Digimon Rearise Tier List: +40 Characters Explained

In Digimon Rearise, many players think that having 3 star cards will guarantee them the best equipment. But it doesn’t. It takes time to have a powerful one. 

S Tiers A Tiers B Tiers C Tiers D Tiers
Piedmon Magnamon Ebemon Wisemon Armadillomon
Dukemon Boltmon Dunasmon Barbamon
WarGreymon Machinedramon VenomMyotismon Plesiomon
Gaimon Sakuyamon Hououmon Seraphimon
Rasenmon Minervamon Puppetmon Diaboromon
SaberLeomon Jiren

Training must be steady and rewarding. Only then can you start to compare the tier lists out there. 

Below is the Digimon Rearise Tier List you can use to plan your training.

S Tier

S Tier list digimon rearise


While it outwardly looks like a bat, none of its own kind would recognize it as one of their own. Piedmon's entire body (excluding its face) is clad in a pitch black robe and its physical abilities exceed those of ordinary Ultimate Digimon. 

Piedmon also wears a conical hat from which it unleashes nothing less than absolute despair.

No one knows where he comes from, or what its real purpose is, but many surmise it exists to fulfill its own desires and play tricks on others. 

Other than those rumors, no one has been able to ascertain the true identity of this creature. 

There are those who say that it was born from a virus-contaminated computer repaired by a certain someone in the Digital World.


Matrix Evolution meaning, Dukemon is a Digimon that has been fused with Takato's D-Reaper and is in his Mega Form.

The Japanese name of Dukemon is "Grani."

When it comes to this game with complex and strong character development in the first season, Dukemon is one of those featured one. 

While Guilmon is cool and friendly, Takato, the primary protagonist, can be awkward and unsure of himself. 

However, as he bonds with Guilmon continuously, Takato develops a level of confidence matched only by his growing passion for battles.


It is the most powerful form of Greymon, and its body is clad in armor of the super-metal ‘Chrome Digizoid’.

As with Agumon and others, it is a Dragon Warrior whose heart burns with justice, and it will rush to any battlefield to defend the weak.

Although it is simple-minded, it is a being with great spirit, and it isn't the type that likes to obey somebody. 

Even if it receives an order from the master it serves, it will absolutely not follow that command if it goes against what he thinks is right. 

However, WarGreymon considers respect to be of first importance, so if its existence or pride is insulted, this Dragon Warrior will charge with its fist swinging without a moment's notice.


Gaimon's character design reveals his appearance to be a very pale man with green hair and unibrow (a single eyebrow that extends to both sides of the head, in contrast to a normal manicured brow which stops at the bridge of the nose). 

Very distinct from his physical features is a large pear-shaped ornament that hangs off his forehead. He wears a long green coat with high-heeled boots and white gloves, and always carries a large black book. 

His true form is seen only once in "Spike at Your Service" as well as his cameo appearances in "May the Best Pet Win!" and "Gentlemen Thieves'', in which he appears as an anthropomorphic fish.


The latest evolution of Rasenmon is the result of its awakening to its Beast Spirit. 

The purification of Rasenmon's body and soul that occurred after it was infected with a computer virus and fell into despair gave it the power to become this fearsome warrior in battle. 

With its speed enhanced by the Dragon DigiMemory, Rasenmon has unexpectedly achieved victory out of many seemingly impossible fights.

It is a Digimon that was born from a computer virus that got on the network, swelled to a certain extent, and then ultimately looped back onto itself and evolved. 

Although it still bears some physical resemblance to the virus from which it was born, it has acquired an overall humanoid form. 

A Tier

a tier digimon rearise tier list


Magnamon is a creature that resembles a warrior in full golden plate mail. 

It carries an axe on its shoulder and is also equipped with collars that contain the Mirror Buster technique to destroy all evil, as opposed to Equiped's Dragon Slicer technique used by Magnadramon.

Magnamon is a smaller-sized Digimon in terms of height, standing at only about 6 feet tall. 

