Ellin, the Wannabe Knight In Genshin Impact

Ellin is the Wannabe Knight. She's a younger, aspiring knight who traveled around the lands of Mechertia to learn anything she could on how to be a great knight like her father. 

Ellin says that she doesn't have any training in swordplay or combat, so her best chance of becoming as spectacular as her father is by learning from people who have already mastered these things. 

In hopes of making a good impression, she carries around an old dummy that looks like her father instead of a real one. 

Ellin will show up to your location with her repaired dummy and promote it using the whimsical charm of the ‘Limitations of an Adventurer.

She has the same capabilities as him and enjoys traveling about in search of new places to adventure in, and will become doubly happy when his search finds a destination that satisfies both of their interests. 

The main and often only goal of her adventures is to defeat monsters with various purposes such as treasure and experience points.

One year after returning from her adventures with Captain Herman, Ellin found herself in a difficult situation. After laying wagers, she challenged many suitors to show her how manly they really were. Her wager placement was determined by how much of the imaginary world that each of these men could not dominate. 

She enjoyed being a man among men and learned how to beat them at their own games. It was a valuable lesson that she carried through her entire life.

All Daily Commissions

Step by Step Guide

1) Go and Speak With Ellin

2) Fight with enemies.

3) Let ellin know.

(simple is that)


  • Ellin, the wannabe knight. Run up to the first dummy. Box it. Jump up and land on the second dummy's head. The third dummy turns around. The fourth dummy is standing in all 4 directions and moves along with the fourth set of dummies. The fifth dummy rushes forward . . . to meet Ellin coming from behind.
  • Ellin is the most powerful wannabe knight since Sir Vaak. Too bad he really doesn't have any reason to be, because his armor and weapons are basically useless. So Ellin's worn himself out practicing "knighting-up," but now that he's been given his very own shield and sword, it's time to see what he can do with them. Introducing Ellin, the Wannabe Knight!
  • Ellin is here to teach you how not to become an accomplished knight!
  • At least, that's what I'd do as a Knight. Alas, they're all gone now, with the destruction at Kostan on the surface and most of these poor creatures below. I'd rather spend time doing good deeds: cleaning up the junk left by this latest attack, helping those in need. It's hard to find good help these days.
  • With all the courage and guts of a wannabe knight, Ellin retrieves the precious gems from the chest that has grown tiresomely dull from the constant wear and tear. Don't be fooled by his diminutive appearance, though. Once Ellin gives you credit for your efforts, he'll show you just how well he fights when he comes at you with his nail file, or his sword.