Dottore In Genshin Impact Explained

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Dottore is known for being a very polite man, and seems to be particularly fond of tea. He considers Newton Belduke to be one of his greatest enemies among the Ten Monarchs, viewing him to be both ignorant and wild. 

He is regarded as the "kingpin" of all the Fatui Harbingers, due to his deep knowledge of many disciplines: science, medicine, history, politics, art and literature.

His personality is that of a stereotypical medical doctor, a trait that can be attributed to his training.

This time he is re-created in an amazing 1/12 scale figure complete with his precious sword, 'Fatuus,' which also fits perfectly into his hand. 

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Dottore sees it as his duty to guide others toward happiness, whether they like it or not. 

He is a passionate seducer who, no matter how many angels fall in love with him, doesn't have time to worry about fidelity.

It inflicts a percentage of the current HP of your targeted enemy to all enemies. The more max HP the targeted enemy has, the higher its power. It only appears in the original Japanese version game and the North American version PlayStation release.

He has been revered for his calm and level headedness, even by non-believers. As one of the eleven harbingers that brought about a major change in Rune Midgard's history, he has gathered many around him who have pledged their loyalties to him.

His unique active skill allows him to grant a bonus on adjacent foes, while also applying his newly upgraded Arcana, Inferno. 

Upon using this skill, enemies will be hit by a wave of energy that deals fire damage and inflicts burn status. You can be sure that he left the Island of Dawn after having it right where he wanted it: In ruins. It is said that he is always carrying a flask of hot cocoa around.


Dottore is a protagonist that appears to be a young man with long, blue hair. He wears an all-white mask that covers the lower half of his face. His nose and lips are visible through the mask, allowing him to eat and drink easily. 

His white clothes are decorated with black diagonal patterns on the edges of the fabric. He wears a large black cape with a red stripe on each sleeve that has a Fatui symbol in the middle, below his shoulder.

He uses his abilities to alter his appearance, generate copious amounts of acorns, and shoot them out of a cannon formed by his acorn-shaped earring.

As such, he first joined the Seireitei a decade prior to Genshin Impact as an apprentice to one of the ten captains of Soul Society, until he betrayed Soul Society. His betrayal was so calculated that even his master had believed that Dottore was still working for Soul Society.

Though few people had ever seen his face and lived to tell the tale, the rumors were wild. Some people say he stole from a museum and was running from the law while others say he was a con man who made money by playing his guitar and singing in bars.

Though Dottore is neither a real doctor, nor having any medical degree, he prefers for everyone to refer to him as "Dr. Dottore". Dottore kidnaps Hiyoko Saionji at night(September 20th), for unknown reasons. He also puts a curse on her which makes her see everything and everyone as fat or obese.

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The Past

Dottore is a half-vampire who survived after Jacob's Ladder was destroyed. After experimenting on himself, Dottore was able to live long enough to be over 300 years old. 

Because of his experimentation, he was fired from the Sumeru Academia in the Underworld. He then went to live in Tokyo. 

He's now making an effort to not get expelled from the Underworld, because it's an environment conducive to research.

During this time he happened to meet Mackielnia and became interested in enhancing humanity by experimenting on her due to her healing powers. 

A fellow scientist with a brilliant mind, Dottore is an expert in genetic inheritance, allowing him to study enhancements not possible through standard magic research. He hates fighting and violence, but engages in it anyway for the benefit of mankind.

He took them in, raised them as his own, and placed them under the care of Sumeru Academia. 

However, many of these Genjin began to manifest their own powers, which brought attention to Moja by the Spirit World Great Spirits. 

They chased him out of Sumeru Academia and relocated to Wayo town where Dottore had a chance to work on his projects for the next generation of enhanced humans: the Yajū. 

The experiments that he carried out on his students shocked the teachers and left a bad impression of him on the students. Somehow, he's still around. He sometimes stays in the school dormitory, and sometimes spends time with his granddaughter.

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