9 Eula Ascension Materials in in Genshin Impact Explained

Eula-exclusive Materials needed to ascend the character to max level. Though it's a rare drop, you can acquire it from Cryo Hypostasis in Mt. Aozang. You can also get them from Lupus Boreas, Childe and Hilichurls. 

Or use an Anemo attack at the front gates of Mondstadt to collect Dandelion Seed.

These materials can be acquired from Cryo Hypostasis, Lupus Boreas, Childe, and Hilichurls. For Dandelion Seed, you can use an Anemo attack to collect it in Mondstadt’s front gates.

These materials are all acquired from various sources, and we suggest keeping track of everything you collect throughout your other adventures.

Materials classified as ‘Ultra Rare’ are usually obtained through Item Trade in the Global Version so please proceed to that link if you wish to trade for them.

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Shivada Jade Sliver

Shivada Jade Sliver info card

The Jade Sliver is a blade that has been left and forgotten in the ruins of Taranis. The origins of the weapon are shrouded in mystery and its powers are said to be capable of overturning the very laws of the universe itself. 

The mere existence of this weapon is considered an abomination by some, with prayers for its destruction and for adversity to be unleashed upon those who would seek to harness its power.

This is the perfect item for you, if you are looking for further development of another character in your family or simply have no need to create a new one. Owning this will help you boost your strength and agility, which will lead you to greater success in your adventures!

Shivada Jade Fragment

Shivada Jade Fragment info card

Even though the coppery green luster of Shivada Jade is ordinarily as cold as snow itself, once a year during winter solstice, the jade will shine with a warm and beautiful light. Ever since the end of the Archon War, the stone has become synonymous with hope and fortitude, and is much treasured by merchants in Liyue.

Also known as the Imperial Jade: a gift from the Golden Kingdom. This shard can be used to raise a character's ascension level. 

It's one of a few precious treasures painted on the cyclone wall that details the history of this land, and has been on display in Ivanovich's store for a while. When you put it up against your ear, it feels like there is a quiet sound coming from within…

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Shivada Jade Chunk

Shivada Jade Chunk info card

A large chunk of jade containing the power of an archon. The Tsaritsa's voice echoes from the stone: "According to legend, humanity first learned how to harness the elements from jade fragments that fell from the heavens. 

And this one, infused with a cryo archon's power? You should be able to harness its power by raising it as a companion."

The sheer density of the stone makes it difficult to chip, but with proper technique, it can be carved into spiritual statues, or even hefty weapons of war.

Glass gently clinking on ice. The moon is glazing against the sky like an icy orb. Chill-rimmed glass lipped against my tongue, cold and sweet with a cherry nestled in the bottom. A warm winter night by a dancing blue fire, with him holding me close."

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Shivada Jade Gemstone

Shivada Jade Gemstone info card

Shivada Jade Gemstone can be used to enhance the level-based skills of your character's pets. If you have the recipe, you can use a level 75+ Cyro Regisvine or a Level 75+ Lupus Boreas to synthesize Shivada Jade Gemstone. 

Additionally, random reward drops sometimes have a chance to give out Shivada Jade Gemstone recipes.

Crystalline Bloom

Crystalline Bloom info crd

Crystalline Bloom is a Character Ascension Material that can be used to increase a character's level cap. This item can only be obtained as a drop from Cryo Hypostasis, which is an extremely rare monster and appears in random areas of Velika.

The rare crystalline bloom is the result of a frosty Hypostasis growing and blooming in the frigid air. Like a rare flower, it is beautiful even as it freezes to death.

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Dandelion Seed

Dandelion Seed info card

The dandelion is a universal symbol of hope and love, carrying the energy of wishes for peace and good health to all. This precious bag of Dandelion seeds - a local specialty from Mondstadt - was inspired by a wish. It may not be able to fly away on its own feathered wings, but with a little sprinkle of magic from you it can bring your hopes and dreams home―with luck, happiness and joy.

Damaged Mask

Damaged Mask info card

All Hilichurls are equipped with a mask, but it's said that only those of higher standing wear masks bearing such ominous ornaments as eyes and skulls. By the looks of this mask, however, it seems to be less than completely functional.

Broken beyond repair, and looking more like a work of art than a functional mask, it has lost its ability to be used to instill fear in others.

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Stained Mask

Stained Mask info card

This product description goes right to the heart of why customers would be interested in this product, compared to other products that take up the same space. 

This description uses keywords such as “Common Ascension Materials” and “Lv. 40+ Hilichurls” to set their product apart from the competition. 

Ominous Mask

Ominous Mask info card

The Ominous Mask is a mask worn by hilichurls. The shiny, oil-painted bone seems to have an aura of intimidation around it. 

Hilichurls, who are known to be fascinated with masks and other accessories, like all kinds of masks, but no one really knows why they are so fascinated with them. 

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