Floral Fresh In Genshin Impact Explained

Floral Fresh is a Daily Commission in Mondstadt that unlocks after completing the quest “Call of the Archon: The Concept of Age.” It’s one of the shortest Commissions, and it helps you collect flowers needed for a couple of Domains and Commissions.

Players who have triggered "A Mysterious Wave" will unlock the opportunity to complete Floral Fresh. Completing Floral Fresh can reward players with Fading Star's Might, Herbal Tea and more.

Floral Fresh occurs twice a day, at 9AM and at 6PM. First, pay a visit to Flora at her botanical studies. Then use some time-saving Spindle Shrooms to collect the ingredients she requests in order to complete the commission and make sure you don't return empty-handed!

Players must deliver 10 Vegetables to Erwin or Margaret, who is at the Floral Whispering Windmill southwest of Dawn Winery and east of the Statue of The Seven that represent Mondstadt, for Adventure EXP and 150 Mora.

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  • Flora is an NPC in the Mondstadt region of Teyvat who runs a flower shop. She acts as one of the entry point characters for accepting new commissions. Flora has an outgoing and adventurous personality, and works closely with her friend Amber.
  • Flora isn't good with words, and she finds it harder to express herself with writing instead of drawing. She would like you to pick her some flowers, and she will be very thankful for them.
  • Flora tasks the player with locating a group of flower packages along the cliffs near Dragonspine. The player's job is to locate these presents and return them to Flora before they are returned to their owner.
  • The reward for completing Floral Fresh is Flora's shared wish of choice
  • Place down a handful of ice-encased flowers on the ground. Each flower will melt, leading to different effects based on their location. For example, dandelion seeds that fall in water will create a lily-pad for you to cross with your friends.
  • It's the little things in life that make you happy, even in the dullest of days. Place the flower packets on the ground and enjoy the beauty of them melting into ice cubes when you least expect it.

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