+9 Ganyu Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact

These are the materials needed to reach the maximum ascension level for Ganyu. You can get Cryo Regisvine from the Cryo Regisvine, Lupus Boreas from Lupus Boreas, Childe from Childe, and Whopper Flower from Whopperflower. 

As for Qingxin, Liyue heights of the stone forest you can only get it in Qingxin.

Ganyu Ascension Materials info card

Ganyu Ascension Materials can be used in synthesis to create Ganyu equipment of the same level. You will need three type of materials: Qingxin, Jade Petal, Starki.

There are many materials needed for players to upgrade their characters. Here are the needed materials to complete Ganyu’s ascension level.

Ganyu must be among one of the highest states in the world, being a center for anyone who wants to ascend to a higher existence. 

It is natural then for you to require ascending materials as well.

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Shivada Jade Sliver

It has been created from the extract of the "Shivada Jade Tree," which is found deep within the Soturai region. 

The English name for this item derives its name from Shiva, a primary Hindu deity known as the God of Destruction and has paradoxical traits of both benevolence and malevolence. 

This stunning material glows with a powerful intensity due to its magic properties, and is also extremely combustible.

Jade Sliver is a high-grade material that can be used to create gear capable of withstanding extreme environments, and is also able to maintain a high degree of clarity even after repeated usage. 

In addition to its value as a crafting material, its luster makes it an indispensable item for completing level-up quests.

Shivada Jade Fragment

Shivada Jade Fragment is a character transferable material used by Cryo characters to upgrade their Ascendancy skills. At least one Shivada Jade Fragment is needed to increase the maximum level of any character's Ascension skill tree, and is unique to Sulerin and Northdale Worlds.

As the Jade Fragment in your hands burns hot, you sense danger in every shadow. The humid air carries your emotions like a woodwind, twisting them and shaping them into ragged melodies that haunt your every step.

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Shivada Jade Chunk

The Jade Chunk's energy is preserved in these encased pendant shapes and rings, ensuring its purity and potency. 

This is a treasure that can be given as an Ascension gift, but they are designed specially to enhance your Cryo's upgrades, be sure to use them wisely!

It is made from a rare jade that has been infused with power from a demonic realm. 

I think the Tsaritsa must have been confused at some point, though, because this chunky green stone never actually put up any resistance against her - she's handled it pretty roughly over the years! It might be responsible for her slow recovery in attaining immortality… 

Shivada Jade Gemstone

This gemstone can be obtained by blasting Gems with high-caliber guns, injecting them with vaccines, sending them on missions in the Underworld of Siberia, or slicing open Mutated Brutes. That's enough ways for some gems to obtain a shivada jade gemstone.

While its primary use is by alchemists, gemstone crafters also use it to create wonderful pieces. Jade has many different uses depending on how pure and fine it is. 

While some craftsmen use it to make Jadescale armor, the finest jade can be used by a skilled evoker to create the powerful artifact Shivada. It is said that wearing this crystal gives you power to.

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Hoarfrost Core

This item will allow you to level up the Hoarfrost Core Character Ascension Material. This core only appears when a Cryo Regisvine is present, and only as part of a group. When attacked, this core will release its stored energy. This type of core can only appear in the Wintertide region.


Qingxin is a flower native to Wuwang Hill. The wuwang type of this flower grows on the mountaintops. These flowers are generally wild, but can sometimes be found in the hills surrounding Xiangling's village.

This delicate flower grows atop the highest peaks in Liyue. A petal is featured on the third character story of Bai Xiangling as part of a creation myth that also features Mint Flowers.

It is commonly used for its sleep inducing capabilities. Traditionally, the flowers are soaked in hot water and drunk before bed, providing a long night's sleep. Avoid consuming Qingxin if you have a history of running stomachs.

Whopperflower Nectar

Each drop of this Whopperflower Nectar is extracted from the stamen of a Whopperflower. This rare flower, which can only be found on the Summer Islands, is what gives whopperflowers their unique powers. The trace amounts of energy contained in Whopperflower Nectar are said to bring about feelings of euphoria and exuberant joy.

A few flowers produce only a single drop of nectar per petal, so netting them can require hours of painstaking work. But what's sweeter than this liquid gold is the taste -- with a hint of sweetness brought on by the petals themselves.

Shimmering Nectar

They say that to make Shimmering Nectar, you must hit Whopperflowers hard with a rock. Others say that the secret is to cultivate them on a rainy day, but there's no way of knowing if either method is true.

There is a rumor that Oryx, The Taken King, was once human and bathed in Shimmering Nectar during his Ascension.

This is not an easy task, but if you can collect shimmers which are used in alchemy, you can use the distillation process to obtain this coveted nectar.

Energy Nectar

A concentrated resource used in the Zenith Union's materials exchanges. This is a solid and sticky honey that has been gathered from a member of the Whopperflower species located near Pot Town. The Whopperflowers use their overflowing energy to hunt, but after some time they will retire to their swamp to rest.  

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