Dragon Priest Masks & Locations

You know what's frustrating in Skyrim? It's when you have a sweet looking Dragon Priest Mask, but it doesn't have any enchantments in it! Well, fret no more. I've found the best masks out there for enchanting!

The dragon priests wore these masks because they were considered the most powerful of all the dragon followers. The secret to getting these masks was that you had to become a dragon yourself.

The idea of these masks is that the dragon priests were either apprentices or followers of powerful dragons. They had access to dragon knowledge as well as immortality with a dragon soul (who wouldn’t want that). The masks were said to contain power and each one was very different.

All Skyrim Masks

Masks are an item type in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim used for crafting and trade. There are a total of 35 masks in Skyrim.

17 of them can be looted or purchased, and the remaining 18 can only be obtained by completing quests or joining factions.

Lets see them


Otar mask info card
ID: 00061CC2

Otar the Mad resides in the Nordic Ruins of Ragnvald, found just north of Markarth. He’s a level 80 NPC who may seem intimidating at first. I have searched far and wide for this Otar mask, and I have finally found it. I hope you can benefit from my hard work and find your own Otar mask.

Ahzidal's, Dukaan's and Zahkriisos' masks can be found on various lootable corpses around Solstheim. 

Note that these three masks are part of the Dragonborn DLC and can only be obtained once. The Otar mask can only be looted off a unique dremora called Telkur in a Nordic tomb named Ragnvald - Archmage's Quarters.

Wooden Mask

Wooden Mask info card
ID: 00061CCA

The wood mask is one of the more unusual masks in Skyrim. The mask was created to gain access to a specific set of ruins once containing their own unique and powerful dragon priest.

This mask is unlike the previous masks in that its purpose is to gain access to the dragon priest shrine when worn within the barrow. To obtain the mask, one must first clear out Labyrinthian of its many undead denizens. 

After doing so, one can enter the innermost crypt where you’ll find an entire horde of undead warriors, spellcasters, and more at the ready to defend their master’s resting place.


Krosis mask info card
ID: 00061CB9

The Krosis mask is the weakest of the dragon priest masks. It is similar to an ebony mask; however, the skill boosts are different. Krosis has a few unique features such as the ability to cast two shouts [Disarm and Dismay] at once, but it could only be done once a day.

What makes this mask so unique, is the fact that it scales (up to level 40) with your character stats.


Morokei mask card info
ID: 00061C8B

Morokei is not a friendly character and his mask will be difficult to obtain. The lightweight enchantment on this one-handed helm is strong enough to deflect arrows and blows from weaker foes, but lacks any elemental protection.

Morokei is one of the most powerful masks in Skyrim. It can be acquired from Morokei, a dragon priest that resides in Labyrinthian. 

The mask is dropped when fighting Morokei, and is equipped as soon as you pick it up.


Hevnoraak mask info card
ID: 00061CC1

Hevnoraak is said to have been a very powerful and wealthy priest at one time; he stole the mask from his former colleague, Vahlok The Temple Builder. 

Hevnoraak was eventually killed by Vahlok and was buried along with a number of his treasures in Valthume. The Hevnoraak mask is part of an advanced burning-outfit called Morokei.

This fearsome foe is found inside the Nordic ruin of Valthume. The Dragon Priest Hevnoraak will join you in combat if your skills aren’t high enough to handle him on your own


Rahgot mask info card
ID: 00061CC0

Rahgot is one of the many high level dragons you encounter while doing the Dragonborn quest (2nd time), and he wears it, just like all other dragons.

It can be found on Rahgot's corpse or in a cabinet on the upper floor with the Word Wall behind a novice-locked door.

This mask is most useful for warriors who dedicate their training exclusively towards Heavy Armor

However, it is also useful as a supplement to characters who use  Light Armor and need extra stamina to zoom in and slow down time. 

Or warriors who have committed themselves solely to  Archery , but want the added protection of a survival instinct which requires little time or effort.


Konahrik mask info card
ID: 00061CD6

To collect the Dragon Priest's Mask, you must travel to the Nordic ruin of Bromjunaar Sanctuary and defeat its boss. From there, you must go to Skuldafn Temple and enter Nchardak. The mask is located in a dead end isolated room.

It is only accessible by traversing through a vast mountainous terrain. Inside the secluded Sanctuary, this mask can be found on a corpse in the catacombs.


Nahkriin mask info card
ID: 00061CA5

While the majority of Skyrim's population are content living in their own fantasy bubble, there's a sub-culture that revels in trolling the rest. These thrill-seekers might not be respected members of society, but their antics ensure that the general populace cannot rest easy. 

The Nahkriin mask pays homage to one such troll, who delights in luring victims, incapacitating them through magic and taking their possessions before vanishing like a puff of smoke.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of different styles of masks. They just differ in shapes and cost. One of the most famous masks is the Nahkriin mask which you can buy on Skyrim Amazon Store . 


Volsung mask info card
ID: 00061CAB

It is one of the seven legendary dragon masks, and is located within the Nordic ruin of Volskygge west of Solitude.

I am aware that the Volsung Mask isn't an easy mask to acquire, in fact it is considered one of the hardest masks in the game to acquire due to it being craftable only through the use of a specific motif and several skyshards. 

However I believe this mask has great potential due to its main effects allowing the user to see within walls and gain the racial passive found within Argonian.


Vokun mask info card
ID: 00061CC9

To find Vokun, go to High Gate Ruins, west of Dawnstar. The easiest way there is to fast travel to the Hela's Folly Inn and run south a short distance. Alternatively, you can walk or ride a horse there from Dawnstar.

Vokun is a mask you can obtain in the Mages Guild questline in Skyrim. It's useful for mage class players, specifically during passive activities, due to upgrading Illusion and Alteration. 

The mask isn't outstanding, but it is undoubtedly a nice piece of equipment once obtained.

All Dragonborn Masks


Miraak mask info card

This dragon mask can be acquired from Miraak at the conclusion of the main questline for Dragonborn. 

Although any race will benefit from this, the Altmer in particular will possess an even greater magicka pool because of their natural predisposition towards magicka fortification.


Dukaan mask info card
ID: XX0240FF

Dukaan was a very clever dragon priest. He managed to stay one step ahead of the other dragon priests of Skyrim by hiding a dragon mask away, to be used as a last resort should his fellow brethren discover his plan to rebel against Alduin.


Zahkriisos mask info card
ID: XX024037

Zahkriisos is a dragon priest, who can be found in the Nordic ruin of Bloodskal Barrow, located on an island north of Windhelm. Zahkriisos is one of four named dragon priests encountered throughout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Ahzidal mask info card
ID: XX0240FE

Ahzidal is a powerful dragon priest, and one of the five eyes of Hermaeus Mora. He can be found in Kolbjorn Barrow, a burial tomb for dragon priests near Borthwick Tower in Solstheim.