Diluc In Genshin Impact Explained

Diluc with infos

In the past, before he was ever the owner of the Dawn Winery, Diluc was part of a militant force called the Knights of Favonius.  He is a member of the Ragnvindr Clan, one of Mondstadt's old nobility.

He values his wine business above all else. Despite being shunned by the Knights of Favonius due to past mistakes, Diluc continues to protect his people through his connections with nobles in court and the underground fight club scene.

He holds a wine glass of amber liquid with a hint of crimson red at the bottom, while sporting his fashionable royal blue jacket and white scarf. He easily lets a small smile slip as he is holding himself up by leaning on his cane. He will greet you warmly with open arms.

After losing his wife and son, he has been greatly affected by loss. He was once a Knight of Favonius, but was exiled for his actions. 

It is unknown what exactly caused him to be expelled from the Knights, though it is widely believed that he had attacked another knight, despite Diluc's persistent denial..

Speculation is rife among the people of this coastal town that its most distinguished citizen, Diluc in Genshin, is a disciple of some eccentric religion, with his regal bearing and charitable acts as a cover. 

But behind his carefully composed persona burns a righteous zeal that drives him to will all who threaten his city to destruction.


In his search of the manor, he found documents relating to the DeLusion Project. He sought to use them for his own purposes but Diluc's father spotted him and tried to confront him. 

Just as they were about to fight, a sudden burst of light appeared before them and Diluc's father fell into its depths. 

Not wanting to be involved with deception, Diluc left the Knights.

Diluc works in Quality Assurance, and although he still holds resentment towards the Knights, he is the one that rustles up support when Milla needs help or Michael has been wounded. 

He plays a major role in Milla's quest to find out more about the Immigrant Song in Genshin by helping her find a song harp, which can be used to put someone into a cryogenic slumber. 

Diluc is a serious individual who believes in getting the job done as quickly as possible. He despises those who are lazy and want to take casual routes, causing deaths and casualties. 

Although Diluc carries strong feelings of hatred towards the Knights, he still respects those inside who are dedicated in completing their duty.

You can play as one of nine officer characters, each with their own personality and backstory. 

The job you choose will affect which NPCs will assist you in your adventures, along with changes to the main story line. Not all jobs are equal, so choose carefully!


Diluc, approximately 6'9", has pale skin with a bit of a blush on the cheeks. He has the hair of a fire demon and the body of an earth one, making him taller than most and relatively slim. He wears tattered clothing that is black, and always holds his staff in his hand.

He is blunt yet reasonable and understands people's motivations and interests. He makes decisions that ensure the group's survival and doesn't let emotions cloud his judgement.

Despite this, he is often frustrated by the inane antics of those whom he is inclined to assist, as well as the ignorance of those who cannot see his open benevolence. 

His knowledge in the art comes from decades of training and experience, honed by continuous battle. This discipline makes his movements precise and effective, allowing him to be a capable opponent even when facing multiple foes at once. 

He generally wears a tan and red long coat layered on top of matching pants (with matching leather boots). A green scarf and bag hang off his left hip, while his right thigh is wrapped with bandages.

He entered his daughter in the Rite and travelled to her location, but reached her too late to save her from being devoured by the darkness. 

Enraged that he was unable to protect her and driven mad with grief, he unleashed the same power onto Clara that had been bestowed upon him by Ruminas, only to later realise that it had consumed him as well.

He was caught one day by one of his father's sailors who, thinking that he was sneaking food for himself and couldn't understand why he would want to feed a monster, beat.

Meaning of Name

Diluc and Crepus are both Latin words that have the same meaning (daybreak, dawn), but opposite connotations. Diluc is named after dīlūculum, which is a word meaning "daybreak" or "dawn" and is used as an adjective for something that happens at dawn or in early morning.

His birth caused his mother, who had become barren after years spent in prayer and sorrow, to be revived. His name, which means "daybreak," reflects that he and his parents were born on the day of a solar eclipse.

More Info

  • His influence on the Tuskwater Tales is clear from the vase Kaeya gives you, which you find inside the Dawn Winery. In The Bridgekeeper, Diluc's final work, he describes a vivid encounter with a mysterious figure who may be the Deepnest equivalent of the Queen.
  • He cannot grow taller than his current height, and his muscles would atrophy from lack of activity. He has a great deal of suspicion towards the people of Mondstadt, and believes that everything would be better if the outsiders were to leave his village alone.
  • Diluc stands out due to her long, straight blonde hair which she keeps bound in two braids; which are later revealed as antennae allowing her to communicate with Genshin by sensing his Aura. Jean calls Diluc by "Dye" in the anime; however, she still uses this nickname in some panels of the manga.
  • He sells the protagonist various items in exchange for gold, among other things. When the protagonists leave to defeat Barbatos, Diluc comments that it has been some time since he had spoken to someone like them.