Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List: +30 Characters

This is a very complex fighting game and the amount of characters have led players to being confused. Thus, we created a Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List, a post dedicated to reducing the time spent in search by clearly defining where each character stands in comparison with the rest.

S Tiers A Tiers B Tiers C Tiers D Tiers
Teen Gohan Android 18 Majin Buu Frieza Krillin
Goku GT Vegeta Captain Ginyu Videl Nappa
Kid Buu Piccolo Vegeta Base Janemba
Vegito Goku Black Trunks
Gohan Zamasu
Android 16 Jiren
Android 21

Since this game was released on January 1, 2018, it has sold more than two million units worldwide, surpassing 2.5 million downloads in total across Steam and the PlayStation Store worldwide as of January 5. 

The game's success became evident by how it reached the top of Steam's best selling games list during the first day of its release.

S Tiers

dragon ball tier list for S

Teen Gohan

Teen Gohan, or Gohan Jr. in the anime, is the first born son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and one of the main protagonists of DB (though he could be argued as an antihero). 

As noted by his father, and his teacher Master Roshi, Gohan is incredibly strong both physically and mentally. 

Son Goku's near-death from the heart disease when he was a baby caused him to go into a rage and destroy everything within 1 kilometer of where he was at, but he calmed down immediately afterwards (which was said to be impossible).

Goku GT

Goku returns in GT. Since his magical son, Gohan, turned into a kid by Pilaf, Onio and Shu's wish back in the beginning of Z, Goku must now deal with training his now very powerful son.

Goku's year aged physical appearance was due to him being transformed back into a child by Shen Long along with praying to keep his friends safe from the evil Baby.

Kid Buu

Kid Buu is the pure form of Majin Buu, the pink blob of candy floss insanity that terrorised Earth for years. Kid Buu is a low HP / high power character who can grow stronger after recovering health if you deal enough damage to your opponent. 

Despite his low HP, he can be pretty unpredictable. He loves to run around stages, set traps and fire waves of Ki blasts at his foes before moving back in for an occasional combo attack.


Goku and Vegeta fused themselves together to create Vegito, one of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z history. Vegito is a warrior from Universe 6 and one of the strongest warriors in DBZ. He has power rivaling Super Buu, Goku, or Vegeta when they are at full strength.

In his uncontrollable state, he begins tearing the fabric of reality apart with an off-white aura flaring around his body. He then harnesses all of this energy and fires it as a beam of destruction towards Goku.

A Tiers

Dragon Ball A tier list

Android 18

Dr. Gero, the evil genius who was the main antagonist of Dragon Ball, created the Android models 17 and 18 to destroy the world. When they survived his destruction, Dr. Gero's SuperComputer tells him that they are more dangerous than he originally thought. 

The first thing that Dr. Gero does is try to find a way to defeat them. Before he can do this, however, Cell absorbs both Androids 17 and 18 to take his power to a level where he could beat Goku - the strongest fighter in the universe!

Both Androids 17 and 18 became playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ via the new Future Trunks Arc Pack. There is, however, one format that these characters are flat out superior in – the tournament format.


Vegeta collected three Dragon Balls along with Nappa until Goku showed up and destroyed his partner in battle. Vegeta stood no chance against a man much stronger than his ally who was just recently defeated by a simple monkey. 

He joined forces with Nappa and together, they fought Goku for hours to no avail.

He came to Earth with the heartless Nappa when the two elites heard of the Dragon Balls over Raditz's scooter. 

By the time of their arrival, one of these orbs was already claimed by Emperor Pilaf, so Vegeta and his cohort Nappa set out to gather the rest. However, before they could do that, an Earthling boy named Goku appeared and mistook them for aliens invading Earth.


Huge and muscular, Piccolo Jr. appears human except for his antennae and bugged eyes that mark him as a being out of this world. Despite that, he is quite smart and uses his brain more than brute force.

Piccolo Jr. has long been isolated from mankind in order to focus on his training of the martial arts passed down from generations of Namekians living on Earth before their extinction at the hands of history's greatest villains--the Saiyans. 

He made his debut in Dragon Ball Z during the World Martial Arts Tournament where he entered disguised as a human fighter and faced Goku in a match

Goku Black

Zamasu is a significant villain in the multiverse timeline. He is a supreme kai-in-training from Universe 10 who becomes Goku Black. Zamasu believes that all mortals are evil and that they should be purged because of this. 

This leads him to use the Super Dragon Balls to swap bodies with Goku, and thus collect more power from Goku himself. He is the leader of the Time Breakers alongside his future counterpart Fused Zamasu.


After the intense struggles with Cell and Buu, Gohan and Videl get married and have two sons named Goten (who is a spitting image of Goku, but with Gohan’s sense of compassion) and Trunks. The three half-Saiyans grow to be prodigious martial artists, forming the "Sharpian" warriors along with their youngest sibling Bra (both are daughters).

He does not forget the friends who saved the world and enjoys seeing them again every so often at the Tien Shinhan Tournament.

Android 16

Android 16 is a highly underrated character that never quite got the spotlight he deserved during the Cell saga. 

This is especially puzzling since he was the machine created specifically to kill Goku, yet he ends up not only sticking around for years after Goku's death, but also becomes a pivotal ally in the fight against Cell and the future Androids and survives to see a new generation of Z-fighters as they take on another set of villains.


In a desperate effort to defeat the monster, Vegeta suggested they use the Fusion Dance only to find that Goten and Trunks weren’t able to properly fuse together. Heeding this advice from a surviving member of an extinct race, Goku formed an entirely new tactic: he had them transform into their old childhood forms.

Gotenks is the result of the Metamoran Fusion performed by Goten and Trunks to fight against Majin Buu. 

