Ganyu in Genshin Impact Explained


Ganyu's moves include Genbu Sumime (Frostbite), which encases an area in frost that deals damage over time, and her Meteorite move, which creates a meteor shower over an area. 

Her Fidgety moves include Teleport, which lets her teleport short distances (similar to Jak's Phase Shift), and Ice Puddle, which creates a slippery ice puddle that deals damage to players who step on it.

That was until her father's greed plunged the country into war and led to the deaths of many anonymous subjects. 

While he was spared from punishment due to his family's influence and wealth, she made a quick decision on behalf of herself and her people as she ran her father through with her sword.

A cool, calculating girl with an enchanting personality and sharp tongue. More adept at diplomacy than combat, she is a support character essential to any team. 

Ginyu's responsibilities include oversight of the three combat teams and ensuring that scheduled training sessions are carried out according to plan, as well as interfacing with organizations such as the Earth Union's Department of Law in matters requiring diplomatic finesse.

Ganyu Ascension Materials


She has been serving the Liyue Qixing and adores the princess. She is always on the lookout for anything suspicious, and enjoys oolong tea whenever she can get it. 

She hates going to war with her shield. The more important a task is, the more nervous she becomes and the more prone to mistakes that she is.

It is said that Ganyu, who serves as the secretary of a certain faction, will write whatever the boss says. She takes notes meticulously, no matter if it is vile or indecent. 

However, she becomes nervous at the thought of making mistakes, so she sometimes misreads words and induces laughter…

Ganyu is a calm, upright girl who loves to work. Become her friend and she will help you in all kinds of tasks, although there is a chance you'll be scolded for not being careful enough.

Once he misses his target, he has a bad habit of looking for someone to blame. As for Wang Rongqiu, he believes in the strength of brute force and uses his powers to bully others. 

Yu Shanzhong, meanwhile, is from the Heavens Realm and a big fan of fantasy stories. 

The purpose of appearing at this time was to find an appropriate master to serve....


Her hair is trimmed short and face-framing bangs are forelocks styled upwards and to either side, with the rest of her hair being chin-length. 

Her ears become long and pointy, with red markings on them, and she has black-red horns that extend from the forehead behind her hair. She wears a sleeveless shirt with no skirt or leggings.

She is also confident and cares little for her own safety and well-being, often using herself as bait to get an advantage in a fight. 

Ganyu is actually on bad terms with her captain and has been searching for a new captain after they developed an argument.

In addition, her strength is so great that a simple swing from one of her horns is enough to reduce the ground to dust and topple large buildings. 

From here, she can fly for short distances instead of running or teleporting within the same general area. She uses this ability to reach targets quickly and catch up to faster opponents as well.

The library was constructed at the order of Emperor Palpatine, who then managed to smuggle countless books, holocrons and other documents through the millennia by having them delivered to the planet by his agents. 

The small-statured Ganyu originates from Yavin 4 and served as an advisor to Luke Skywalker.

Her hair is mostly medium blue with some hints of purple in the light. This blue culminates into pink at the ends. The slightly spiky bangs are held by four clips on each side and curl slightly upwards, thus making a nice contrast between the soft body and spiky tips. 

These bangs cover most of her forehead and end at the top of the eyes, which are emerald green. 

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Ganyu Name Meaning

This was in fact a mistranslation of the term Ganlu that appears in the Lotus Sutra  as well as other suttas, used to describe a sacred frozen drink.  It's common knowledge that Buddhist monks were particularly fond of iced water back in those days and often went out of their way to obtain it (including running through hot jungles, skidding on icy cliffs, etc.). 

Thus, when Mother Nature blessed these monks with this legendary liquid, they named it Ganlu. Whatever the case, Amrita eventually made its way down the Himalayas and into China's southwest region. 

When a Chinese general named Ganyu came across a pool of the stuff, he drank it in order to gain immortality. The good news is that he survived to tell the tale, but sadly, didn't live long enough to actually gain eternal youth.

That explains why Haramokku calls Ganyu "a fool" throughout the story. This can be seen as a strict insult against him because in Asian culture, "to treat someone as a fool indicates not only an intention but also a power to humiliate, belittle and degrade others" according to Professor Rudolf G. Wagner.

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Things You Should Know About Ganyu

  • She never forgets her promise to her older sister, despite the lack of cheerful thoughts throughout their lives as orphans. She is an adept cook, able to prepare meals for her friends with ease, and even shows surprising cleverness in combat. She is the main support character that uses powerful physical moves and a devastating special move that is unique among characters who can use it.
  • Ganyu is a Buddhist nun who travels to Genshin Impact in the mid-21st century to learn about its history. She was raised vegetarian, and her diet causes some concern. As she frequently over-eats, Xiangling and Chef Mao give Ganyu extra portions of food on the occasions she eats in Wanmin Restaurant.
  • Preserve peace and stamp out evil. This is the creed that Genshin has sworn by while leading his army of loyal followers to cleanse the world of demons. 
  • His sub-leader, Ganyu, is a young man who shows great loyalty in his conviction to his master's cause. He is also skillful in martial arts and possesses superb fighting skills, which makes him a formidable opponent when he unleashes his devastating chi powers! Together with Genshin Impact and its awesome action, you can protect the world from the forces of darkness!
  • This girl is over the 3000 years old.

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