Diona in Genshin Impact Explained


Diona's personality is similar to her father's; she's always kind and considerate towards others, but can be strict when she needs to be. 

Her parents hoped she would take over the family's business at Cat's Tail, but instead, Diona decided to be a bartender for the sake of helping out her friends and neighbors. 

She enjoys concocting drinks, even though she absolutely despises alcohol. Still, she knows how to cheer people up with a single glass.

Her mother, Janice, was all but forced to give her up and remarried soon after. From an early age, Diona had a strong aversion to alcohol that she inherited from her father, a hunter by trade. 

Though she became acquainted with alcohol through her older step sister Kylie, who took a liking to it as well as men, Diona still maintains her loathing of all things alcoholic. 

She had always dreamed of leaving Springvale behind and becoming a hunter like her father before her.

 The family took over from the previous owner, Ginebia Shikimi, and since then it has been run by its current owner, Arietta Shikimi. 

Diona Shikimi is the third generation barkeep, and her passion for serving customers never wavers.

Diona is somewhat of a tomboy and has an aggressive personality to match her flaming red hair. She can be a little dismissive and impatient but is deeply loyal. 

However, she shouldn't be mistaken for an air pirate as her normal behavior contrasts with her image as a bartender.


As noted by her father, she is a little hard to deal with and has a bit of a rebellious phase — but this is mainly due to the fact that she wants to be just like her dad! 

She adores him, even though she has witnessed his change in personality while drunk. In fact, it was his drinking problem that made her very anti-alcohol, except for Lisa and Eula.

A rich girl who grew up in an alcohol-free mansion, Diona eventually discovered the world of the Masamune Samurai Spirits after being introduced to the game by her friend Raven. 

Now captivated by her love for the game and determined to grow stronger in it, she uses every means to make herself stronger, often easily very mischievous and selfish.

Diona is a bit of a social butterfly. Making friends is her speciality. While sometimes she has difficulty thinking things through, oftentimes she comes off as more impulsive than anything. 

She cares deeply for her family and friends and will move heaven and earth to protect them, even if they don't necessarily deserve it.

She loves alcohol like her father and suffers the same withdrawal symptoms as him. She's not a fan of anyone who drinks, unless they're one of her friends. Diona is the daughter of Draff and Lisa in Genso Rondo. She is one of three playable characters and acts as the link between the player, characters, and gameplay. 

Diona narrates the story, shifts perspectives between characters and gives advice on battle selections. 

The player uses Diona when they have a tutorial question and offers 4 different choices on how to play the game, she also offers tips such as leveling up and fighting enemies.

Diona's Region

They are ruled by Barbatos and a council of mages. Mondstadt is home to many schools and institutions devoted to study occult arts, including alchemy. It frequently takes part in the trade caravans that pass through Zanaris from Dorgesh-Kaan. Located in the north, it is where most of the Travelers start their journey and where the first story quest takes place. Mondstadt is home to various bandits and brigands who prey on travellers, such as a large bandit camp located right out side of town.


She has a calm and laid-back personality which may be because of her age. She is very wise at her job. In battle, she uses her abilities to fight various evil forces. 

Her attitude towards defeating evil is different when she leaves behind a couple of zombies or demons. Diona also appears as a rival in the dating simulation video game, Yumina The Ethereal.

She is known for her lack of understanding in human ways and expression, appearing to wear an overly-large grumpy expression on her face. 

She's also known to be secretly playful, enjoying to play hide and go seek with other people or children.

Her main source of damage is electricity. While her powers rely on channeling a percentage of her health, she's deceptively tanky compared to other Warframes due to her passive ability to restore armor every time enemies get close to her. 

She can also act as a "tank" against Infested, as her abilities hit multiple targets and can make short work of any enemies swarming around her.

She has reddish eyeshadow, long eyelashes and thick eyebrows of the same colour as her hair. 

She has visible blush on her cheeks, and sports a black choker with a white heart in the center. On her left hand she wears a purple studded wrist cuff, and on her right two bracelets, one golden with three small studs to the left and another made of purple rope tied into a double bow knot to the right. 

Diona wears a white catsuit with black stripes trailing from the underarms and up to their lower ends that stops at her mid-thighs by going into triangle shapes by going down her side across her thighs. 

The whole suit is tied together by a belt ribbon patch in front of it, just where Diona's cleavage begins, which seems to be made of white laces tied together three times: once above them, once below them and another time through one string on each side.

Meaning of Name

Diona is the second of the four heroes introduced in the initial launch of Genshin Impact. 

The name Diona may be derived from the names Diana and Dionysus, both of which are well-known Greek gods. 

Diona's attack has a strong emphasis on archery, so it would make sense that she would have her own goddess as her namesake. 

This is likely due to a large amount of wine that courses through their veins as they are descendants of the Greek god Dionysus, while also having a kinship to the Roman goddess Diana.

Things You Should Know About Impact

  • Diona is a human female and daughter of the Hero and Queen Draff. She left Springvale to study with the Cat's Tail guild in Mondstadt. As per usual with Cat's Tail servers, her appearance adheres to a certain amount of feline grace; cat ears, tail and long nails. There is just something about Diona that is off... but it's hard to put your finger on.
  • Diona is a waitress working in the City of Mondstadt. Her sunny disposition and general curiosity are traits she inherited from her father, and she enjoys living life to the fullest! Wearing a blouse that hides her true identity, Diona uses an item called the "Genshin Impact" as her weapon.
  • She has never been clear on what caused this particular obsession with alcohol, only saying to take it up with The One Who Created Her. We may not know all of the reasons why yet, but we do know one thing for certain: Diona is a good person deep down inside. 
  • She's a little rough around the edges, but she really is trying to do right by people in Gaelio. So feel free to discuss her past and her eccentricities with your friends - just don't dwell on it.

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