than the Light Warriors in a fight or announcing to the world that she's going to capture Bahamut. 

Her recklessness leads to her getting kidnapped by the Cult of Darkness's general Larc Dark, though she escapes from prison with Guy's help. 

She also accompanies the other Light Warriors to fight Chaos, surprising them at the end when she talks back to Chaos and beats him with a new spell.

Faris wears revealing outfits such as upon powering up and performing certain attacks, showing much of her legs. 

She has turquoise eyes, short , spiky green hair and red chocobo -esque wings sprouting from her back.

Papalymo Totolymo

His misadventures in Ul'dah are coupled with his down-to-earth approach and sarcastic demeanor.

Papalymo is a storyteller and wanderer from Coerthas, the land of Dragons. His best friend is the equally perky Yda, a girl who believes in fortune and destiny. 


Raijin and Fujin are subordinate to Seifer in the Balamb Garden student roster. 

They are classified as senior pupils, and Raijin is the "class clown". 

He started out as a member of the Official SeeD Exam Group. 

The SeeDs have a tendency to kick him when he talks out of line or does something stupid, which is often. 

They can be repeatedly seen playing a guessing game in which they have a competition to see who can breathe the loudest. 

This competition tends to be won by Fujin, much to Raijin's consternation.

Raijin tends to be quite clumsy, but always tries his best. 

In return for the companionship of his friend, Fujin, Raijin will follow any order Fujin gives him; this becomes a problem for Seifer when he promotes Raijin to acting captain.

Seymour Guado

Seymour is a young man in his late teens. He wears the upper-class white and violet garbs of Yevon, and carries a silver staff of sorts, with a slightly curved body. 

Seymour's two-toned brown hair is combed neatly to the side and partially covers his face, although he lets it flow freely in certain story events. 

His teachings are relayed with charm and charisma, his actions with precision and implacability. 

He represents the heart of Yevonism as well as its paradoxical flaws.

Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine was among the survivors of the experiments during the Nibelheim Incident. 

He, together with Turk, took refuge at the Mako Reactor to escape Shinra. 

Eventually, they were found by Weiss, a former member of SOLDIER who nursed them back to health and taught them Mako-based techniques. 

One day, Joker appeared in front of Vincent after leaving Tifa's side; he had learned that his friend Zack was still alive within Hojo's laboratory, and decided to take action.

D-Tier Characters


She is adventurous, curious, and often speaks her mind to her friends; however, she can also be brave when necessary. 

Aerith often jumps headfirst into situations without thinking beforehand; her conviction is usually correct, though she does occasionally question it.

As she matures in the course of her adventure, we see Aerith become more mature and independent, even making her first kill in order to protect herself and her friends. 

Though naïve at times, she is able to pull through difficult situations with unwavering optimism and charisma.

Unlike her CG render, Aerith's official artwork shows her dressed in a full-length skirt (instead of shorts), and without her signature staff. 

Aerith is first seen when she approaches Zack on the Sector 5 Train Station platform, before escaping with him and Cloud to Midgar.

Garnet Til Alexandros

The child of the alchemist Alexander and his wife, Bridget, Garnet is the second youngest of her siblings. 

Her older sister, Helga, became ill shortly after she was born, when their mother died giving birth to her sister Opal. 

Her health took a turn for the worst after a terrible accident started a fire in the lab wiping out years worth of their father's research.

Always an avid reader, Garnet grew up in the mountains of France but soon thereafter moved to a small country town where few spoke English outside of school.


She often attempts to appeal to his common sense, but usually fails. She is bright and perceptive, often stressed by her need to save others and "keep that idiot in line.

She often voices her opinion on the courses of action he proposes, but nevertheless tags along with him. Although she is quick to complain about him, Penelo has been shown to have a strong faith in him being able to help their friends.

A supportive Mage-class character, Penelo relies on the potency of her magic to heal party members in danger rather than engaging in melee combat.


