Food Delivery In Genshin Impact Explained

This quest is available in Mondstadt starting at Adventure Rank 10, and can be obtained from the Notice Board at Springvale, Lively Orlean, and Dawn Winery. All variations of this quest require the player to deliver a food item around Mondstadt.

Its unique design utilizes a handle to help shift the weight that would otherwise be placed on your back. The handle makes it easy to tilt from side to side making sharp turns a snap.

In Mondstadt there are three NPCs that have the quest Food Delivery available. 

The person, who is delivering to, depends on which quest you choose. In Lively Orlean and Dawn Winery, players have to deliver food to one person each day, until there are no more clients. The NPC at Springvale has a different set of clients that players must find and then deliver to each day starting from day one every time.

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  • The player has to go to the quest-giver's location, then deliver one of the food items near it. Alternatively, the player can eat the item before the delivery time runs out, with no penalty other than an achievement.
  •  World Quests are repeatable quests that refresh every week. Completing them grants players Primogems, Adventure EXP, Character EXP Materials and Mora. Some of these quests have certain requirements before they can be unlocked, such as reaching Adventure Rank 20 or unlocking certain Areas.
  • Share food with friends to increase your party Morale. When a party member's Morale is raised, their combat stats are also increased. You can share different kinds of food to raise Morale at different levels.
  • After procuring a Meal Fee Pouch from Sara, the player will have to deliver the meals to her clients by talking to them, who are usually bakers and blacksmiths. The customer will usually require a specific meal, as denoted by their order board (available in the Adventurer's Handbook).
  • The cooking component will be introduced with the 1.3 update on Switch. That isn't too far off: it's due in late February. Prepare your kitchen so when you get your hands on these recipes, you'll be ready for a launch day feast!