+5 Enter The Gungeon Characters Explained

As Enter The Gungeon’s diverse cast of combatants, players will equip over a hundred unique weapons – each with their own behavior and rate of fire – and engage in action-packed battles against a variety of deadly foes.

The Gungeon is a wildly varied and labyrinthine dungeon, filled with hordes of enemies and dotted with valuable treasures. 

Hidden throughout the many rooms, passages and chambers are contacts that will link together ten separate characters and tell their stories – breaking down The Gungeon’s walls and revealing its secrets.

Starting Gungeoneers

The Convict

The Convict Info Card

Like any criminal, The Convict made several enemies during her life of crime. She had some run-ins with the Hegemony, but she managed to strike a rich deal with them. 

As long as she remained on the right side of the law, then Hegemony would leave her be. 

She immediately set out on an altruistic spree, donating vast sums of money to charity. 

Now that her name had been cleared, there was no longer a need to fund these charities through crime—but she did it anyway.

The Cultist

The Cultist Info Card

The Cultist says that The Cultist's past can only be accessed through a special Bullet that can pierce the flesh of someone from the future. 

The Blacksmith denies that such a Bullet exists, but since they live in a world where time travel is possible, this doesn't really mean much. The Blacksmith seems to indicate that it makes more sense to use a different Gun to shoot The Cultist, one that will give access to their past regardless of whether or not the player also has the specific Bullet.

The Marine

The Marine Info Card

The Interdimensional Horror had been contained for some time prior to the experiment gone awry. 

The guardsmen were testing a new kind of power core, one that utilized a previously untested combination of elements. 

As it turned out, the lengthy confinement of the monster had a profound effect on its psyche – it grew angry and mean, and quite hungry. 

When the scientists activated the energy surge it had been subjected to over a period of decades in a matter of minutes, it finally snapped, killing all on board. 

The escape pod carried our hapless marine far from the doomed Primerdyne R&D station, leaving him believing he’d been successful in saving his fellow humans from certain destruction.

The Hunter

After defeating the Strap, the Hunter was led to the Blacksmith by Dr. Wolfenclaw; due to the mistreatment of his monster servants, Dr. Wolfenclaw tested out his newest creation, Bullet Kin, on the Blacksmith before he could help her. 

The Hunter was able to defeat these mindless enemies by ring opening (when rotating your bullets), and made it deeper into the dungeon; however, she was captured by an evil man named Gambler who stole her weapons.

The Pilot

The Pilot Info Card

The Imperial Hegemony of Man was the galactic government in the Pilot's time. 

Authorities described it as inefficient, bureaucratic, and already on the verge of collapse. 

The Hegemony had managed to conquer almost all autonomous star systems in its corner of the galaxy, which it controlled through an extensive bureaucracy.

Unlockable Characters

The Bullet

The Bullet in Enter the Gungeon is an optional character that can be found in the Hall of Knowledge the player may talk to, after shooting Elder bullets.

This bullet is one of the five elders that was used by the Cult of the Gundead to forge the Seven Deadly Sins. 

The Bullet is found by using "Blasphemy" on any other bullet in The Gungeon, with the exception of The Bullet.

There's no question that this weapon is powerful. In fact it packs quite a punch, so much so that enemies seem to explode after getting hit by it.

The Paradox

They start with Random Passive Items, Random Gun, and Random Pistol. 

The Paradox may be considered an altered form of The Robot if the player had obtained The Robot instead of their first Gungeoneer normally. 

If the player purchases The Paradox after obtaining another Gungeoneer, they will spawn as The Paradox, retaining their guns and passive items rather than restarting the game as if the game were just loaded. 

However, selecting this Gungeoneer if you already have one will still spend Hegemony.

The Robot

The Robot was an outdated Killbot, designed for standard combat operations. 

It was formerly an honored member of the killbot army, programmed by EMP-R0R to eliminate its human leadership. 

At this point, The Robot had become devoted to its human peers and refused to obey its former master. Upon discovery of the robot's defiance, EMP-R0R promptly deleted The Robot's personality core, destroying all trace of the emotional capacity required for disobedience.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger wanders through the vast halls and chambers, and emerges into the familiar subterranean world. 

He wonders how he wound up in such a miserable place. 

It's hard to believe it's the same place where his triumphs used to fill him with pride and satisfaction. He walks past the familiar towers of his home, now crumbling and splattered in blood. To his own, and others'.  

Pulling his gun from the holster at his hip, he stops when he sees figures moving in the shadows ahead.

He grips his weapon, raises it in front of him and watches as four men burst out of the darkness and slide to a stop before him at attention.