Initially a last resort, it would later prove to be more than enough to deal with Goku even when the latter was using Super Saiyan 3, he was in fact only using 80% of his true power.

Android 21

Android 21 is a character created by Akira Toriyama and introduced in Dragon Ball FighterZ. 

She's a scientist working for the Red Ribbon Army, but left them to create androids at a peaceful village, which was then destroyed by Android 16 under Frieza's orders.

She is the latest model of android, designed to develop and test new-type androids. 

Together with Android 16, she manages the Time Storage Room, and both were ordered by Dr. Gero to lure and capture Cell after he absorbed Androids 17 and 18. Android 21 also appears in the game as one of the central characters.

B Tiers

Dragon ball fighterz b tier list

Majin Buu

With Babidi’s influence, Buu awakens his insatiable appetite and sets out to consume the entire universe. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, fans can engage in epic battles featuring all of the game’s playable characters.

The ruthless fighter and magician can turn his enemy's powers against them, weakening their ki and slaying them with a final devastating blow.

This fiend nearly destroyed the entire universe, leaving behind nothing but destruction in the wake of his rampage. However, he was able to seal away on a far-off planet before his defeat, only returning to Earth after being unleashed by Babidi’s evil power. Now that it’s 2018, let’s take a look at Majin Buu’s stats once more, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Captain Ginyu

A member of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu is hailed as the most cunning warrior in the universe. Yet despite his tactical genius, the Captain's greatest threat comes from within. 

Due to an unfortunate side effect of his transformation, Ginyu finds himself unable to absorb Goku when he switches bodies with him after falling victim to Goku's incredible strength.

These guys have an interesting playstyle and are all good for different situations. They're a little different from the other characters in DBF so take your time learning their mechanics.

Vegeta Base

As a character, he has had a strange history, coming from a mindless Planet to become an ally of Goku's allies. 

However, Vegeta would not have achieved such incredible progress if not for the fierce training he underwent by himself, teaching his skills to surpass those of others. 

Besides being the strongest Saiyan Saiyan and belonging to a race called Saiyan Elite, he is also the prince of another planet conquered by Vegeta previously called Daldon.


Trunks is a half-breed Saiyan who is the son of Prince Vegeta and his housekeeper Bulma. 

Trunks is born in Age 766, four years after Goku’s death against Raditz. 

Trunks is a video game character from Dragon Ball Z, which makes his debut on May 31, 1991 (Daizenshuu 2, 2003: 207). 

Next to Goku, Bulma said he was her son who she loved the most (DBZ Episode 67). 

Though he holds deep respect for his father Vegeta, he dislikes him for not being able to spend any time with him because of his training. 

Trunks has very little resemblance to Vegeta though, as he has the appearance of his mother more than his father's


Zamasu, a character from the story of Dragon Ball, is a member of the Supreme 

Kai race that decides to take the sword of justice into his own hands. He tasks himself with altering the fate of all timelines to avoid peace and happiness for all. 

In order for him to do this he murders Future Trunks' mentor Gowasu. 

By doing so, Zamasu also kills the Supreme Kibito who was in charge of protecting Future Trunks and his master's wish granting powers. 

Zamasu becomes immortal because he has obtained the immortality granted by the Potara earrings.


Jiren is the warrior of Justice, an elite veteran that has been a part of the strongest force in his own Universe. 

The Pride Troopers are the protectors of justice and their main objective is to find and apprehend any being that can endanger other Universes, such as Goku Black.

As stated by Vermoud, He is strong enough to challenge Goku. 

He was born with an immense amount of power which rivals that of Goku and Vegeta (specially Vegito).

C Tiers

dragon ball fighterz C tiers


Frieza is the most feared villain in all of Dragon Ball. A major antagonist in the series, he has long been Goku's archenemy and the subject of his rivalry since childhood.

He will constantly attack his enemy with his second form and his true form which makes him a tough foe.

He's faced down countless protagonists, from Goku to Trunks, and he's cemented his legacy as one of the strongest warriors in all the DragonBall universe.


While he was beating up weaklings in fake fights, Videl was talented enough to graduate from high school when she was only 11 years old. She trained under Krillin and became an extremely skilled fighter. 

She can fly with or without Ki and has mastered many forms of martial arts.

She is a very determined and competitive girl, who dislikes Satan for falsely claiming himself to be such a great hero when in reality he's just a selfish fraud. Her personality is a stark contrast to that of her father's, whom she neither respected nor likes.


When Goku and Vegeta accidentally fuse to defeat Janemba, it shocks the hell out of them which causes them to unfuse in spitball mode.  

Janemba's first words after getting back are, "You scared me for a sec there. I thought you were gonna make Super Saiyan 4.

This implies that Janemba couldn't tell if it was really Gogeta or just Gogeta, just going off of his appearance alone. 

But yet he's able to tell the difference when gogeta is all defused again.

D Tiers

dragon ball fighterz D tier


Krillin is a human, but nobody in the series has ever actually referred to him as one. 

Krillin met Goku around the time Goku began training under Master Roshi, and Krillin joined them shortly after. 

The two became best friends, and continued living together after Goku moved in with Chi-Chi for a time.

Krillin goes to the 22nd world martial arts tournament and fights Jackie Chun/Master Roshi who knocks him out of the arena, but before he does though Krillin tells Jackie Chun that Goku will be entering the next world martial arts tournament.


Nappa is a purple-skinned, humanoid alien from a race of warriors, and Vegeta's partner. 

He spends most of his time following behind Vegeta as he believes that Vegeta is the greatest of all Saiyans. 

After he and Vegeta arrive on Earth following the destruction of New Namek, Nappa defeats Piccolo and Chaozu before fighting Gohan.