Felicity Animal Crossing Explained

Felicity Animal crossing info card

Felicity likes to talk about fashion, especially when talking with snooty or peppy villagers. She will sometimes ask if she looks cute, usually saying "I think so. 

But don't you think so?" Sometimes she will sell clothes to the player. She easily may be mistaken for a peppy villager the first time that she is introduced into the town until her darker personality traits reveal themselves.

Her appearance and personality has changed since that time: she is no longer considered one of the cutest villagers, although she still retains her peppy personality. 

Her catchphrases are "Me-Me-Me!" and "Let's go shopping again!". She has the same voice as Margaret, another cat of the Daisy family.

She has a pink blouse with yellow trimming and black buttons,she doesn't have sagging eyes.

Her hair is orange and she wears purple heels.She is kind and sweet towards everyone.

She loves to gossip but no one listens so she loves writing gossip letters.

Her name means "Happiness" when she gets married and she has the same initial phrase as all other peppy villagers. ,Her chosen hobby is fashion, which refers to how when you receive her, you could only get her through a friendship in Animal Forest e+

When she is first hired, she will tell the player that her dream is to become a pop star - this may be why she is always singing. 

By talking to her repeatedly, however, she will eventually change her dream to wanting to become an astronaut.  She will wake up at about 10:30 AM and go to sleep at 3:00 AM.

Her upbeat personality hides a rather pessimistic outlook in life. When saying bye to her in Animal Crossing: Wild World, she will say "If I'm in a bad mood, I sometimes wish a sinkhole would open up and swallow me." 


She appears caring to her mother's well-being, wanting her mom to "lighten up" when the player asks Felicity regarding the subject. 

Like other female villagers, she will become upset if the player asks her about being a tailor or designer, saying that she just doesn't have the temper for it when in reality she owns many sewing supplies and patterns, which are found inside her home.

She gets on well with most female villagers. Scoot, Marina, and Rosie are on friendly terms with her. Katrina doesn't quite have a high opinion of her, telling the player that Felicity gossips too much about people behind their backs, but she can get along with her depending on how the player acts during their visits.

She can be very chatty when she knows her neighbors well. She loves to tell stories about herself and is proud of how fast she can run. 

Her enthusiasm for running drives her to participate in the money match races with the player sometimes.


The peppy personality comes with certain characteristics and interests. Peppy villagers tend to be over-excited, friendly, and easy to become friends with. As a peppy villager, Felicity will also be very childish in some ways. 

She also has a very short attention span, so long conversations or lectures will bore her. Still, if you can catch her interest, defeating her in games of cards or hide-and-seek will increase your relationship.

 When the player enters her house, they will immediately be greeted by her conch shell collection. The shells are arranged alongside the bookshelves in the center of the room.

Felicity may wake up at the crack of dawn and then go back to bed, making her late for breakfast and lunch and snack and dinner and all the other meals. The only way to prevent this behavior is to boot her out of the house. This can be difficult for some players, because Felicity will become depressed if rejected.


Backyard-fence Wall, and her flooring remains the same as previous installments.

Felicity is not much of a cook, but still has some kitchenware. She has K.K. Stroll playing on her stereo system, like all animal villagers. Her house can be unlocked as soon as the player owns 10 villagers (using the Nook Point system).

She seems to like furniture sets in sets of three such as three wood boxes, three brooms and three white pots. 

Her wallpaper is wooden-orange wall which covers most of the bottom floor; the middle floor is covered in Daisy Meadow with the Backyard Fence as the border, and her roof is red-orange shingles.