+8 Eula Talent Materials in in Genshin Impact (Level-Up) Explained

Eula is building up a library of books, and we have them available for you! Every week, on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, the Resistance will have new books ready to collect in Forsaken Rift located between Springvale and Dragonspine in Mondstadt. 

Eula Talent Materials

Total Talent Materials are necessary to progress your character in Eula

You can find them in certain quests, such as the Forsaken Rift instance, or you can purchase them from merchants located in the major cities. 

You can also obtain them from special patrons and quest givers scattered throughout Gielinor.

We have listed all of the Eula Resistance items available at this time. To view a material, simply click on the name of it or its image. 

If you see an empty box in place of a picture and information, then we do not have that material. The Forsaken Rift map is located to the right-hand side of this page to help you navigate through our website.

Teachings of Resistance

Teachings of Resistance info card

Resistance is not just the story of Mondstadt. It is the story of all lands long held in bondage by their oppressors. 

It is a tale as old as time, yet ever relevant. And with Teachings of Resistance, you too can share this timeless truth with others and help them shape their own destinies!

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Guide to Resistance

Guide to Resistance info card

This Guide to Resistance has been crafted from the most durable materials in all of Mondstadt. It is strong enough to withstand even the most powerful warbosses. 

Each Guide has within it a resistance to the magic of Mondstadt, reflecting the strength of the Resistants who fought for it and for you. By using this item, you can become worthy of enduring hardships such as our cold winters.

Philosophies of Resistance

Philosophies of Resistance info card

While the history of Mondstadt is one of resistance, people are still able to express their feelings through poetry. The booming voices of poets all over the land enhanced by the wind create a melody that can be heard across the lands and oceans.

It's a token of gratitude for all those who continue to put their life on the line to help allow the history of Mondstadt to continue writing itself.

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Damaged Mask

Damaged Mask info card

Stained Mask

Stained Mask info card

Ominous Mask

Ominous Mask info card

Dragon Lord’s Crown

Dragon Lord’s Crown info card

A crown made of a horn from Beneath the Dragon-Queller, the king of all dragons. This particular horn crystallized over a thousand years and has been imbued with the dragon's power.

The item is part of the Beneath the Dragon-Queller campaign quest, which rewards players with a variety of items upon leveling up their talents. 

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Crown of Insight

Crown of Insight info card

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