If I had to describe Shadow, I would say he is a cool customer. No matter what happens in The Sandman series, Shadow always remains composed and unshaken. 

That being said though, he is far from perfect. 

He often finds himself dealing with his own ill thoughts and those of his pet dog, Interceptor. 

These two characters are a very interesting pair, not only because of their relationship with one another but also for the role they have within The Sandman book series as a whole.

One notable instance of this is when he waited for a candle to burn out so that he could pass through a magical barrier, he began counting down in his head but quickly grew aggravated and impatient when it kept burning lower and lower. 

He occasionally shows arrogance, as well as recklessness, as he is known to confront a powerful sorcerer alone.

Zell Dincht

Zell Dincht is one of the main characters of the show. He is a resident living in the town of Garden and an old friend of Gon, Killua, and Leorio. 

Zell was born in March, making him the youngest out of the foursome. 

He often boasts about his physical prowess, but his abilities are often seen as lackluster by others. 

When it seems like he will never be able to exercise his abilities in a real fight, Zell eventually gets his chance to prove that he has what it takes to be a real fighter.

F-Tier Characters


He is only seen smiling once in the game, and even then it was only half-hearted. 

His speech tends to be short and curt, though he can occasionally lapse into periods of melancholy silence that remain unexplained until later in the game.

Auron is the leader of the group consisting of himself, Tidus, Rikku and Wakka. 

His appearance gradually becomes more worn and tired as the game progresses, which reflects his character development during the story.

Celes Chere

After escaping from the prison ship at the beginning of the game, Celes is alone in a cavern until she discovers Rachel. 

Celes takes Rachel with her because she feels that she is partly responsible for Rachel's condition, having been tricked into believing that there was treasure on the Phoenix. 

Although this is not true, Celes still bears part of the responsibility for what happened to Rachel.


Actively working as an agent for the disciplinary committee, Fujin is strictly unforgiving on her missions towards justice due to her own personal experiences. 

Every mission she takes part of is one that is led by Seifer, with assistance from Raijin most of the time, in pursuit of expelling, punishing or removing those students who break their rules or demonstrate acts considered harmful to the rest of the prestigious Academy.

She doesn't wield much offensive magic and formerly had a tough time against melee attackers like Auron (who was immune to Thunder magic) and Zell (who's fighting style requires close-range combat). 

As a healer she has access to Regen, but can also use Cura which heals a little more heavily and Sylph which will counter any negative status ailments from the party. 

Fujin's limit breaks involve using her spells to power up - she can use Fire magic with Double Firaga or Thunder with Thundaga.


Palom is a light-skinned, blue-haired, human child. He wears a suit of armor, which he took from Tellah's corpse after defeating him and the Fiends in Mysidia. 

The sword he uses to focus his magic is given to him by Rosa during the Palom and Porom sidequest.

He is not only smart, but also strong both physically and magically. His specialty magic is Black Magic (Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga), which he uses for attacking either alone or with Porom for long range attacks. 

When Porom is incapacitated, Palom will overpower most monsters by himself.

Oerba Dia Vanille

Vanille’s player also describes her revealing Snow's gender at the start of Chapter 3 of the game as a result of their relationship's natural flow.

She is kind-hearted, positive and sweet to her friends, though she also fears that they do not think the same about her. 

Vanille has trouble understanding others' responses at times, but she cares deeply for her companions and would go to great lengths to protect them.

Sazh Katzroy

He enjoys stories about monsters like Nobodies and Espers but dislikes those concerning government conspiracies.

He used to be an airship pilot until his wife died while giving birth to Dajh and he took him in. Sazh was employed by Chocolina as an informant and looked out for when her shop would be robbed, at a good discount on merchandise. 

He makes it clear that unless the law is after him, he won't need to hide from them, but they must not bother him as he's doing nothing wrong.

Last Words

I hope the Dffoo tier list helps you. I'm thinking of posting more tier lists on my blog from now on. If you have a special request, please contact me via email.