Its body is covered with armor that has the power to deflect most attacks and is mostly gold except for its face, which is black, and its waist area, which is blue. It wears belts on its arms and legs as well as gloves and boots.


Boltmon is an android Digimon, therefore it's mechanical. It was created at the same time as Andromon. Despite the fact that they were created at the same time, Boltmon has power that exceeds Andromon's.

Made up from its dark emotion, it gained a considerably large physical body powerful enough to pulverize everything with always-on electricity running through. 

There's hunger and anger in those eyes, and it searches for the mirage of Andromon.

His main weapons are the "Network Rippers" on his hands, which allow him to attack by extending their lengths. 

With these weapons he can multiply his offensive power greatly by extending them all at once, like a retractable balled chain, striking many opponents at once.


Machinedramon is one of the strongest Digimon ever. It is built with the best parts possible, giving it a perfect balance between offense and defense. 

Its arms are so powerful that one swing from them can level a city. 

It was built to be practically indestructible but in some cases, there were claims that it couldn't be stopped by even nuclear missiles.

It had the appearance of a samurai who wore full-body armor, and was described as a "man-eater" that said that the flesh of humans would taste good. Its design is based on Bontaro.


Sakuyamon's knees are also covered by large knee guards. It wears knee high boots with the "Yin and Yang" symbol on their soles and gauntlets on its hands with the "Yin and Yang" symbol printed on the backs of its hands.

Sakuyamon's two long braids can be used to bind opponents in place before throwing them into a more vulnerable position. 

It wields an "oar" weapon called Shakujou whose chain allows it to swing it about like a flail or whip. 


Its sturdy muscles are capable of freely wielding this greatsword, which looks more like a snake with two heads to it than a sword. 

Since it has a tiny physique, its cute design comes off as quite strange. 

It guards the southwestern area of the Digital World and specializes in guarding space and sending away all intruders with sword techniques.

It is said that it can fly in the sky as if it were a bird and possesses prowess in both distance and close-range battles. 

It doesn't talk much, but it generally acts friendly with humans.


Leomon is a Beast Man Digimon that possesses a muscular, rugged body and the special abilities to run at Mach speed. 

Leomon is a creature that speaks in a rough tone, but, upon meeting Tai and his friends, it learned to smile and became much friendlier. 

Leomon has a wild personality and conducts itself like the lord of the jungle, dominating those around him with his physical might and intimidation tactics.

It is said to have the ability to move at immense speeds, but it also has the power to warp space and perceive things not visible to normal eyesight. 

Also, there have been instances where SaberLeomon appears out of nowhere in places ravaged by war or a similar calamity, and mercifully ends the lives of those whose existence has been reduced to nothing more than living hell…


Ravemon took me by surprise when I saw it last year. It catches your eye with its wing-like design and its prominent mask. 

The Digimon also has a shield on its back, a nod to another flying warrior, the raven (or Corvus corax). The best part is how “bird-like” Ravemon looks. This makes sense since, like the cover states, it draws inspiration from the raven.

Ravemon can attack from a distance and close the distance with its opponents, respectively. 

Like most Digimon who have full mastery over a single element, Ravemon is in tune with the rhythm of wind and has far greater control over maneuverability compared to other Digimon who have mastered multiple elements.

B Tier


As it has no special activity, it was unanimously decided to be classed as "Undead", based on the meaning of its name "Evil Spirits" and on the assumption that it is governed by the evil spirits that are said to appear from time to time in South America.

There is a Vademon's configuration data embedded in its body, so the features that make up its personality have not changed from when it was still a Vademon; there seems to be some kind of mechanism in its abdomen which seems to be what helps give it life.


As a Child, Cherubimon is the guardian of God and its wisdom, it has the appearance of a beast, and uses lightning techniques whose strike is thought to be divine punishment. 

Cherubimon (Good) has the tendency to carry out punishment on those that neglect God, regardless of whether they are allies or enemies.


It's name derives from "venom", as well as the mythological Möbius Ring, which symbolises infinity. It was born when Myotismon fused himself with the Spear of Destiny after he got back to his true diabolical form.

