Fischl in Genshin Impact Explained

Midoriko, a member of the country's Adventurers' Guild, arrives at Tivat to investigate a report of a monster appearing during the full moon. 

She ends up fighting Oz and the night raven, and realizes that they are being controlled by a dark force. She attempts to exercise the darkness from Oz, but then is knocked unconscious. 

After both Oz and Midoriko wake up in Genshin Impact and discover that both Oz and Midoriko have been trapped inside Genshin Impact's world, it is revealed that Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort, also known as Fischl, is actually Amy from Earth who accidentally fell into Genshin Impact's world through an interdimensional crack. 

It appears that she has awakened in this new world centuries in the future from her own time.

Peering through her pince-nez glasses and biting her lips in a serious manner, Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort is an adventurer working for the Adventurers' Guild of Mondstadt. 

Her partner is Oz (named after the King of Pain, due to their raven-colored feathers), a night raven that is able to speak human language, which can be quite unnerving. 

Their ability to sense danger has saved them from many fatal accidents.

After the Demon Wars, many years ago, the world entered peace. Just as many adventurers sought to test themselves against foes beyond imagination, so goes the times now; it has become a popularity contest of adventure. 

Genshin Impact presents possibilities beyond reality. A world full of persons like yourself and monsters beyond imagination...but this is also a world that you are now a part of..

Fischl is a daring and mysterious young girl who currently serves as an investigator in the Adventurers' Guild. While she seems eccentric to many, Fischl is known for getting the job done. She travels in search of powerful monsters, and has a raven familiar named Oz by her side. 

Due to her constant travels, relatively little is known about her personal circumstances.

Born and raised in the northern lands of the Dekim Empire, Fischl grew up among fishermen and sailors. During her time at sea, she developed a rare ability to communicate with the dead. 

One of these spirits is her loyal companion, Oz—a raven who has been alongside her since she was a child. Now, as a member of an Adventurers' Guild affiliated with the Imperial Court, Fischl uses this ability to solve mysterious incidents while traveling in search of clues relating to the origins of Oz.

Ave Fischl, an unusual and charming young girl who has returned to the Adventurers' Guild, known for her resolve in dealing with all manners of cases. 

Her young age has not affected her position in the Guild, as evidenced by her efforts to help those in need. 

With her unusual sense of justice and straightforward manner, she will surely continue to grow in status among the adventurers of the town.


Fischl is an unusual girl who is sweet, kind and gentle. 

Due to her father's somewhat strict upbringing, Fischl is obsessed with fantasy stories and roleplays as a benevolent princess most of the time.

This time her personality is that of a princess, as she believes that it is an ideal play-type for a perfect country. 

Her personality greatly confuses others when she speaks to them in the mannerisms of a real-life princess, which makes it hard to break character. Fischl also believes that everything is well and in order because her country will be controlled by her, and it will cause problems for her once she finds out that Oz's country lies elsewhere.

Fischl is cheerful, and has a keen sense of justice, choosing to side with the forces of good. Although she acts as a young girl, after the bond between herself and Oz was formed, she began using more complex sentences and speech patterns so that Oz could translate them properly. 

She often played the role of a hostage in order to prevent her classmates from doing things that would get them in trouble. But due to her overly proper language, sometimes people in earshot have difficulty understanding her.

What hides behind the cold and formal exterior of the highly anticipated candidate for the new Tenkai Knights? Fischl is a product of the adverse conditions around her. 

Through her upbringing as a child of a sorceress, she developed an obsession with fantasy stories and will go to great lengths to remain in character. This puts Fischl in a difficult position whenever she tries to use slang terms or colloquialisms. How will she cope with such things?

 Fischl is a bright and funny girl but all she talks about is anime, roleplays and miscellaneous things. She acts very formal toward Oz and sometimes Miyaji, whom she often refers to as her master. 

Her stories are long and complicated with complicated backstories involving good, evil and often time machines.


While not much is known about Fischl, she's as cute as her appearance suggests. Her true height is unknown, but she heels a bit more than Ed who was shown to be of around the same height as her when they were children. The narrator says she might be taller than Ed at present due to her age. 

She often wears casual dresses, though their style and color vary depending on the occasion. Her eye patch is worn in order not to obstruct her view while possessing Oz.

Fischl is a member of the Paladins, who fights alongside Oz as his Blades. She acts as Oz's guide and instructor due to her superior experience. Although Oz is drawn to her beautiful soul, she has no interest in romance, only wanting to defeat the demons they find together. In combat, Fischl often entrusts Oz with pieces of her hair ribbons to serve as weapons or tools in order to assist him in the field. 

Distracted by her looks or figure, Oz is unable to control his emotions well around her compared to his other handlers, but she does not seem perturbed by this. 

Despite this, Fischl does care for her students greatly and will do anything possible to harness his power for the sake of the world.

Fischl is a young witch who works for the Grand Grimoire Society. She is Oz's partner and goes into work with him as an exorcist. As a partner, she strives to always be helpful to him when they're on the job. 

Whether it's coming up with a strategy before they start an exorcism or providing backup fire, Fischl will always be by Oz's side fighting monsters, ghosts, spirits and demons.

Fischl is a young priestess, who is small in stature though very powerful. She wears an eyepatch over her right eye, which seems to be of no real significance due to her lack of a left eye — although this feature was present in Overture and Genshin Impact , she did not have the eyepatch, nor did you see it in any CG models from previous games. 

Her real name is Fischl Umfrid , and at just thirteen years old, she's one of the youngest playable characters in the game.

Meaning Of Name

Her name literally means "little fish." This is a reference to her personality that is like a little fish. Her full name of Fischl Van Fishch came from the fact that she is half German and half Japanese. In Germany, van is a title often given to those who have come from other countries (much in the same way that we here in America use the title 'Ms.' rather than 'Miss' or 'Mrs.')

In contemporary German-speaking countries, it is rare as an independent given name (only 154 women were named Fischl in Austria in 2008); it is mostly used as a part of compound names (especially in Southern Germany, where there were hundreds of women named Fischl).

As the moon rises, a pair of fishermen set off in their boat. The two men are Eduard Fischl and his son Johann, who is a young boy. 

After googling for information about this word, I still couldn’t distinguish exactly why and how Fischl came to be her name. What I do know is that it sounds cute!

Things You Should Know About Fischl

  • Fischl is the primary playable character in Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, set in the province of Tsumuga. He is a Grasslander and the undisputed best spearman of his generation. His story is an intimate one, which begins with his ultimate test to become a full-fledged warrior. Narrowly escaping death, it is up to him to become master of his own fate, and carve out his destiny.
  • Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort is the princess of a kingdom that was devoured by ice. Although she's trying her best to be helpful and dutiful, all the leaders of her country were taken by the Ice God. In addition, Narfidort is shared by both Nordic and Celtic worlds, and Chuchu's picked up on the "narfi" (or "närvi") part of her name (the Nordic word for sadness). If you try writing it in runes or old tagalog, it might mean something like "lost soul". It also sounds a lot like Narfy, but I think Chuchu's just a little too cute to be called Narfy… Anyway, whatever your name may be, remember to fight through your sorrows! They're part of what makes you special!
  •  As a Masterless samurai, GoWoon Fischl was more than a little fed up with the oppressive steel-clad rule of Shiro Torimachi. In her frustration, she strikes out on her own to make a living as a bounty hunter; only to become embroiled in the schemes of Enmo: a mysterious and deadly woman who suddenly appears nearby. GoWoon becomes entangled in it all when she picks up a man by the name of Torimachi.