Felyne Animal Crossing Explained

Felyne Animal Crossing info card

Felyne suffers from a problem which is somewhat unique in the Animal Crossing series: all of his dialogue and interests (including his house and favorite hangout spots) are based on a real world character, an employee at Capcom. 

As such, Felyne has odd interests for a lazy cat villager. For example, Felyne only cares about spicy food because of the 1+1 IS SPICY meme - referring to how each spice adds another 1 multiplier to the hotness of the 1st spice. 

Similarly, he doesn't care for cold or hot weather, because he can't eat ice cream or drink coffee when it's too cold or too hot out. 

He is part of a special Monster Hunter collaboration. The player can get Felyne by scanning an amiibo from the Minecraft series at the Crea-toy. 

If you get back an amiibo from the machine, you will get Felyne from the machine.

Felyne now returns as a special DLC character in the recent spin-off game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. He is here as an advance scout for his entire Nova team. 

He is the only member of this specific team who is currently fully playable.

His name comes from the English words "feline" and "youth" (youthful). His Japanese name comes from the French word for "cat," which is, in turn, derived from an old Germanic noun denoting the animal.


Felynes are a subspecies of cat that are native to the Monster Hunter universe. They are small anthropomorphic felines that have pointy ears, long tails, and walk around on their hind legs. 

Felynes are capable of speech, can wield weapons , wear armor, and cook meals.

It wears a red scarf around its neck and has sunglasses with blue lenses, while the tail has taken on some of the stripe pattern of a Tabby tail.

They talk in either a loud "meow" or a higher-pitched voice, and sometimes speak of dreams they have of monsters and giant fish. They also seem to never draw the line between reality and their imagination.


Tall and athletic, Felynes will burn a lot of energy each day. As such, he needs to eat frequently to build muscle and power. If denied food for too long, Felyne will start to wheeze and lose energy. 

With the lack of exercise on his body, Felyne's face looks rather malnourished and will grow a small moustache and beard, both which appear sparser than a typical villager. 

His clothing consists of boxing shorts and boxing gloves, along with golden arm bands laced onto his wrists and black boots on his feet. His eyes will also develop noticeable bags under them.

It is a hunter cat that runs the armor and weapon shops. It runs the Daily Riches furniture store in 

This Felyne also chases your player when they sneeze or fart around him, which causes him to drop the items he carries.


The Felyne will offer to run a player to the blacksmith room and the item box. The Felyne will set out cooked meat, as well as taking away cooked meat as well as the raw meat used as offerings during quests.

Felyne sure likes to pull together all the Monster Hunter elements in his house. 

Although this series hasn't seen any new, major release (excluding download content or released downloadable items for MH3U or MH4) it's still one of the most popular series in all of gaming. 

His cub-like appearance belies that he is one of the oldest pieces of furniture in the entire series, with his history among the Felynes dating back to long before their modern form was decided upon. 

In his free time, he enjoys fishing and collecting bugs, and has been known to work together with Poki for this hobby.