The DigiCore in VenomMyotismon's body was manipulated and given the power by Myotismon's Dark Spirals, thus changing the nature of VenomMyotismon's existence, and thus its personality is also greatly different compared to Myotismon's. 

It hates humans and it seeks revenge against them, and it is not satisfied until all of mankind is swallowed up by the darkness.


Hououmon is a mythical bird with four wings. 

It has a bird-like body and the golden feathers covering its body form a pair of twin, majestic wings on its back and two tail-like appendages below them. The feathers that adorn its head resemble a halo or a crown and are colored blue. Its liquid-looking eyes are red and it possesses sharp claws on both of its hands and feed.

Its eyes are now blue, instead of black. Its feathers are also noticeably more spiky than before. 

It can focus a special flame within its mane that allows it to disappear from sight.


The unique design shows the highest of decadence. Although it was made for the purpose of causing chaos, its specs are high enough that it could easily defend itself against attackers on the Net. 

However, due to some strange circumstances, it is rarely used for its original purpose. Instead, it has set out on a course as a gourmet hunter. 

Just what kind of Digimon Puppetmon will become is still unknown.

It is thought that when operating with high-level computer viruses as its energy source, it can repair and modify other Digimon like itself, and it is thought that this is the cause for the many cases where Cherrymon suddenly changes into Puppetmon.

B tier of digimon rearise is over, let's keep going with section C. 


C-tier of Digimon rearise


Wisemon has an appearance that can only be described as spooky, with its gaunt-like stature, scraggly hair, and mad-looking eyes. 

Wisemon is also undeniably gloomy, and his face remains empty of emotion at all times. 

The Book appearing at Wisemon’s side never leaves its grip--this has led many people to question if it really is a part of his body.

From time to time, it possesses other Digimon with its power and causes massive damage to both sides in the Digital World. 

Wisemon was constructed from the data of the great worm that appeared in ancient texts, however, its details are unclear.


It is said that when Barbamon awakened on Earth he drew towards himself all the information on the internet, and that he was only beaten by Beelzebumon after having his movements sealed by being buried under an avalanche caused by Omegamon.

It holds an ancient treasured sword called the Dark Hound, which can unleash powerful "Juggernaut" attacks. 

Also, Barbamon's special trait is to be like "stone" even in combat situations where other Digimon would be confused and lose their fighting spirit.


Plesiomon is known as the "Dragon Knight", and its body is clad in armor that shines silvery white. 

It was previously thought to be purely imaginary, but very recently it has been discovered inside the computer of a British cryptozoology research institute. 

Since its body is clad in armor, trying to physically touch it is out of the question, but hearing from various witnesses say that they have seen a silhouette of an enormous dragon flying across the sky or glinting on the surface of the sea from afar creates a certain feeling within us all.


It elegantly wields a large lance that boosts its destructive powers, and opens up gigantic wounds just by lightly touching its enemies. 

The decorations on its armor represent the stars in the sky, while the mark of "000" on the back of its armor represents God.

It is an infallible existence that does not permit evil, and never forgives an offense, destroying the wicked every time without fail.


In this world, there exists a family of digital monsters that threaten to enslave and destroy both the Real World and Digital World. 

One such monster is Diaboromon, an unidentified creature that has been placed at the highest threat level due to its growing power and unexplained existence. 

The only thing known about it is that it keeps repeating its cycle of absorbing all data in order to digivolve into more powerful forms.

It continued to destroy and kill everything in its path. At last, it threatened to break through the Network and appear in the Real World. 

With all hope vanishing, nothing could be done but to launch a countermeasure for the first time.




Indeed, Armadillomon is a Digimon covered in a hard shell. Said armor not only protects it from attacks, but is also used for smash and bash techniques. 

The shell also works as a protector for its kind hearted nature, so that it isn't hurt too badly when the other Digimon mock him or carry out a cruel prank on him.

It has an easygoing personality, but alongside that occasional carefree behavior, it also has a weakness for getting into trouble every so often.

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